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Christopher and Wise
* Wise, Christopher ( 2009 ) Derrida, Africa, and the Middle East.
The Saga of King Heidrik the Wise: Translated from the Icelandic with Introduction, Notes and Appendices by Christopher Tolkien.
Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical film directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
Although Richard III was entered into the Register of the Stationers Company on 20 October 1597, by the bookseller Andrew Wise, who published the first quarto ( Q1 ) later that year ( with printing done by Valentine Simmes ), Christopher Marlowe's Edward II, which cannot have been written much later than 1592 ( Marlowe died in 1593 ) is thought to have been influenced by it.
* Christopher Wise ( born 1961 ), American author
In a February 2008 interview, Christopher Mort revealed that Newcastle had " heard on the grapevine " that Wise was considering a " move upstairs ".
J. R. R. Tolkien's youngest son, Christopher, translated the work in 1960, entitling his version The Saga of King Heidrek the Wise ( see bibliography ).
Christopher Wise ( ed.
Tolkien, Christopher ( 1960 ) The Saga of King Heidrek the Wise: Translated from the Icelandic with Introduction, Notes and Appendices.
* Wise, Christopher.
* Wise, Christopher.
Notable guest stars included Rachel Ticotin, Ray Wise, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Patricia Wettig, Tom Atkins, Kurtwood Smith, Robert Vaughn, Stuart Pankin, Steven Williams, Marcia Strassman, Eugene Roche, Gregg Henry, Lori Petty, Samantha Eggar, Jeff Altman, Shannon Tweed, Dennis Christopher, Doug Savant, Jeff Conaway, Joseph Ruskin, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John Amos, and Clyde Kusatsu.

Christopher and book
In their book, American Skyline, Christopher Tunnard and Henry Hope Reed argue that Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was what made the modern suburb a possibility -- a fine ironical argument, when you consider how suburbanites tend to vote.
Guitarist Christopher Parkening is quoted in the book Classical Gas: The Music of Mason Williams as saying that it is the most requested guitar piece besides Malagueña and perhaps the best known instrumental guitar piece today.
McCarry's most unusual book in the series, also concerning the Christopher family, is Bride of the Wilderness.
* Official website of Christopher Alexander, on his 4-volume book " The Nature of Order "
The band's album debut, Tin Machine ( 1989 ), was initially popular, though its politicised lyrics did not find universal approval: Bowie described one song as " a simplistic, naive, radical, laying-it-down about the emergence of neo-Nazis "; in the view of biographer Christopher Sandford, " It took nerve to denounce drugs, fascism and TV [...] in terms that reached the literary level of a comic book.
* Introduction to Information Retrieval ( online book ) by Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan and Hinrich Schütze, Cambridge University Press.
Christopher Columbus had a geographical book ( printed by movable types ) bought by his father.
The book was a nominee for the National Book Award in 1978, and received dozens of positive book reviews, including those by well-known critics such as John Updike in The New Yorker, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt in the New York Times, and Marshall McLuhan in the Toronto Globe and Mail.
Patinkin contributed to the children's book Dewey Doo-it Helps Owlie Fly Again: A Musical Storybook inspired by Christopher Reeve prior to Christopher and Dana Reeve's deaths.
The award-winning book, published in 2005, benefits the Christopher Reeve Foundation and includes an audio CD with Patinkin singing and reading the story as well as Dana Reeve and Bernadette Peters singing.
* In the opening chapter of his book God is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens quotes from Richard Le Gallienne's translation of Khayyam's famous quatrain:
Later archaeologists, including Christopher Chippindale of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge and Brian Edwards of the University of the West of England, campaigned to give the public more knowledge of the various restorations and in 2004 English Heritage included pictures of the work in progress in its book Stonehenge: A History in Photographs.
Milbourne Christopher in his book Search for the Soul ( 1979 ) explained that none of the attempts by parapsychologists have yet succeeded.
Christopher Frayling, in his noted book on the Italian Western, describes American critical reception of the spaghetti Western cycle as, to " a large extent, confined to a sterile debate about the ' cultural roots ' of the American / Hollywood Western.
The book, by Hugh Wheeler, is based on Christopher Bond's 1973 stage version of the Victorian original.
Christopher Paolini changed the name of his " The Inheritance Trilogy " to The Inheritance Cycle, having announced that he would be writing a fourth book.
One of the very first quotes can be found in The Experts Speak, a book written by Christopher Cerf and Victor S. Navasky in 1984.
Plate from Christopher Simpson's book, The Division Violist, England, 1659 – 1667 edition.
According to Christopher Frayling's book Something to do with Death, Leone knew a great deal about the American Old West.
Although this film is not in continuity with the later television series, in 1999, author Christopher Golden adapted Joss Whedon's original script into a comic book entitled " The Origin ", which Whedon later confirmed to be " pretty much " canonical.
John Gartner's book The Hypomanic Edge claims notable people including Christopher Columbus, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Carnegie, Howard Zinn and Louis B. Mayer owe their innovation and drive, as well as their eccentricities, to hypomanic temperaments.
Author Christopher Hitchens wrote in 12 August 2007 edition of The New York Times that, in the final book, Voldemort " becomes more tiresome than an Ian Fleming villain.
For all his four 1930s musicals, Novello wrote the book and music, Christopher Hassall wrote the lyrics, and the orchestrations were by Charles Prentice.

