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Chichester and Canal
Turner was also a frequent guest of George O ' Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont at Petworth House in West Sussex and painted scenes that Egremont funded taken from the grounds of the house and of the Sussex countryside, including a view of the Chichester Canal.
Chichester Canal ( painting ) | Chichester Canal s vivid colours may have been influenced by the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.
It has been theorised that it was this that gave rise to the yellow tinge that is predominant in his paintings such as Chichester Canal circa 1828.
* Chichester Canal
Between 1825 and 1828 the architect and civil engineer Nicholas Wilcox Cundy proposed a Grand Imperial Ship Canal from Deptford to Chichester passing through the Mole Gap, however he was unable to attract sufficient financial interest in his scheme.
The Chichester Canal is a navigable canal in England.
Chichester Canal circa 1828 | Chichester Canal by J. M. W.
The section of the canal that would become the Chichester Canal was formally opened on the 9 April 1822
The section below Cutfield Bridge continued to be leased to the Chichester Yacht Company while the upper part of the canal was leased to Chichester Canal Angling Association.
* The website of the Chichester Ship Canal Trust
An historic causeway to Hayling Island exists, however it is now completely impassible, having been cut in two by a deep channel for the Portsmouth and Chichester Canal in the 1820s, the same company having subsequently funded the road bridge.
The western boundary with Langstone Harbour is defined by an historic causeway known as the wade way, once the principle access from Hayling Island to the mainland, but since bisected by a deep channel for the Portsmouth and Chichester Canal in the 1820s, and no longer safely traversable.
J. M. W. Turner | TurnerChichester Canal ( painting ) | Chichester Canal
* J. M. W. TurnerChichester Canal

Chichester and circa
Chichester Cross, in a circa 1831 illustration.

Chichester and 1828
After practising at Lewes, Chichester and Stratford-on-Avon successively, he was appointed professor of the practice of medicine at University College, London, in 1828.

Chichester and by
Local bus services are provided by Emsworth & District, which operate services to Havant and Chichester.
* 1997: The story of Babar, by Jean de Brunhoff, narration, music from Francis Poulenc, Chichester Festival, Great Britain
Andrewes was born in 1555 near All Hallows, Barking, by the Tower of London-originally a dependency of Barking Abbey in Barking, Essex, of an ancient Suffolk family later domiciled at Chichester Hall, Rawreth ; his father, Thomas, was master of Trinity House.
Edison's patent specified that the audio recording be embossed, and it was not until 1886 that vertically modulated engraved recordings using wax coated cylinders was patented by Chichester Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter.
The machine, although made in 1886, was a duplicate of one made earlier but taken to Europe by Chichester Bell.
In 2011 the play was revived in a production directed by Sir Trevor Nunn, opening at Chichester Festival Theatre before transferring to the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London's West End ( June-August 2011 ).
In the 1880s, a redesigned model using wax-coated cardboard cylinders was produced by Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, and Charles Tainter.
The south-east of the island is now a Roman province, while certain states on the south coast are ruled as a nominally independent client kingdom by Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus, whose seat is probably at Fishbourne near Chichester.
* 1262 – Richard of Chichester is canonized as a saint ; he is best known for authoring the prayer later adapted into the song Day by Day in the musical Godspell.
A few years later the first chapel dedicated to him, St Edmund's Chapel, was consecrated in Dover by his friend Richard of Chichester ( making it the only chapel dedicated to one English saint by another ).
A request to exhume a grave in Bosham church was refused by the Diocese of Chichester in December 2003, the Chancellor having ruled that the chances of establishing the identity of the body as Harold's were too slim to justify disturbing a burial place.
The poem also claims Harold was buried by the sea which is consistent with William of Poitiers ' account and with the identification of the grave at Bosham Church which is only yards from Chichester Harbour and in sight of the English Channel.
* Richard of Chichester is canonized as a saint ; he is best known for authoring the prayer later adapted into the song Day by Day in the musical Godspell.
Two inscriptions recording the presence of Lucullus have been found in nearby Chichester and the redating, by Miles Russell, of the palace to the early AD 90s, would fit far more securely with such an interpretation.
The abbey eventually became the seat of the South Saxon bishopric, where it remained until after the Norman Conquest, when it was moved to Chichester by decree of the Council of London of 1075.
A stage production was written predominantly by Leslie Bricusse, with help from Michael Sadler, Robert Meadmore and performed by the Chichester Festival cast.
The Voice in Cinema, translated by Claudia Gorbman, New York & Chichester: Columbia University Press.
The 2002 competition was entered by Bath, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chichester, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Lancaster, Lincoln, St Albans, St David's, Salford, Southampton, Sunderland, Truro, Wolverhampton and Worcester ; the successful candidate was Exeter.
That aspect of the play has overshadowed Hochhuth's conceit, that the play would contribute to a debate on the ethics of the area bombing of civilian areas by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, with particular reference to Operation Gomorrah, the Royal Air Force raids on Hamburg in 1943, and culminating in a lengthy and invented debate between Winston Churchill and the pacifist George Bell, Bishop of Chichester.
Based on testimonials of German civilians and military, as well as many interviews with British and American politicians and diplomats who participated at the Potsdam Conference, including Robert Murphy, the political adviser of General Eisenhower, Sir Geoffrey Harrison ( drafter of article XIII of the Potsdam Protocol concerning population transfers ), and Sir Denis Allen ( drafter of article IX on the provisional post-war borders ), the book also describes the crimes committed by the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia, at the end of World War II, and cites the condemnation of the expulsions by Bertrand Russell, Victor Gollancz, Bishop Bell of Chichester and other contemporary intellectuals.

Chichester and J
He was the eldest of three children of James J. Lenox-Conyngham Clark and Marion Caroline Dehra, née Chichester.
* J. E. Bogaers ( 1979 ), " King Cogidubnus in Chichester: Another Reading of ' RIB ' 91 ", Britannia 10, pp. 243 – 254
( Chichester ) during which Mr. J. S. Carrick batted for two days, achieving a score of 419 not out.
* Jacobs, J., Dovey, K. & Lochert, M. ( 2000 ) " Authorizing Aboriginality in Architecture ", in L. Lokko ( ed ), White Papers, Black Marks, Chichester: Wiley, pp. 218-35.
), Developments in Design Methodology, J. Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1984, pp. 135 – 144.
Chichester: J. Wiley and Sons, 1994.
* Chichester ( formerly Army & Navy and originally J D Morant ; acquired 1976 )
He was the eldest of three children of James J. Lenox-Conyngham Clark and Marion Caroline Dehra, née Chichester.

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