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Chidiock's and father
Chidiock's father secured the patronage of his distant kinsman, Lord Chidiock Paulet ( 1521 – 1574, son of the 1st Marquess of Winchester ), after whom he named his son.

Chidiock's and Tichborne
Chidiock's second cousin and contemporary was Sir Benjamin Tichborne who lived at Tichborne Park and was created a Baronet by King James I in 1621.

Chidiock's and are
At least two of Chidiock's sisters are recorded by name: Dorothy, first wife of Thomas Muttelbury of Jurdens, Somerset ; and Mary, second wife of Sir William Kirkham of Blagdon, Paignton, Devon.

Chidiock's and .
In Chidiock's reported oration from the scaffold before his execution he allegedly stated: " I am descended from a house, from two hundred years before the Conquest, never stained till this my misfortune.

father and Peter
The young Alexei was brought up by his mother, who fostered an atmosphere of disdain towards Peter the Great, Alexei's father.
Alexei wrote a pitiful reply to his father, offering to renounce the succession in favour of his infant son Peter.
Enraged at the barbaric act, Peter put himself at the head of an army and devastated the country between the Douro and the Minho rivers before he was reconciled to his father in early 1357.
* Peter Jay's appointment as British Ambassador to the U. S. by his father in law, the then Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan.
During the decade, a range of other storylines featured, such as the bigamy of Peter Barlow and his addiction to alcohol, later in the decade, Maya Sharma's revenge on former lover Devendra Alahan, Katy Harris murdering her father and subsequently committing suicide, Charlie Stubbs's psychological abuse of Shelley Unwin, and the deaths of Mike Baldwin, Vera Duckworth and Fred Elliott.
Many consider New Yorker cartoonist Peter Arno the father of the modern gag cartoon ( as did Arno himself ).
Aunt Pittypat raised Melanie and Charles Hamilton after the death of their father, with considerable help from her slave, Uncle Peter.
Players of note in this golden era include Bob Davis, Leo Turner ( father of future star, Michael Turner ), Peter Pianto, Fred Flanagan, and Bernie Smith.
* 1718 – Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich of Russia, Peter the Great's son, mysteriously dies after being sentenced to death by his father for plotting against him.
His father, Peter signed an affidavit to this effect, giving his 19-year-old son permission to travel abroad to participate in the Paris Olympics and for other competitions in England and Belgium.
As a boy, the young Peter Wimsey was, to the great distress of his father, strongly attached to an old, smelly poacher living at the edge of the family estate.
( Her father later married his wife, Barbara ; her mother later married R. Peter Straus, a media executive.
In virtue of the power which has come down to us from St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, we might inflict a punishment upon you, but since you have invoked one on yourself, have that, you and the counsellors you have chosen ... though you have so excellent a high priest, our brother Germanus, whom you ought to have taken into your counsels as father and teacher.
* The 1870 Dogmatic Constitution Pastor Aeternus of the First Vatican Council reaffirmed that " it has always been necessary for every Church, e. g., the faithful throughout the world — to be in agreement with ( the Roman Church ) because of its preeminent authority " and that consequently the bishop whom the Church in Rome acknowledges as its head " is the successor of blessed Peter, the prince of the apostles, true vicar of Christ, head of the whole Church and father and teacher of all Christian people.
His father was Peter Jefferson, a planter and surveyor.
When Jefferson's father Peter died Thomas inherited, among other things, his large library.
At 08: 52, Peter Hanson called his father, Lee Hanson, in Easton, Connecticut, telling him of the hijacking.
The family was originally seated in Row 19, in seats C, D, and E ; however, Peter placed the call to his father from seat 30E.
Peter Hanson made a second phone call to his father at 09: 00:
* March 31 – Hermann van Pels, German-Dutch father of Peter van Pels, housemate of Anne Frank ( d. 1944 )
* May 28 – Peter I becomes King of Portugal after the death of his father, Alfonso IV.
* January 18 – Ferdinand I becomes King of Portugal after the death of his father, Peter I.
* January 5 – John I succeeds his father, Peter IV, as King of Aragon and Valencia, and forms an alliance with France and Castile.
Linnaeus was a professor at the University of Uppsala and an eminent botanist ; however, one of his colleagues, Peter Artedi, earned the title " father of ichthyology " through his indispensable advancements.
Author Peter Biskind points out that Kazan " was the first in a string of major directors Beatty sought out, mentors or father figures from whom he wanted to learn.

