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City and Plano
In 1981 the Plano City Council adopted the City ’ s official logo based on a design submitted via a community contest by long-time Plano resident James R. ( Jim ) Wainner, a professional artist and graphic designer.
It opened on December 9, 2002 and is a station on the, serving the area around downtown Plano including Plano City Hall.
Florence Shapiro entered politics after being elected to be a member of the Plano City Council, where she served six terms from 1979 to 1990.
Plano ISD serves about of land, with of it within the City of Plano.

City and Code
These reforms included guarantees to ensure the Ottoman subjects perfect security for their lives, honour, and property ; the introduction of the first Ottoman paper banknotes ( 1840 ) and opening of the first post offices ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the finance system according to the French model ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the Civil and Criminal Code according to the French model ( 1840 ); the establishment of the Meclis-i Maarif-i Umumiye ( 1841 ) which was the prototype of the First Ottoman Parliament ( 1876 ); the reorganization of the army and a regular method of recruiting, levying the army, and fixing the duration of military service ( 1843 – 44 ); the adoption of an Ottoman national anthem and Ottoman national flag ( 1844 ); the first nationwide Ottoman census in 1844 ( only male citizens were counted ); the first national identity cards ( officially named the Mecidiye identity papers, or informally kafa kağıdı ( head paper ) documents, 1844 ); the institution of a Council of Public Instruction ( 1845 ) and the Ministry of Education ( Mekatib-i Umumiye Nezareti, 1847, which later became the Maarif Nezareti, 1857 ); the abolition of slavery and slave trade ( 1847 ); the establishment of the first modern universities ( darülfünun, 1848 ), academies ( 1848 ) and teacher schools ( darülmuallimin, 1848 ); establishment of the Ministry of Healthcare ( Tıbbiye Nezareti, 1850 ); the Commerce and Trade Code ( 1850 ); establishment of the Academy of Sciences ( Encümen-i Daniş, 1851 ); establishment of the Şirket-i Hayriye which operated the first steam-powered commuter ferries ( 1851 ); the first European style courts ( Meclis-i Ahkam-ı Adliye, 1853 ) and supreme judiciary council ( Meclis-i Ali-yi Tanzimat, 1853 ); establishment of the modern Municipality of Istanbul ( Şehremaneti, 1854 ) and the City Planning Council ( İntizam-ı Şehir Komisyonu, 1855 ); the abolition of the capitation ( Jizya ) tax on non-Muslims, with a regular method of establishing and collecting taxes ( 1856 ); non-Muslims were allowed to become soldiers ( 1856 ); various provisions for the better administration of the public service and advancement of commerce ; the establishment of the first telegraph networks ( 1847 – 1855 ) and railroads ( 1856 ); the replacement of guilds with factories ; the establishment of the Ottoman Central Bank ( originally established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( Dersaadet Tahvilat Borsası, established in 1866 ); the Land Code ( Arazi Kanunnamesi, 1857 ); permission for private sector publishers and printing firms with the Serbesti-i Kürşad Nizamnamesi ( 1857 ); establishment of the School of Economical and Political Sciences ( Mekteb-i Mülkiye, 1859 ); the Press and Journalism Regulation Code ( Matbuat Nizamnamesi, 1864 ); among others.
In 1910, the Morkrum Company designed and installed the first commercial teletypewriter system on Postal Telegraph Company lines between Boston and New York City using the " Blue Code Version " of the Morkrum Printing Telegraph.
* The video games Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and Resident Evil Code: Veronica all take place in 1998, July for the first two, September for the next three, and December CV.
Takeovers in the UK ( meaning acquisitions of public companies only ) are governed by the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, also known as the ' City Code ' or ' Takeover Code '.
Among Japan's largest and most famous studios, Sunrise is renowned for several critically lauded and popular original anime series, such as Gundam, Armored Trooper Votoms, Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, My-HiME, My-Otome, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, as well as its numerous adaptations of acclaimed light novels including Dirty Pair, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Accel World, and manga such as City Hunter, InuYasha, Outlaw Star, Yakitate !!
If it finds a representation in miniature of the cover placed on the Code of Statutes of the City is still preserved in the Chapter Library of the Duomo of Monza.
He has played the father of sons Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen in various projects: he played Emilio's father in The War at Home, In the Custody of Strangers and The Way, and Charlie's father in Wall Street, No Code of Conduct and two episodes of Spin City.
Its responsibilities include: adoption of the City budget ; approval of all tax levies ; adoption of ordinances ; approval of amendments, supplements or repeals to ordinances and the City Code ; and appointment of the City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney and various local boards, commissions and committees.
File: Phenix City Alabama Post Office. JPG | Phenix City Post Office ( ZIP Code: 36867 )
Per the City Code, the Department Directors are appointed by the City Manager.
Desert Shores and its neighboring community of Salton City are governed by the Salton Community Services District ( SCSD ) which is a special district per California Government Code.

