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Charlotte and believed
In September 1848 Charlotte's brother, Branwell, died of chronic bronchitis and marasmus exacerbated by heavy drinking, although Charlotte believed his death was due to tuberculosis.
However Elizabeth Gaskell, who believed that marriage provided ' clear and defined duties ' that were beneficial for a woman, encouraged Charlotte to consider the positive aspects of such a union, and even tried to use her contacts to engineer an improvement in Nicholls ' financial situation.
" Charlotte Mason believed that children should be introduced to subjects through living books, not through the use of " compendiums, abstracts, or selections.
In doing so, Charlotte believed very seriously that Charles Darwin accidentally subjugated women by installing male sex selection, which requires constant sexual contact as opposed to a more periodic sexuality, thus leading to the oppression of women through rape and violence.
* † Queen Charlotte Islands caribou ( R. tarandus dawsoni ) from the Queen Charlotte Islands was believed to represent a distinct subspecies.
One of Rupert's notes proffering his affections accidentally fell into the possession of Charles Louis ' wife Charlotte, who believed it was written to her.
After Lady Charlotte had been widowed in 1809 she had been appointed Lady-in-Waiting in the household of the Princess of Wales, afterwards Queen Caroline, when it is believed that she kept a diary, in which she recorded the foibles and failings of the unfortunate princess and other members of the court.
Charlotte has believed all these years that her father killed Mayhew, but everyone else assumes that it was Charlotte, the crazy recluse, who decapitated her lover.
Crutchfield believed that Charlotte, not Nashville, could have ended up being the country music capital because of the station's early " Briarhoppers " and " Carolina Hayride " shows, which may have inspired The Grand Ole Opry.
Charlotte Bronte, after reading the fifth episode, expressed her doubts on the subject matter because she believed then that it was only about the church and " the defense of those who in conscience, disagree with it and consider it their duty to leave.
This statue is now believed to be a portrayal of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.
( George Edwin Shelvoke, Harry's brother, married Charlotte and had Gwyneth ( born in Cape Colony, South Africa c1900 ) & William George ( c1907 ; who is believed to have married but had no issue ).

Charlotte and art
Yves Klein in France, and in New York City, Carolee Schneemann, Yayoi Kusama, Charlotte Moorman and Yoko Ono and in Germany Joseph Beuys, Wolf Vostell and Nam June Paik were pioneers of performance-based works of art.
Charles Thomson's painting, Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision, as Charlotte Cripps of The Independent wrote is one of the best known paintings to come out of the Stuckist movement, and as Jane Morris wrote in The Guardian it's a likely " signature piece " for the movement, standing for its opposition to conceptual art.
Their radically untraditional works included, for example, the video art of Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman and the performance art of Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell.
Yves Klein in France, and Carolee Schneemann, Yayoi Kusama, Charlotte Moorman, and Yoko Ono in New York City were pioneers of performance based works of art.
He married Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, 6th Baroness Clifford ( 1731 – 1754 ), the daughter and heiress of Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington of the 1st creation, a famous architect and art collector.
Charlotte Moorman Garside was involved with the Fluxus movement of avant-garde and performance art and was a friend and associate of many well-known artists of the late twentieth century, including Nam June Paik, Wolf Vostell, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Joseph Byrd, Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann, Jim McWilliams and others.
In the summer of 1912, Carr again traveled north, to the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Skeena River, where she documented the art of the Haida, Gitxsan and Tsimshian.
He moved to London in 1835 where he began his formal art studies at Sass ’ s Academy in Charlotte Street, before attending the Royal Academy Schools.
Moving in the circle of Jonathan Swift and Sir Joseph Banks, and possibly taught art by William Hogarth, she was introduced to George III and Queen Charlotte by Margaret Bentinck, Duchess of Portland, and became a court favourite.
The work is still relatively little known, in part because Salomon's work doesn't appear on the international art market, as the whole archive belongs to the protective Charlotte Salomon Foundation based at the Joods Historisch Museum.
The art historian Griselda Pollock dedicated to Charlotte Salomon a chapter in her Virtual Feminist Museum, analysing her work in terms of contemporary art, Jewish history and cultural theory.
He opened an art gallery, Factual Nonsense, at 44a Charlotte Road in Hoxton, and worked with many of the artists of the YBA movement including Tracey Emin, and organised an annual fete in Hoxton Square.
The concept art for the game's environments was mainly created by Naughty Dog employees Bob Rafei, Eric Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Charlotte Francis and Jason Rubin.
She was hired by Charlotte Hawkins Brown after some initial reservations, and founded the art department at Palmer Memorial Institute in North Carolina.
* Anna Korcz as Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild: French socialite and art patron.
Along with the Charlotte Mint, it is one of two former mint facilities in the United States to house an art gallery.
Rauch's paintings suggest a narrative intent but, as art historian Charlotte Mullins explains, closer scrutiny immediately presents the viewer with enigmas: " Architectural elements peter out ; men in uniform from throughout history intimidate men and women from other centuries ; great struggles occur but their reason is never apparent ; styles change at a whim.
The museum's collection of modern art includes works by international artists ( Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele, Frank Stella and many others ) and Dutch artists ( Charlotte Dumas, Pyke Koch, Piet Mondriaan, Charley Toorop, Jan Toorop, Hans Wilschut and many others.
When she enters the hall the house map indicates that her husband Peter is at an art fair in Paris, and that her daughter Charlotte is in the children's playroom, where she is playing with an interactive screen.
Charlotte started work at Wardle and Co, a pottery in Hanley where her brother Frederick was art director before emigrating to the USA in 1902.

