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Club and director
Contrary to popular belief John Hugenholtz cannot be credited with the design of the Zandvoort track, although he was involved as the Nederlandse Automobiel Ren Club chairman ( the Dutch Auto Racing Club ) before becoming the first track director in 1949.
Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with his graduation from Pitt in 1933, he remained active with the Cap and Gown Club, serving as its director from 1934 to 1938, while at the same time enrolling in the University of Pittsburgh Law School.
* Jinks Joins the Temperance Club ( 1911, director )
In the 1880s, she became a major benefactor and director of the Golden Gate Kindergarten Association and the first president of the Century Club of California.
The committee consists of Chargers Executive Vice President Alex Spanos, Chargers public relations director Bill Johnston, San Diego Hall of Champions founder Bob Breitbard, and the presidents of the San Diego Sports Commission and the Chargers Backers Fan Club.
In April 1927, José María Acha, a director at Arenas Club de Getxo, first proposed the idea of a national league in Spain.
In May 1963, a group of prominent Canadian thinkers — including Alan Jarvis, director of the National Gallery of Canada ; novelists Hugh MacLennan and Gabrielle Roy ; J. Tuzo Wilson, geophysicist ; and Claude Robillard, town planner — met for three days at the Seigneury Club in Montebello, Quebec.
The Population Bomb was written at the suggestion of David Brower the executive director of the environmentalist Sierra Club, and Ian Ballantine of Ballantine Books following various public appearances Ehrlich had made regarding population issues and their relation to the environment.
Rolls was introduced to Henry Royce by a friend at the Automobile Club, Henry Edmunds, who was also a director of Royce Ltd. Edmunds showed him Royce's car and arranged the historic meeting between Rolls and Royce at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 4 May 1904.
The Ward Sports Medicine Building houses offices for football and basketball, Pirate Club, media relations and the director of athletics.
* Kenneth Friar, director of Arsenal Football Club lives on Broad Walk
During 1992 the Richmond Football Club logo was redesigned to its current 2009 form by Rob Perry ( see external links ), while he was working as an art director at the advertising agency George Patterson Bates in Melbourne.
Among those destinations is the La Quinta Resort and Club, a resort dating to 1926 and famous as the spot in which director Frank Capra penned the screenplay of Lost Horizon.
* Lonnie Burr, American actor, dancer / choreographer, singer, director and author of Danish, French, Scots-Irish and German descent, best known for having been a star on the original Mickey Mouse Club television show from 1955 to 1959
Quincy is also home to the United States ' longest running Flag Day parade, a tradition that began in 1952 under Richard Koch, a former director of Parks and Recreation, who started the " Koch Club " sports organization for kids and had an annual parade with flags.
In April 2003, S Club released their first feature film, Seeing Double, directed by music-video director Nigel Dick, which was to be the last time the group would be seen on-screen together.
In 1998, the duo were approached by director David Fincher to assemble the score for the film Fight Club, most notably " This Is Your Life ", a song featuring lines from the film, including a monologue by the character Tyler Durden ( Brad Pitt ).
In another example Cato president Ed Crane and Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope co-wrote a 2002 op-ed piece in the Washington Post calling for the abandonment of the Republican energy bill, arguing that it had become little more than a gravy train for Washington, D. C. lobbyists.
Along with his closest friends Henry Clay Frick and Philander Knox, also South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club members, Mellon served as a director of the Pittsburgh National Bank of Commerce.
The Club Foot Orchestra premiered the score penned by ensemble founder and artistic director Richard Marriott in 1987.
Snow became a director of the Sussex Cricket Club, but resigned in 2009. and continues to play in charity matches.
" In a Rolling Stone article, published around the time of Magnolias release, Anderson said that he walked out of Fight Club after the first half hour and criticized its director, David Fincher, for making jokes about cancer, saying that he should get it as punishment.
He also acted as the music director for the Little Richard's live performances at the Okeh Club in Los Angeles.

Club and Rod
His house eventually grew into the Rod and Gun Club, visited by United States Presidents and other notables.
The town is also the site of the Sippican Rod & Gun Club, near the Haskell Wildlife Management Area.
* Grand Island Rod and Gun Club – An outdoor rifle range, trap and skeet range, and archery range.
The area's Strausstown Rod and Gun Club periodically hosts one of the country's few remaining trap pigeon shoots.
The Colerain Forges Mansion, Pennsylvania Furnace Mansion, and Spruce Creek Rod and Gun Club are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
* Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, New Tripoli
In addition, the Jenner Rod & Gun Club, a local sportsmen's club, provided significant funds to purchase property for the remediation site.
