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Cobham and was
He was interviewed in his home at Cobham Hall by Montague Grover and the report of this interview was as follows.
Jean Froissart states as follows: " Now will I name some of the principal lords and knights ( men-at-arms ) that were there with the prince: the earl of Warwick, the earl of Suffolk, the earl of Salisbury, the earl of Oxford, the lord Raynold Cobham, the lord Spencer, the lord James Audley, the lord Peter his brother, the lord Berkeley, the lord Basset, the lord Warin, the lord Delaware, the lord Manne, the lord Willoughby, the lord Bartholomew de Burghersh, the lord of Felton, the lord Richard of Pembroke, the lord Stephen of Cosington, the lord Bradetane and other Englishmen ; and of Gascon there was the lord of Pommiers, the lord of Languiran, the captal of Buch, the lord John of Caumont, the lord de Lesparre, the lord of Rauzan, the lord of Condon, the lord of Montferrand, the lord of Landiras, the lord Soudic of Latrau and other ( men-at-arms ) that I cannot name ; and of Hainowes the lord Eustace d ' Aubrecicourt, the lord John of Ghistelles, and two other strangers, the lord Daniel Pasele and the lord Denis of Amposta, a fortress in Catalonia ".
There was taken the lord of Pompadour and ^ the lord Bartholomew de Burghersh, and there was slain sir Geoffrey of Charny with the king's banner in his hands: also the lord Raynold Cobham slew the earl of Dammartin.
Shakespeare's desire to burlesque a hero of early English Protestantism could indicate Catholic sympathies, but Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham was sufficiently sympathetic to Catholicism that in 1603, he was imprisoned as part of the Main Plot to place Arbella Stuart on the English throne, so if Shakespeare wished to use Oldcastle to embarrass the Cobhams, he seems unlikely to have done so on religious grounds.
William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham may have become aware of the offensive representation after a public performance ; he may also have learned of it while it was being prepared for a court performance ( Cobham was at that time Lord Chamberlain ).
In 1580 Dowland went to Paris, where he was in service to Sir Henry Cobham, the ambassador to the French court, and his successor, Sir Edward Stafford.
Alternatively the fee may have been waived by the commanding officer of the regiment, Lord Cobham, who was related to the Pitt brothers by marriage.
Pitt was to grow close to Cobham, whom he regarded as something close to a surrogate father.
The group commonly met at Stowe House, the country estate of Lord Cobham, who was a leader of the group.
Around 1943, presumably to reduce the risk of Luftwaffe bombing, a new dispersed design office was opened at Fairmile Manor in Cobham, Surrey ; little is known of this establishment and nothing survives there today.
On his return in the spring of 1843, he was diagnosed to be of unsound mind and was taken by his family to recuperate in the countryside village of Cobham, Kent.
In 1603 his brother-in-law Lord Cobham was implicated in both the Bye Plot and also the Main Plot, which were an attempt to remove James from the throne and replace him with Lady Arbella Stuart.
He was a cousin of the 10th Viscount Cobham and a great-nephew of the politician and sportsman Alfred Lyttelton, who was the first man to represent England at both football and cricket.
Lyttelton was born at Eton College, Buckinghamshire, where his father, George William Lyttelton ( second son of the 8th Viscount Cobham ), was a house master.

Cobham and common
The Council of State received a letter in April 1649 reporting that several individuals had begun to plant vegetables in common land on Saint George's Hill, Weybridge near Cobham, Surrey at a time when food prices reached an all-time high.

Cobham and popular
By the 1980s, widely popular drummers like Billy Cobham, Carl Palmer, Nicko McBrain, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland and perhaps most notably Neil Peart were using large numbers of drums and cymbals and had also begun using electronic drums.
The character of Falstaff, though immensely popular from the start, aroused the ire of Lord Cobham, who objected to the use of the character's original name ( Oldcastle ), which derived from a member of Cobham's family.
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer writes in the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable ( 1898 ): " In Scotland it is a popular belief that a few hairs of the dog that bit you applied to the wound will prevent evil consequences.

