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Chief and Justice
As first Chief Justice, his strong nationalist opinions anticipated John Marshall.
The corporation proposed Chief Justice Anderson for an arbiter, sending him a gift of sack and claret.
In an age of oratory, he was the king of orators, and both he himself and Chief Justice Marshall were bathed in manly tears, as Uncle Dan'l reached his thundering climax:
In March 1857, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford ; Chief Justice Roger B. Taney opined that blacks were not citizens, and derived no rights from the Constitution.
John Merryman, a leader in the secessionist group in Maryland, petitioned Chief Justice Roger B. Taney to issue a writ of habeas corpus, saying holding Merryman without a hearing was unlawful.
To fill Chief Justice Taney's seat on the Supreme Court, he named the choice of the Radicals, Salmon P. Chase, who Lincoln believed would uphold the emancipation and paper money policies.
Chief Justice Roger B. Taney's decision said that slaves were " so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect ".
The doctrine that no man can cast off his native allegiance without the consent of his sovereign was early abandoned in the United States, and Chief Justice John Rutledge also declared in Talbot v. Janson, " a man may, at the same time, enjoy the rights of citizenship under two governments.
It consists of a Chief Justice and an Associate Justice, appointed by the United States Secretary of the Interior.
* Sir William Buell Richards ( Chief Justice ) – September 30, 1875
* 2001 – Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has a Ten Commandments monument installed in the judiciary building, leading to a lawsuit to have it removed and his own removal from office.
" Lincoln died around 7: 00 A. M .; Johnson's swearing in occurred at 11: 00 that morning with Chief Justice Salmon Chase presiding in the presence of most of the cabinet.
Many officials, including those from Maryland, Virginia and Louisiana, as well as Chief Justice Chase personally, underscored for the President that the Southern states were economically in a state of chaos and governmental disorganization, and most anxious to reach agreements that would restore them to the Union.
On March 5, 1868, the impeachment trial began in the Senate and lasted almost three months ; Reps. George S. Boutwell, Ben Butler and Thaddeus Stevens acted as managers ( prosecutors ) for the House and William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis and Attorney General Henry Stanberry served as Johnson's counsel ; Chief Justice Chase served as presiding judge.
* 1911 – Henri Elzéar Taschereau, French Canadian jurist and Chief Justice of Canada ( b. 1836 )
It acquired its distinctive large crack sometime in the early 19th century — a widespread story claims it cracked while ringing after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835.
* 1925 – Anthony Mason, Australian judge and Air Force Officer, Chief Justice of Australia
Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States are the members of the Supreme Court of the United States other than the Chief Justice of the United States.
Associate Justices, like the Chief Justice, are nominated by the President of the United States and are confirmed by the United States Senate by majority vote.
Each of the Justices of the Supreme Court has a single vote in deciding the cases argued before it ; the Chief Justice's vote counts no more than that of any other Justice.
However, in drafting opinions, the Chief Justice enjoys additional influence in case disposition if in the majority through his power to assign who writes the opinion.
Furthermore, the Chief Justice leads the discussion of the case among the justices.
The Chief Justice has certain administrative responsibilities that the other Justices do not and is paid slightly more ($ 223, 500 per year for the Chief Justice and $ 213, 900 per year for each Associate Justice ).