City and Ordinances
* City Codes and Ordinances
* City Ordinances
* Codified Ordinances of The City of Delaware Ohio
* City Charter and Codified Ordinances
In those years he served on a number of committees, provided legal advice, and stepped forward to compile and issue the first published version of the “ Laws and Ordinances of the City of Albany ” in 1773.
Each NPU meets once a month to review applications for rezoning properties, varying existing zoning ordinances for certain properties, applications for liquor licenses, applications for festivals and parades, any changes to fees charged by the City, any changes to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan, and any amendments to the City's Zoning Ordinances.
The seal as described in the City of Long Beach Code of Ordinances, § 2-1:

City and Chapter
In the Report of the Committee dated 3 September 1947 to the UN General Assembly, the majority of the Committee in Chapter VI proposed a plan to replace the British Mandate with " an independent Arab State, an independent Jewish State, and the City of Jerusalem " ..., the last to be under " an International Trusteeship System ".
Parks was charged with a violation of Chapter 6, Section 11 segregation law of the Montgomery City code, although technically she had not taken a white-only seat ; she had been in a colored section.
Since 1870, the City of Florala, through Florala ’ s Fidelity Masonic Lodge # 685, ( beginning with Chapel Hill and Lake City Lodge # 377 ), and Chapter # 441 of the Order of the Eastern Star, has served as the home of the World ’ s Oldest Consecutive Annual Masonic Day Celebration.
The company was acquired by American Homestar Corporation of League City, Texas in 1997, due to the declining manufactured housing industry the plant was closed on April 15, 2000, American Homestar Corporation subsequently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy later in 2001.
Chapter 67-1104 of the Laws of Florida, incorporating the City of Bay Lake, was signed into law by Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr. on May 12, 1967, the same day he also signed chapters 67-764 ( creating the Reedy Creek Improvement District, or RCID ) and 67-1965 ( incorporating the City of Reedy Creek ).
Chapter 67-1965 of the Laws of Florida, incorporating the City of Reedy Creek, was signed into law by Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr. on May 12, 1967, the same day he also signed chapters 67-764 ( creating the Reedy Creek Improvement District ) and 67-1104 ( incorporating the city of Bay Lake ).
The city was completely moved, taking over some land that had been part of the City of Bay Lake ( and was given up by Chapter 69-836, which became a law the same day ) and including some other land that had formerly been unincorporated.
The Montgomery-Whitewater Chapter of the Indiana Junior Historical Society is located in Cambridge City and is sponsored by Lori Griffin, who was named by Mark Helmsing of the Indiana Council for History Education as an outstanding sponsor.
The Woburn Redevelopment Authority is an independent municipal urban renewal authority established by the City of Woburn in 1961, in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 121B.
Chapter 51 of the laws and Sessions of the State of New Jersey provided the noble beginning to Ventnor City stating, " Be it enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey that all part or portion of the County of Atlantic, formerly a part of Egg Harbor Township, situated on Absecon Beach, lying between the Westwardly limit of Atlantic City and the Eastwardly limit of South Atlantic City, the Atlantic Ocean on the south as far as the jurisdiction of the State extends, and to the center of Beach Thoroughfare on the North, be, and is hereby constituted as a City of this State, and all of the inhabitants of the State residing within the limits aforesaid be and they are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be from time to time forever hereafter one body politic and corporate, in fact and in name, by the name, Ventnor City.
Ralph Adams Cram was hired to supervise Frohman, because of his experience with the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, but Cram insisted on so many major changes to the original design that Frohman convinced the Cathedral Chapter to fire him.
In the beginning, scattered code fragments of Neo's " RSI " ( Residual Self Image ) were found on the bodies of the impostor Agents who appeared across the Mega City during Chapter 1. 1 ( later revealed to be Sentinels under the command of The General program ).
David King reports in Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris, Chapter 11:
Founded in 1965 and based in Carson City, Nevada, the firm came under scrutiny by state safety officials after a fatal accident in 1985, and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July bankrupt in July 1996.
Inspiration for the " Iron Maiden " may come from the Carthaginian execution of Marcus Atilius Regulus, as it was recorded in a passage in Tertullian's " To the Martyrs " ( Chapter 4 ) and Augustine of Hippo's The City of God ( I. 15 ) in which the Carthaginians " packed him into a tight wooden box, spiked with sharp nails on all sides, so that he could not lean in any direction without being pierced ", or by the account of Nabis of Sparta's deadly statue of his wife, the Apega.
In 2009, Relapse released the live album entitled Close of a Chapter — Live in Québec City, that was previously self-released by the band in 2005.
* Close of a Chapter: Live in Quebec City ( live, 2005 & 2009 )