Christopher and Derrida
* Norris, Christopher, Derrida ( ISBN 0-674-19823-9 ).
Visiting faculty have included Giorgio Agamben, Chantal Akerman, Pierre Alféri, Pierre Aubenque, Alain Badiou, Lewis Baltz, Julian Barnes, Jean Baudrillard, Yve-Alain Bois, Catherine Breillat, Victor Burgin, Judith Butler, Sophie Calle, Hélène Cixous, Diane Davis, Manuel DeLanda, Claire Denis, Jacques Derrida, Tracey Emin, Bracha Ettinger, Christopher Fynsk, Antony Gormley, Peter Greenaway, Durs Grünbein, Werner Hamacher, Barbara Hammer, Donna Haraway, Michael Hardt, Martin Hielscher, Michel Houellebecq, Shelley Jackson, Mitchell Joachim, Friedrich Kittler, Claude Lanzmann, Christian Marclay, Colum McCann, Carl Mitcham, Jean-Luc Nancy, Klaus Ottmann, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Cornelia Parker, Laurence A. Rickels, Avital Ronell, Paul D. Miller a. k. a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Wolfgang Schirmacher, Volker Schlöndorff, Michael Schmidt, Hendrik Speck, Bruce Sterling, Allucquére Sandy Stone, Elia Suleiman, Friedrich Ulfers, Gregory Ulmer, Agnès Varda, Paul Virilio, Victor J. Vitanza, Hubertus von Amelunxen, Margarethe von Trotta, John Waters, Samuel Weber, Caveh Zahedi, Krzysztof Zanussi, Siegfried Zielinski, Slavoj Žižek and Jan Zwicky.

Christopher and Africa
* In 1984, five Argentines sail in a 10-meter-long raft made from tree trunks named Atlantis from Canary Islands and after 52 days journey arrived to Venezuela in an attempt to prove travelers from Africa may have crossed the Atlantic before Christopher Columbus.
They have been found in the Caribbean and the Atlantic coasts of Africa and South America for less than 500 years, but evidence of their presence on the Pacific coast of South America predates Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas.
Authors such as Christopher Ehret have built upon the little evidence available to develop scenarios of intensive usage of plants having built up first in North Africa, as a precursor to the development of true farming in the Fertile Crescent, but such suggestions are considered highly speculative until more North African archaeological evidence can be gathered.
Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact hypotheses are those theories that propose interaction between indigenous peoples of the Americas who settled the Americas before 10, 000 BC, and peoples of other continents ( Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania ), which occurred before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean in 1492.
From there he traveled back to Berlin, where he met Stephen Spender and Christopher Isherwood ( Isherwood being so taken with him that he named his character Sally Bowles for him ), before returning to North Africa the next year to travel throughout other parts of Morocco, the Sahara, Algeria and Tunisia.
The first is that the Greek and Latin legends of Saint Christopher identify him as belonging to the Third Valerian Cohort of the Marmantae ( Latin: Cohors tertia Valeria, at Marmantarum ), a military unit of Northern Africa of Marmarica ( between modern day Libya and Egypt ), recruited by none other than the Emperor Diocletian.
In 1492, the joint rulers of the country decided to fund Christopher Columbus ' expedition that they hoped would bypass Portugal's lock on Africa and the Indian Ocean, and instead, reach Asia by travelling west over the Atlantic.
One could argue that prior to the great voyages of discovery, initiated by Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan, there were originally two separate world oecumenes-one covering north and east Africa, Eurasia and its surrounding Japanese, Indonesian and European archipelagos, and the other covering Mesoamerica, the South East of the USA, and the Andean region.
Christopher Lyall Smith ( born 15 October 1958, Durban, South Africa ) was a cricketer for Hampshire and England.
Christopher McGregor ( 24 December 1936 – 26 May 1990 ) was a South African jazz pianist, bandleader and composer born in Somerset West, South Africa.
Kalahari Kingdom, a large Africa themed area housing an old male lion named Christopher.
* Historical dictionary of South Africa, Christopher Saunders, Nicholas Southey ' 2nd Edition, Lanham, Md., London: Scarecrow Press
The discovery caused an international sensation, as it represented the only then known copy of a world map of Christopher Columbus ( 1451 – 1506 ), and was the only 16th century map that showed South America in its proper longitudinal position in relation to Africa.
* Christopher Reginald Reeves, Group Chief Executive, Morgan Grenfell ; Chairman Merrill Lynch EMEA ( Europe, Middle East & Africa )
* Christopher Ehret, The Civilizations of Africa: A History to 1800 ( University of Virginia Press, 2002 ), 436 – 438.
He is co-author ( with Ron Demey ) and sole illustrator of Birds of Western Africa in the Helm Identification Guides series, published by Christopher Helm in 2001, the first guide to feature illustrations of all 1285 West African species.
There may be colour, light and movement in abundance, with smoothly professional contributions from set designer Christopher Woods and Nick Richings ’ lighting, but none of it is anchored by any sense of form or structure ... it feels, instead, like a tourist travelogue introduction to the sights and sounds of Africa, quaintly introduced before the show even begins with a screening of African wildlife scenes onto the stage ’ s front cloth ".
" Novelist Christopher Hope, reviewing for The Guardian ( January 2010 ), noted the spirit of Chekov's " The Cherry Orchard " and called the novel ' one of the most moving to come out of South Africa in many years.
The delay was blamed by author and journalist Christopher Hitchens on Chester Crocker's ' procrastination ' and on President Ronald Reagan's ' attempt to change the subject to the presence of Cuban forces in Angola ' as well as the ' flagrant bias ' in America's Namibia policy in favour of apartheid South Africa.

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