father and appears
Carmilla appears injured after her carriage accident, but her mysterious mother informs Laura's father that her journey is urgent and cannot be delayed.
He appears to have lacked the natural charisma of his brother and father.
Incest appears in the commonly accepted version of the birth of Adonis, when his mother, Myrrha has sex with her father Cinyras during a festival, disguised as a prostitute.
" Only a few days later, Allan Kozinn wrote an investigative report citing that Leon Klinghoffer's daughters, Lisa and Ilsa, had " expressed their disapproval " of the opera in a statement saying " We are outraged at the exploitation of our parents and the coldblooded murder of our father as the centerpiece of a production that appears to us to be anti-Semitic.
It appears this child was adopted because the mother has only recently " found him " and " hadn't got the heart to tell him who his father was ".
Although Shakespeare's Macbeth presents Malcolm as a grown man and his father as an old one, it appears that Duncan was still young in 1040, and Malcolm and his brother Donalbane ( Domnall Bán ) were children.
His name appears in the company of the Bishop of Argyll, the vicar of Arran, a Kintyre clerk, his father and a host of Gaelic notaries from Carrick.
The crown appears to have passed from brother to brother ( or sister ) and only when no siblings remained from father to son.
In the Hebrew Bible El ( Hebrew: אל ) appears very occasionally alone ( e. g. Genesis 33: 20, el elohe yisrael, " El the god of Israel ", and Genesis 46: 3, ha ' el elohe abika, " El the god of your father "), but usually with some epithet or attribute attached ( e. g. El Elyon, " Most High El ", El Shaddai, " El of Shaddai ", El ` Olam " Everlasting El ", El Hai, " Living El ", El Ro ' i " El my Shepherd ", and El Gibbor " El of Strength "), in which cases it can be understood as the generic " god ".
Some sources give the name of William Wallace's father as Malcolm Wallace, however the seal attached to a letter sent to the Hanse city of Lübeck in 1297 appears to give his father's name as Alan.
Earlier dukes had been illegitimate, and William's association with his father on ducal charters appears to indicate that William was considered Robert's most likely heir.
In fable Faunus appears as an old king of Latium, son of Picus, and grandson of Saturnus, father of Latinus by the nymph Marica.
Isabella concluded that the pair must have been carrying on an illicit affair, and appears to have informed her father of this during her next visit to France in 1314.
He appears in the Mabinogion as a son of Bran the Blessed, who is left in charge of Britain while his father makes war in Ireland, but is overthrown by Caswallawn ( the historical Cassivellaunus, who lived a century earlier than Caratacus ).
Invoked in passing by poets and figured as the father of rivers and streams, thus the progenitor of river gods, Oceanus appears only once in myth, as a representative of the archaic world that Heracles constantly threatened and bested.
In the first draft that Brackett would write from this, Luke's father appears as a ghost to instruct Luke.
In Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi ( 1983 ), set six months after The Empire Strikes Back ( in the novelization ), Obi-Wan Kenobi appears on Dagobah to talk with Luke, who has learned from a dying Yoda that Vader is indeed his father.
Nelson's father also appears briefly in the sixth-season episode " Bart's Girlfriend "; depicted capturing Nelson with a leash as the children run through the cornfields in an attempt to avoid attending church.
Henry I the Bearded quickly began his efforts to designate his sole surviving son as the universal heir of his patrimony, and from 1222, the young prince appears to have signed documents along with his father.
" His father, Henry Buckley Flashman, appears in Black Ajax ( 1997 ).
His father, Harry Buckley Flashman, appears in Black Ajax ( 1997 ).
The ghost of the Talking Cricket appears, telling him to go home and give the coins to his father but Pinocchio ignores him.
He appears to have been inspired by the writings of the Italian lutenist and musical theorist Vincenzo Galilei ( father of Galileo Galilei ), a onetime pupil of Gioseffo Zarlino.
The reign of John II was taken up with almost constant warfare and, unlike his father who delighted in active participation in theological and doctrinal disputes, John appears to have been content to leave ecclesiastical matters to the Patriarch and the church hierarchy.
While other incest configurations-mother-son, sibling-permit consensual agency, father-daughter incest does not ; when the daughter displays transgressive sexual desire, the prohibitive father appears.

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