Chief and Warren
* Earl Warren, 1953 ( Chief Justice )
In selecting a Chief Justice Eisenhower looked for an experienced jurist who could appeal to liberals in the party as well as law-and-order conservatives, noting privately that Warren " represents the kind of political, economic, and social thinking that I believe we need on the Supreme Court ....
* 1992 – The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Bhopal court declares Warren Anderson, ex-CEO of Union Carbide, a fugitive under Indian law for failing to appear in the Bhopal Disaster case.
* 1969 – Warren E. Burger is sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court by retiring Chief Justice Earl Warren.
* 1921 – U. S. President Warren G. Harding appoints former President William Howard Taft Chief Justice of the United States.
His body lay in state in the Rotunda of the U. S. Capitol, where Chief Justice Warren Burger eulogized him.
:" If Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God's word and had desired to do the Lord's will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never had been made.
" The Gaze ": Nancy watches as her husband is sworn in for a second term by Chief Justice Warren Burger, on January 20, 1985.
In Trop v. Dulles,, Chief Justice Earl Warren said: " The Amendment must draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.
Justice Arthur Goldberg ( joined by Chief Justice Earl Warren and Justice William Brennan ) expressed this view in a concurring opinion in the case of Griswold v. Connecticut ( 1965 ):
No nomination for associate justice has ever been filibustered, but President Lyndon Johnson's nomination of sitting Associate Justice Abe Fortas to succeed Earl Warren as Chief Justice was successfully filibustered in 1968.
Most Chief Justices, including John Roberts, have been nominated to the highest position on the Court without any previous experience on the Supreme Court ; indeed some, such as Earl Warren, received confirmation despite having no prior judicial experience.
It is said that some chief justices, notably Earl Warren and Warren Burger, sometimes switched votes to a majority they disagreed with to be able to use this prerogative of the Chief Justice to dictate who would write the opinion.
William Rehnquist ( left ) takes the oath as Chief Justice from retiring Chief Justice Warren Burger in 1986, as his wife, Natalie, holds the Bible and President Ronald Reagan ( far right ) looks on.
Chief Justice John Jay served as a diplomat to negotiate the so-called Jay Treaty ( aka The Treaty of London of 1794 ), and Chief Justice Earl Warren chaired The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.
In 1921, after the First World War, President Warren G. Harding appointed Taft Chief Justice of the United States.
* June 23 – Warren E. Burger is sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States by retiring Chief Justice Earl Warren.

Chief and E
In September 2006, The City University of New York received a $ 30, 000, 000 gift from philanthropist and City College alumnus, William E. Macaulay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Reserve Corporation.
After initial development, Robinson turned the movement over to James E. West who became the first Chief Scout Executive and the Scouting movement began to expand in the U. S. As BSA grew, it absorbed other Scouting organizations.
Submitted in a command-wide contest, it was chosen as the winner by a three judge panel: General Curtis E. LeMay, Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command ; General Thomas S. Power, Vice Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command ; and Brigadier General AW Kissner, Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command.
* H. E. Duke and then Edward Shortt – Chief Secretary for Ireland
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger had him arrested for contempt of court, but the charge was later dismissed.
However, in 1997 after a highly contested mayoral election the City of Greensboro elected its first African American Mayor, John E. Owens Jr. At this time Greensboro appointed its first African American Police Chief, Claude E. Hamilton.
* Menis E. Ketchum, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia
He opposed the Chief Secretary for Ireland, W. E.
American Civil War Brigadier General Robert H. Chilton ( Chief of Staff under Robert E. Lee ) was a native of Loudoun County.
The agency is currently led by Colonel Timothy E. Fitch, Chief of Police.
It is the birthplace of the late Chief Justice of the United States Frederick Moore Vinson and former Kentucky Governor Paul E. Patton.
Dr. E. Urner Goodman, the founder of the Order of the Arrow and later the founder of the Cub Scout program, served as Chief of the Fire in the formation of Nentico Lodge.
The playground was dedicated and named in honor of Wallace E. " Moses " Marriner a former Police Chief of the Waverly Hall Police Department.
The most famous is this reproduction of E. Marie Horner's “ The Village of White Hair ” depicting the relationship between white trader John Mathews and the Osage, led by Chief White Hair.
* Mark E. Ferguson III, Admiral, US Navy, Vice Chief of Naval Operations
At that time, Mullen was Chief Clerk for Mr. D. E.
The current Chief of Police is Bruce E. Hall who started in this position in February 2009 following Police Chief Robert C. Holmes Sr. retiring suddenly on New Year's Eve 2008.
Also interred within Kensico Cemetery and Gate of Heaven Cemetery are the big band leader Tommy Dorsey ; the New Yorker cartoonist Peter Arno ; the former CBS News president Fred Friendly ; the legendary New York Yankees star Lou Gehrig ; the film star and comedian Danny Kaye ; the virtuoso pianist, composer, and conductor, Sergei Rachmaninoff ; the author Ayn Rand ; NBC founder David Sarnoff ; and the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, James E. West.
* E. Stanly Godbold, Jr. and Mattie U. Russell, " Confederate Colonel And Cherokee Chief: The Life Of William Holland Thomas ", University of Tennessee Press, 1990

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