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Clunk and Click
He sang " She's a Lassie From Lancashire " on Jimmy Savile's TV show Clunk Click, appeared on a music video for 1980s pop group Bananarama, and sang a duet with Don Estelle in a 1999 re-recording of the Laurel and Hardy song " The Trail of the Lonesome Pine ".
All that is specified is that it is in a town or city in the north of England that is home to a redbrick university, following a few references to the fact: the River Humber is mentioned in one episode as is the seaside resort of Cleethorpes, and Alan says he commutes via Yorkshire Traction, a former bus company which operated in South and West Yorkshire, particularly around Barnsley, and when Rigsby purchases a car in the episode ‘ Clunk Click ’, the registration plate ( XCX 885J ) shows that the car was registered in Huddersfield.
* Clunk Click Every Trip
The advertisements highlighted the dangers of being thrown through the windscreen in a traffic collision and reminded drivers that the first thing they should do after closing the door (" Clunk ") is fasten their seatbelt (" Click ").
* Maximillian, in which a young man who was paralysed in a car crash as a result of not wearing a seatbelt advises the audience to " Clunk Click Every Trip ".
* Clunk Click – Shopping with Jimmy Savile
* BBC News ... Jimmy Savile invites you to Clunk Click.
The chair had first appeared on Savile's earlier Saturday night TV series, " Clunk, Click ".
( 1970 – 1972 ), Clunk, Click ( 1974 )-when in a break with the format, Olivia Newton-John performed three songs a week for two weeks rather than one a week for six weeks-and It's Lulu ( 1975 ).
An equally well-known and successful road safety campaign was Clunk Click Every Trip, fronted initially by Shaw Taylor and later by Jimmy Savile.
; Clunk Click Every Trip: A series of films about the importance of seat belts, similar to U. S. Crash Test Dummies PSAs.

Clunk and Every
continued campaigning on consumer safety issues, with its car safety test results strengthening calls to legislate car manufacturers to fit seat belts in all new cars, helping to make it compulsory to Clunk Clip Every Trip in 1983.

Clunk and series
A second series character, Josiah Clunk, is a sanctimonious lawyer who exposes corruption and blackmail in local politics, and who manages to profit from the crimes.

Clunk and by
* Shadow on the Wall ( 1934 ; Fortune, cameo by Clunk )
* Clunk's Claimant / The Twittering Bird Mystery ( 1937 ; Clunk, cameo by Fortune )
* The Great Game ( 1939 ; Fortune, cameo by Clunk )
* The Veron Mystery / Mr Clunk's Text ( 1939 ; Clunk, cameo by Fortune )
* 2012-Earth to Clunk by Pam Smallcomb, illustrated by Joe Berger

Clunk and .
The commanding officer, LCdr Clifford " Clunk " Watson, and Lt. Charles Elton were killed.

Click and was
* The Color Changin ' Click, a rap group which was started by rapper Chamillionaire
One of the things that Traffic Server did was to transcode images down to a smaller size for AOL dialup users, leading many websites to provide special noncacheable pages with the phrase, " AOL Users Click Here " to navigate to these pages.
Her most recent live-action film was a role of the mother of Adam Sandler's character in Click.
* Click and Create-A game development tool created by Clickteam that was also sold as The Games Factory.
Click and Create 2 was sold to IMSI who released it as Multimedia Fusion.
Elam's first solo album not a part the Jazzmatazz series, Baldhead Slick & da Click, was released in 2001 to poor reviews.
When Averea was rebranded as tabloid Click !, the owner hired many people from Libertatea ; this new concurrent got a very similar look to the original, including the topless girls, who are featured on page 3.
One of these was the so-called " Click Piece " which essentially asked for each player to repeatedly play a note as short as possible.
The first hit for the Swan label was " Click Clack " by Dickie Doo and the Don ' ts, a studio recording produced by Gerry Granahan under the pseudonym that was actually the nickname Dick Clark called his infant son, Dick Clark, Jr.
In September, the newspaper announced its " TV Click " was to be replaced by TV Weekly, a publication from the Troy, Michigan-based NTVB Media.
They testified that entry to the Landslilde site was through a front-page screen featuring a button saying “ Click Here ( for ) Child Porn ”.
In July of that year, production and sale of several of their products was taken over by Click Here Software Co.
" The " Click here " would normally reference back to the article the user was reading.
Lozano-Hemmer comments, " my initial desire was to use artificial shadows to generate questions about embodiment and disembodiment, about spectacular representation, about the distance between bodies in public space, and so on " Click here to be re-directed to the video.
Thursday 29 December 2005 marked the last edition of Click Online, as the show was previously known.
The full 30 minute UK version broadcast on BBC News 24 used to be updated on iPlayer and the Click website page after the first showing of the 30 minute UK edition at 11: 30 each Saturday morning, then disappeared for undisclosed reasons ( instead since early 2011 the only 30 minute full edition available was the World Service broadcast, which was now not available until the following Tuesday or Wednesday on both iPlayer and the Click website page ).
The Jaz drive by design is much less prone to Click of death than was the Zip drive.
For many years in the mid 1990s, the Flying Eye reporter was Spencer Kelly ( real name Spencer Bignell ), known as Commander Kelly, who went on to present Ocean FM breakfast and now presents Click on the BBC News Channel.

Click and series
Click the link on the far left for detailed information on that series.
* The opening theme and other music for the 2008 PBS animated series Click and Clack's As the Wrench Turns were produced by Carl Finch and composed, arranged, and performed by Finch and Brave Combo.
Erotic illustration typical of Manara's style as it comes to expression in his " Click " series.
* Click ( Philippine TV series ), a teen drama
Blake was a host on Current TV and starred on the TV series Fridays on Cartoon Network, Culture Click on Litton's Weekend Adventure, as well as in national television commercials for Sprite and Kinkos.

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