City and 2
Arizona had postseason victories over the St. Louis Cardinals ( 3 – 2 in the NLDS ) and the Atlanta Braves ( 4 – 1 in the NLCS ) to advance to the World Series where, in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, they beat the three-time reigning champions, the New York Yankees, 4 to 3, to become the youngest expansion franchise to win the World Series ( in just their fourth season of play ).
Their first honour outside of Italy was recorded in 1960 – 61 when Roma won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup by beating Birmingham City 4 – 2 in the finals.
Following rehearsals in New York City, the company started pre-Broadway tryouts in Philadelphia from March 2 to 21, 1964.
The Urban Land Institute ( ULI ) awarded the Battery Park City Master Plan its 2010 Heritage Award, for having " facilitated the private development of 9. 3 million square feet of commercial space, 7. 2 million square feet of residential space, and nearly 36 acres of open space in lower Manhattan, becoming a model for successful large-scale planning efforts and marking a positive shift away from the urban renewal mindset of the time.
In fall 1957, for example, nearly 36, 000 attended Hunter, Brooklyn, Queens and City Colleges for free, but another 24, 000 paid tuition of up to $ 300 a year — the equivalent of $ 2, 411. 98 in 2011.
In week five, with starting wide receiver Roy Williams sidelined by injury, receiver Miles Austin got his first start of the season and had a record setting day ( 250 yards receiving and 2 TDs ) to help lead Dallas to an overtime win over Kansas City.
* Naked City ( 2 episodes, 1961 – 1963 )
There are also numerous community and special interest stations, including Dublin City FM ( 103. 2 MHz ), Dublin South FM ( 93. 9 MHz ), Liffey Sound FM ( 96. 4 MHz ), Near FM ( 90. 3 MHz ), Phoenix FM ( 92. 5 MHz ), Raidió na Life ( 106. 4 MHz ) and West Dublin Access Radio ( 96. 0 MHz ).
Dave Winer ( born May 2, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York City ) is an American software developer, entrepreneur and writer in New York City.
Winer was born on May 2, 1955, in Brooklyn, New York City, the son of Eve Winer, Ph. D., a school psychologist, and Leon Winer, Ph. D., a former professor of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business who died October 3, 2009.
Dave Thomas was born on July 2, 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey to a young unmarried woman he never knew.
Soon after his arrival in New York City ( January 2, 1939 ), Fermi began working at Columbia University, where he had already given summer lectures in 1936 While at Columbia from 1939 – 42, until they moved to Chicago, Fermi and his wife resided in Leonia, New Jersey.
Guatemala City was announced in November 2007 to host the 2008 edition of the CONCACAF Futsal Championship, played at the Domo Polideportivo from June 2 to June 8, 2008.
Their Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, houses over 2 million microfiche and microfilms of genealogically relevant material, which are also available for on-site research at over 4500 Family History Centers worldwide.
After four games for the reserves, he replaced the injured Dave McLaren for his Leicester City debut in a 1 – 1 draw against Blackpool on 9 September 1959 and retained his place for the 2 – 0 defeat against Newcastle 3 days later.
In 1964, Banks finally won his first major trophy though when Leicester beat Stoke City 4 – 3 in the League Cup final over two legs, though they lost the trophy a year later after a 3 – 2 defeat by Chelsea on aggregate in the final.
Civic Buildings: Former Arsenal and Archives of the City of Genève, Former Crédit Lyonnais, Former Hôtel Buisson, Former Hôtel du Résident de France et Bibliothèque de la Société de lecture de Genève, Former école des arts industriels, Archives d ' État de Genève ( Annexe ), Bâtiment des forces motrices, Library de Genève, Library juive de Genève « Gérard Nordmann », Cabinet des estampes, Centre d ' Iconographie genevoise, Collège Calvin, Ecole Geisendorf, Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève ( HUG ), Hôtel de Ville et tour Baudet, Immeuble Clarté at Rue Saint-Laurent 2 and 4, Immeubles House Rotonde at Rue Charles-Giron 11 – 19, Immeubles at Rue Beauregard 2, 4, 6, 8, Immeubles at Rue de la Corraterie 10 – 26, Immeubles at Rue des Granges 2 – 6, Immeuble at Rue des Granges 8, Immeubles at Rue des Granges 10 and 12, Immeuble at Rue des Granges 14, Immeuble and Former Armory at Rue des Granges 16, Immeubles at Rue Pierre Fatio 7 and 9, House de Saussure at Rue de la Cité 24, House Des arts du Grütli at Rue du Général-Dufour 16, House Royale et les deux immeubles à côté at Quai Gustave Ador 44 – 50, Tavel House at Rue du Puits-St-Pierre 6, Turrettini House at Rue de l ' Hôtel-de-Ville 8 and 10, Brunswick Monument, Palais de Justice, Palais de l ' Athénée, Palais des Nations with library and archives of the SDN and ONU, Palais Eynard et Archives de la ville de Genève, Palais Wilson, Parc des Bastions avec Mur des Réformateurs, Place Neuve et Monument du Général Dufour, Pont de la Machine, Pont sur l ' Arve, Poste du Mont-Blanc, Quai du Mont-Blanc, Quai et Hôtel des Bergues, Quai Général Guisan and English Gardens, Quai Gustave-Ador and Jet d ' eau, Télévision Suisse Romande, university of Geneva, Victoria Hall
| 1978 – 79 || rowspan =" 7 "| Leicester City || rowspan =" 2 "| Second Division || 7 || 1 || colspan =" 2 "|—|| colspan =" 2 "|—|| colspan =" 2 "|—|| 7 || 1
Emmylou Harris has continued to champion Parsons ' work throughout her career, covering a number of his songs over the years, including " Hickory Wind ", " Wheels ", " Sin City ", " Luxury Liner ", and " Hot Burrito No. 2 ".

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