Charlotte and was
Charlotte Fairchild was excellent as the loyal Marie, who became the second Mrs. LaGuardia, singing and acting with remarkable conviction.
and the incisive style with which Charlotte Rae delivers the top-drawer Hart lyrics of `` I Blush '', a song that was cut from `` A Connecticut Yankee ''.
At one such gathering Charlotte announced, `` I was at Ryusenji today.
`` Well I was able to do it '', Charlotte said with no sign of irritation.
`` But the point is '', Charlotte said, `` there he was, freezing, naked in a little stream of water at Ryusenji, all in worship of Fudo, the god of fire ''.
He was surprised by the sharp sensation he experienced as he approached the pool which Charlotte had mentioned.
After his education, Alexei married, albeit greatly against his will Princess Charlotte of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, whose family was connected by marriage to many of the great families of Europe i. e., Charlotte's sister Elizabeth was married to Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, ruler of the Habsburg Monarchy.
One of the terms of the marriage contract agreed to by Alexei was that while any forthcoming children were to be raised in the Orthodox faith, Charlotte herself was allowed to retain her Protestant faith ( an agreement that did not sit well at all with Alexei's followers ).
Some historians speculate that it was his conservative powerbase's disapproval of his foreign, non-Orthodox bride, more so than her appearance, that caused Alexei to spurn Charlotte.
Mainly because the re-publication of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was prevented by Charlotte Brontë after Anne's death, she is less known than her sisters Charlotte, author of four novels including Jane Eyre, and Emily, author of Wuthering Heights.
Around 1831, when Anne was eleven, she and Emily broke away from Charlotte and Branwell to create and develop their own fantasy world, Gondal.
Anne and Charlotte do not appear to have been close while at Roe Head ( Charlotte's letters almost never mention her ) but Charlotte was concerned about her sister's health.
It was subsequently acquired by George III in 1761 as a private residence for Queen Charlotte, and known as " The Queen's House ".
In 1844 on Bodmin Moor the body of 18 year old Charlotte Dymond was discovered.
Charlotte Brontë (; 21 April 1816 – 31 March 1855 ) was an English novelist and poet, the eldest of the three Brontë sisters who survived into adulthood, whose novels are English literature standards.
Charlotte was born in Thornton, Yorkshire in 1816, the third of six children, to Maria ( née Branwell ) and her husband Patrick Brontë ( formerly surnamed Brunty or Prunty ), an Irish Anglican clergyman.
In August 1824, Charlotte was sent with three of her sisters, Emily, Maria, and Elizabeth, to the Clergy Daughters ' School at Cowan Bridge in Lancashire.
These pseudonyms veiled the sisters ' gender whilst preserving their real initials, thus Charlotte was " Currer Bell ".
" Bell " was the middle name of Haworth's curate, Arthur Bell Nicholls, whom Charlotte later married.
Charlotte responded by finishing and sending a second manuscript in August 1847, and six weeks later Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, was published.

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