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Chavarria and has
Laura Ingalls Wilder has been portrayed by Melissa Gilbert ( 1974 – 1984 ), Meredith Monroe ( 1997, 1998 ) and Kyle Chavarria ( 2005 ) in television series.

Chavarria and Laura
It starred Cameron Bancroft as Charles Ingalls ; Erin Cottrell as Caroline Ingalls ; Kyle Chavarria as Laura Ingalls ; Danielle Chuchran as Mary Ingalls ; and Gregory Sporleder as Mr Edwards.

Chavarria and .
( Guzman scored the bout 114-113 for Randall, meaning that the fight would have ended in a draw as Chuck Giampa had Randall winning by a 116-111 margin and Abraham Chavarria scored it 114-113 for Chavez.
In Chicago, the Young Lords health program was coordinated by Dr. Jack Johns, Quentin Young, Ana Lucas, and Alberto and Marta Chavarria who also worked with a Black Panther-led coalition to recruit medical student organizations like the Medical Committee for Human Rights ( MCHR ) which advocated for health care for the poor.
Kyle Chavarria ( born January 26, 1995 ) is an American teen actress.
Don Chavarria became the first regular parish priest while Alberto Peñaflor was appointed as the first gobernadorcillo.

has and landed
Amateur boxing has a point scoring system that measures the number of clean blows landed rather than physical damage.
Tradition has it that this was the reason for the expedition of Ru, from Tupua ' i in French Polynesia, who landed on Aitutaki, and Tangiia, also from French Polynesia, both of whom are believed to have arrived on Rarotonga around 800 AD.
The distance from the front edge of the circle to where the discus has landed is measured, and distances are rounded down to the nearest centimetre.
In gambler's fallacy, however, people predict the opposite outcome of the last event ( negative recency )-that, for example, since the roulette wheel has landed on black the last six times, it is due to land on red the next.
By tradition, the pagan Saxons were invited by Vortigern to assist in fighting the Picts and Irish, though archaeology has suggested some official settlement as landed mercenaries as early as the 3rd century.
* Belief that an event is " due " to happen: For example, " The roulette wheel has landed on red in three consecutive spins.
So even if the wheel has landed on red in ten consecutive spins the probability that the next spin will be black is still 48. 6 % ( assuming a fair European wheel with only one green zero: it would be exactly 50 % if there were no green zero and the wheel were fair, and 47. 4 % for a fair American wheel with one green " 0 " and one green " 00 ").
( In fact, if the wheel has landed on red in ten consecutive spins, that is strong evidence that the wheel is not fair-that it is biased toward red.
It has also been suggested that she was closely tied to Irish männerbund groups ( described as " bands of youthful warrior-hunters, living on the borders of civilized society and indulging in lawless activities for a time before inheriting property and taking their places as members of settled, landed communities ") and that these groups may have been in some way dedicated to her.
Knud Haakonssen has noted that, by the Renaissance, Europe was divided with those states controlled by a landed elite being monarchies and those controlled by a commercial elite being republics.
Rockall has also been a point of interest for adventurers and amateur radio operators who variously in the past have landed on or occupied the islet for up to several months, although fewer than 20 individuals have ever been confirmed to have landed on Rockall.
* Leaves the circle before the shot has landed.
Oil and gas was first landed at Sullom Voe in 1978, and it has subsequently become one of the largest terminals in Europe.
The umpire may be assisted by line judges, who determine whether the ball has landed within the required part of the court and who also call foot faults.
In the last sentence, the officer, embarrassed by the distress of the children, turns to look at the cruiser from which his party has landed — a symbol of his own adult war.
* Spoilers on the upper surface to disrupt the lift and to provide additional traction to an aircraft that has just landed but is still moving.
* December 2 – Manhattan Project: Below the bleachers of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago, a team led by Enrico Fermi initiates the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction ( a coded message, " The Italian navigator has landed in the new world " is then sent to U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ).
* November 26 – Hearing that William of Orange has landed in England, Louis XIV declares war on the Netherlands.
After a plane has landed, it will depart the runway and be returned to Ground Control.
They also carry luggage to the terminal if the aircraft has landed, and is being unloaded.
If it has landed, they rise, the ground crew push the luggage container on the hi-loader, which carries it down.
" or " Given that I have flipped a coin 100 times and it has landed heads-up 100 times, what is the likelihood that the coin is fair?
Parker has speculated on the dire consequences if the Spanish had landed their invasion army in 1588.
Legend has it he built the Giant's Causeway as stepping-stones to Scotland, so as not to get his feet wet ; he also once scooped up part of Ireland to fling it at a rival, but it missed and landed in the Irish Sea — the clump becoming the Isle of Man, the pebble becoming Rockall, and the void becoming Lough Neagh.

