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Clay and said
He said that from his experience of two years with Gen. Clay in West Berlin administration, that `` Russia respects our show of strength, but that presently we're not acting as we should and must ''.
Jefferson's son-in-law, former Virginia Governor Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., said in 1826 that Jefferson had a " strong repugnance " to Henry Clay.
On the " amalgamation " of the black and white races, Clay said that " The God of Nature, by the differences of color and physical constitution, has decreed against it.
Senator Henry S. Foote of Mississippi, who had suggested the creation of the Committee of Thirteen, later said, " Had there been one such man in the Congress of the United States as Henry Clay in 1860 –' 61 there would, I feel sure, have been no civil war.
In 2008, Bruce Clay said that " ranking is dead " because of personalized search.
At the party, Russo said that Lee Harvey Oswald ( who Russo said was introduced to him as " Leon Oswald "), David Ferrie, and " Clem Bertrand " ( who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw ) had discussed killing President Kennedy.
In his February 25 speech ending the debate on the tariff, Clay captured the spirit of the voices for compromise by condemning Jackson's Proclamation to South Carolina as inflammatory, admitting the same problem with the Force Bill but indicating its necessity, and praising the Compromise Tariff as the final measure to restore balance, promote the rule of law, and avoid the " sacked cities ", " desolated fields ", and " smoking ruins " that he said would be the product of the failure to reach a final accord.
Garrison said that Shaw used the alias " Clay Bertrand " among New Orleans ' gay society.
At the party, Russo said that Lee Harvey Oswald ( who Russo said was introduced to him as " Leon Oswald "), David Ferrie, and " Clem Bertrand " ( who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw ) had discussed killing Kennedy.
The magazine said of Simpson, " More than any other representative, Simpson lives by the philosophy that democratic representation is a matter of finding not advantageous positions but common ground ..." The magazine's portrayal of Simpson echoes one of his personal philosophies, which is embodied in a quote by Henry Clay: " Politics is not about ideological purity or moral self-righteousness.
Clay who had changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1964, later said, on British television, that Cooper " had hit him so hard that his ancestors in Africa felt it ".
Lincoln said Douglas " cares not whether slavery is voted down or voted up ," and that, in the words of Henry Clay, he would " blow out the moral lights around us " and eradicate the love of liberty.
After Clay announced his candidacy, Crittenden said, he remained neutral in the Whigs ' choice.
Siringo agreed that it was McNulty and Beeson who ended the incident, and said Earp had not even approached Clay Allison.
Henry Cooper said that if Cassius Clay won, he was interested in a title fight, but if Liston won, he was not going to get in the ring with him.
" I got back to my stool at the end of the sixth round, and under me I could hear the press like they had gone wild ," Clay later said.
During his famous Ich bin ein Berliner-speech Kennedy said: " I am proud (...) to come here in the company of my fellow American, General Clay, who has been in this city during its great moments of crisis and will come again if ever needed.
Kiefer said after the match, " Clay and me, we will never be the best of friends ".
Entertainment Weekly reviewer Kristen Baldwin said ( November 19, 2004 ), " Clay Aiken is far more interesting a person than a popstar and, God bless him, he's smart enough to know it.
His grandson, Charles Lanman, private secretary to Daniel Webster, said that, " My grandfather, James Lanman, voted with the South on the Missouri Compromise and was burned in effigy in his native town, Norwich, but his broad patriotism won from him the warmest friendship of Henry Clay and Thomas H.
As recently as December 2008, Track President Clay Campbell said that no one, either from NASCAR, or track owner ISC, has hinted at taking a race from Martinsville and he plans on the sport being there in the long-term future.
After the fight Hunsaker said " Clay was as fast as lightning ...

Clay and where
In 1830 he moved to Liberty in Clay County in western Missouri, and set up practice there, where he also farmed.
Clay tablets unearthed at Harappa, which were carbon dated 3300-3200 BCE., contain trident shaped and plant like markings, and they are suggested as a possible earliest writings any where in the world, as opined by Dr. Richard Meadow of Harvard University and Director, Harappa Archeological Research Project.
but won New York, where Clay lost votes to the antislavery Liberty Party candidate James G. Birney.