The main areas where events are held are the downtown intersection of Elmwood ( Main St & Winter Ave ), the Elmwood Area School Athletic Fields, and the Elmwood Rod & Gun Club.
* Old # 4 Rod, Gun, Snowmobile & Archery Club
These include: Oleta Adams " Circle of One " album ( reaching No. 1 in the UK charts 1991 ); Marc Almond " Tenement Symphony " album which included the epic tracks " Jacky " and " The Days of Pearly Spencer "; The Associates " Wild and Lonely " album ; Rick Astley " Free " album ; B * Witched " Awake and Breathe " album ; Chris Botti " Slowing Down the World " album ; Boyzone " A Different Beat " album ; Cher " It's a Man's World " album ; Petula Clark " La Vie en Rose " track ; Lloyd Cole and the Commotions " Rattlesnakes " album ; Andrea Corr " Ten Feet High " album ; Cathy Dennis " Move to This " and " Into the Skyline " albums ; Electronic " Getting Away with It " single ( reaching No. 12 in the UK charts 1990 ); Frankie Goes to Hollywood " Welcome to the Pleasuredome " album which included their 2nd and 3rd No. 1s " Two Tribes " and " The Power of Love "; Elton John " The Big Picture " album ; Martyn Joseph " Being There " album ; Kingmaker " Sleepwalking " album ; Annie Lennox " Medusa " album ( No. 1 in the UK charts 1995 ); Let Loose " Best In Me " single ; Virginia MacNaughton " The Music " album ; Paul McCartney " Press to Play " album ; Malcolm McLaren " Duck Rock " album ; The Men They Couldn't Hang " A Map Of Morocco " single ; George Michael " Careless Whisper " single ( reaching No. 1 in 25 countries ); Liza Minnelli " Results " album ( reaching No. 6 in the UK charts 1989 ); The Moody Blues " Greatest Hits " album ; Moist " Gasoline " single ; Jimmy Nail " Crocodile Shoes " album ( reaching No. 2 in the UK charts 1994 ); The Painted Word " Lovelife " album ; Pet Shop Boys " Very " album ; Pulp " Different Class " and " This Is Hardcore " albums ( both reaching No. 1 ); Rialto " Monday Morning 5: 19 " single ; Frances Ruffelle " Stranger To The Rain " single ; S Club " 7 album " ( No. 1 in the UK charts 2000 ); Scarlet " Naked " album ; Seal first 3 albums " Seal " " Seal II " " Human Being "; Siphiwo " Hope " album ( featuring Nelson Mandela on the title track ); Wendy Stark " Stark " album ; Rod Stewart " A Spanner in the Works " album and " If We Fall in Love Tonight " album and the single " Downtown Train "; Suggs " The Lone Ranger " album ; Travis " More Than Us " EP featuring Anne on the title track ; Tina Turner " Wildest Dreams " album ; Wet Wet Wet " Holding Back the River " album ( reaching No. 2 in the UK charts 1989 ); Wham!
His best-selling book was Hot Rod, one of a rodding series that also included Street Rod and Crash Club and sold about eight million copies in all.
He is best known for being a member of the " Brat Pack " in the mid-1980s ; and for his roles as John Bender in The Breakfast Club, Alec Newbary in St. Elmo's Fire, Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie and Jack Richmond in Suddenly Susan.
In 1986 Nelson provided the voice of Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie and teamed-up with Breakfast Club alumna Ally Sheedy for a third time in Blue City.
Rod & Gun Club, Bike Club, Kayak & Canoe Club, North Shore Climbers, Outdoor Educators Club, and Wuda Wooch!
Munson also created a television show about hunting and fishing called The Rod & Gun Club on a local Nashville station.
After announcing Braves games for the first two months of the baseball season, Munson returned to Nashville in June 1966 to continue The Rod & Gun Club and prepare for his new role with the Bulldogs.
For many years after joining the University of Georgia broadcasts, Munson would make the commute to Athens, Georgia for the weekend football games from his home in Nashville so that he could continue producing The Rod & Gun Club during the week.
* 1972 Rod & Gun Club reports 77, 300 targets used in 1971 — possible cleanup of used skeet clay birds discussed
It is also the home of the St Kilda Sentinel Brass Band, Pirates Rugby Club, Otago Model Engineering Society, Ocean Beach Railway, the St Kilda Surf Lifesaving Club, and a Hot Rod club.

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