has and numerous
Taxation of tangible movable property in Rhode Island has been generally of a `` hands off '' nature due possibly to several reasons: ( 1 ) local assessors, in the main, are not well paid and have inadequate office staffs, ( 2 ) the numerous categories of this component of personal property make locating extremely difficult, and ( 3 ) the inexperience of the majority of assessors in evaluating this type of property.
It has been my privilege to paint with Roy Mason on numerous occasions, mostly in the vicinity of Batavia.
Since her bereavement this individual has reported to the writer on numerous occasions about how helpful the class discussions were to her in this adjustment crisis.
Today's earthquakes are most numerous in belts where the earth's restlessness is presently concentrated, but scars of the past show that there is no part of the earth that has not had them.
The decision by the Illinois Supreme Court has been cited by numerous other courts in the nation.
That animals and humans are more altruistic towards close kin than to distant kin and non-kin has been confirmed in numerous studies across many different cultures.
Following Ernest Becker, he argues that the desire to ' authoritatively disambiguate ' the world and existence has led to numerous ideologies and historical events such as genocide.
Other than Adana, Antalya, and Mersin, the Mediterranean coast has few major cities, although it has numerous farming villages.
Warhol has been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions, books, and feature and documentary films.
Alongside Hercule Poirot, she is one of the most loved and famous of Christie's characters and has been portrayed numerous times on screen.
This has been widely classified as a folk etymology, and numerous speculative etymologies, many of them non-Greek, have been suggested in scholarship.
Athena has been used numerous times as a symbol of a republic by different countries and appears on currency as she did on the ancient drachma of Athens.
As a language of deaf education, ASL has been introduced to numerous countries, where it has often diverged into a separate dialect.
The school has been highly influential in setting the agenda for historiography in France and numerous other countries, especially regarding the use of social scientific methods by historians, emphasizing social rather than political or diplomatic themes, and for being generally hostile to the class analysis of Marxist historiography.
Despite numerous searches, the city has never been found.
Conversely, some elements do not maintain distinct allotropes in different phases – for example phosphorus has numerous solid allotropes, which all revert to the same P < sub > 4 </ sub > form when melted to the liquid state.
Andromeda has been the subject of numerous ancient and modern works of art, including, Andromeda Chained to the Rocks ( Rembrandt ), one of Titian's poesies ( Wallace Collection ), and compositions by Joachim Wtewael ( Louvre ), Veronese ( Rennes ), Rubens, Ingres, and Gustave Moreau.
By a process known as self-attribution, it has been shown in numerous studies that individuals with knowledge of astrology tend to describe their personality in terms of traits compatible with their star sign.
Given the United States ' large size it has numerous regional variations.
Since 2002 she has also made numerous television and radio appearances, including as a television presenter.
An outspoken commentator on various social, political and religious issues, Carolla has made numerous guest appearances on political talk shows, ranging from Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect to Bill O ' Reilley's The O ' Reilly Factor.
Moreover, angular momentum conservation has numerous applications in physics and engineering ( e. g. the gyrocompass ).
Access to famous persons, too, became more and more restricted ; potential visitors would be forced through numerous different checks before being granted access to the official in question, and as communication became better and information technology more prevalent, it has become all but impossible for a would-be killer to get close enough to the personage at work or in private life to effect an attempt on his or her life, especially given the common use of metal and bomb detectors.

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