In 1833, Missouri settlers, alarmed by the rapid influx of Mormons, expelled them from Jackson County into the nearby Clay County, where local residents took them in.
Clay, being relatively impermeable to water, is also used where natural seals are needed, such as in the cores of dams, or as a barrier in landfills against toxic seepage ( lining the landfill, preferably in combination with geotextiles ).
His stepfather secured Clay employment in the office of the Court of Chancery, where he displayed an aptitude for law.
In November 1797, Clay relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, the growing town near where his family then resided in Woodford County.
She was imprisoned in Alexandria, Virginia before Clay arranged for her transport to New Orleans, where he placed her with his daughter and son-in-law Martin Duralde.
The majority of Clay County's population is located in the northeastern part where large suburban communities have been built.
It is believed that the creature lives somewhere in the Pike Creek or White Clay Creek area, as this is where the majority of the numerous sightings have occurred.
* Clay Street, an alley beneath Angels Flight incline railway, on Bunker Hill, where Hammer parks his Corvette and then takes the back steps up to the Hill Crest Hotel, but when we cut to him approaching the hotel's large porch, he's on the Third Street steps opposite Angels Flight.
* 1878 Bavaria-born Heinrich Schmidtt, aka Henry “ Hank ” Clay Smith, and his wife Elizabeth Boyle and their six children, become the first permanent settlers in the area, where Hank is active in the county ’ s organization.
The Center also has an adjoining building connected by an elevated walkway over the Monon Trail, where the Carmel Clay Parks Department offices are located.
Nearby facilities are in Irvine ( Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital ), Jackson ( Kentucky River Medical Center ), Winchester ( Clark Regional Hospital ), Richmond ( Pattie A Clay Hospital ), Hazard ( Hazard Appalachian Regional Medical Center ), Manchester ( Manchester Memorial Hospital ), and Lexington, where healthcare services are abound.
The following week's show was broadcast from Miami Beach where Muhammad Ali ( then Cassius Clay ) was in training for his first title bout with Sonny Liston.
Casey entered West Point in 1915, where his best friend and roommate was Lucius D. Clay.
Viviparid snails and water scorpions ( of the genus Nepidae ) are commonly found where the river runs over the London Clay.
Article V, Section 25 ( a ) of the Missouri Constitution specifies a process, known as the Missouri Plan, to appoint judges to the state Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and circuit and probate courts in the independent City of St. Louis, Jackson County ( Kansas City ), and any other circuit court where a majority of voters choose to adopt nonpartisan appointment ( currently St. Louis County, Clay County, and Platte County ).
* In The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon, one of the main characters breaks into the abandoned fairgrounds and the Perisphere itself, where he has a significant sexual experience.
While the palace at Chester was readied he stayed with Sir Christopher Hatton at Clay Hall, Essex, where he was seriously ill.
Cast members regrouped for the first time in 14 years in January 2009 for two performances in San Francisco on January 24, 2009, followed with a Q & A at The Clay Theater where they screened Wet Hot American Summer.
As Turnpike Trusts were individually run, there was the possibility for greatly differing road conditions, especially over the London Clay basin of Kensington, Brentford, Hounslow and Slough, where winter conditions left the way muddy and uneven.
Between these two escarpments the anticline has been subject to differential erosion so that geologically distinct areas of hills and vales lie in roughly concentric circles towards the centre ; these comprise the Greensand Ridge, most prominent on the north side of the Weald, where it includes Leith Hill, the highest hill in south-east England, the low-lying clay vales of the Low Weald, formed of less resistant Weald Clay, and finally the more highly resistant sandstones of the High Weald at the centre of the anticline, whose elevated forest ridge includes most notably Ashdown Forest.
After Barbara insists he go, Mitch and friends travel to New Mexico, where they meet ranch owner Clay Stone ( Noble Willingham ) and several other participants of the cattle drive.

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