Cobham and literature
Fortunately, for the players and for English literature, this interval did not last ; when Cobham died less than a year later, the post of Lord Chamberlain went to Henry Carey's son George, second Lord Hunsdon, and the actors regained their previous patronage.
Fortunately, for the players and for English literature, this interval did not last ; when Cobham died less than a year later, the post of Lord Chamberlain went to Henry Carey's son George, second Lord Hunsdon, and the actors regained their previous patronage.
* Mirzah in The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable By Ebenezer Cobham Brewer: The quintessential guide to myth, folklore, legend, legend and literature.

Cobham and ;
* Alan Cobham, who flew from Croydon to Cape Town and back in 1925-6 ;
* Steve Hunt, jazz pianist who recorded and toured with Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, and Billy Cobham ; teaches at Berklee College of Music
Most notable was a Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter which flew low over Brooklands apparently in trouble and crashed at Cobham on 16 March 1944 ; the pilot survived but little else is known of this incident.
There are three independent schools: Notre Dame ; ACS ( The American Community Schools ) Cobham International and Reed's School.
* June 22-Lord Hunsdon dies ; his place as Lord Chamberlain will be taken by William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham.
; People with surname " Cobham "
When Shakespeare adapted that play in Henry IV, Part 1, Oldcastle still appeared ; but when the play was printed in 1598 Falstaff's name was substituted, in deference, as it is said, to the then Lord Cobham.
* An appeale to all Englishmen, to judge between bondage and freedome, sent from those that began to digge upon George Hill in Surrey ; but now are carrying on, that publick work upon the little heath in the parish of Cobham ..., ( March 26, 1650 ), Jerard Winstanley 24 others
Hester was the sister of Richard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham, whose title she inherited under a special remainder in 1749 ; in the same year ( or maybe in 1751 ), her husband being long dead, she was created 1st Countess Temple.
Cobham had excluded from succession Temple West and Gilbert West, his nephews who were sons of Richard West and his elder sister Maria ; and also his other sister Penelope.
Influences for Palladino for bass guitar include The Shadows Jet Harris ; Motown bassist James Jamerson ; Stevie Wonder ’ s keyboard-bass, jazz innovator Jaco Pastorius ; British folk / rock upright bassist Danny Thompson ; Norman Watt-Roy ( of Ian Dury & the Blockheads ); Larry Graham ; Michael Henderson ; Bootsy Collins ; Paul Jackson ; Anthony Jackson ; Doug Rauch ( of Carly Simon and Santana ), and Billy Cobham.

Cobham and figures
In addition to Davis and the musicians who worked with him, additional important figures in early fusion were Larry Coryell and Billy Cobham with his album Spectrum.

Cobham and may
* Roger Bacon's reference to Neckam as a grammatical writer ( in multis vera et utitia scripsit: sed ... inter auctores non potest numerari ) may be found in Ebenezer Cobham Brewer's ( Rolls Series ) edition of Bacon's Opera inedita, p. 457.
Cobham may refer to:
The Victoria County History for Kent also records a standing stone at Cobham which may have been an outlying example but which is located on heavily-wooded private land and has never been investigated in the modern era.
Henry Cobham may refer to:
Other evidence suggests that Henry Brooke, 8th Lord Cobham may have been the target.

Cobham and have
The first purpose-built library known to have existed in Oxford was founded in the fourteenth century by Thomas Cobham, Bishop of Worcester.
Many of the roads in the area have aviation-related names: Alcock Road ( Alcock and Brown ), Brabazon Road ( Brabazon ), Bleriot Road ( Louis Blériot ), Cobham Road ( Sir Alan Cobham ), De Havilland Road ( de Havilland ), Norman Crescent ( Nigel Norman ), Phoenix Way ( Heston Phoenix ), Sopwith Road ( Thomas Sopwith ), Spitfire Way ( Supermarine Spitfire ), Whittle Road ( Frank Whittle ), and Wright Road ( the Wright brothers ).
Two other large houses on the outskirts of Cobham have been taken over by schools: Heywood is now the American Community School, and Burwood House is now Notre Dame School.
Unlike neighbouring areas in Elmbridge, Residents and amenity groups do not contest local elections in Cobham, although occasionally independents have stood without success, most recently in a 2007 by-election.
The Lower Mole appears to have been settled during the same period and a flint axe dating from Mesolithic period found on spit of land close to River Mole in Cobham in 1965.
A wooden bridge is thought to have existed on the site of Cobham Bridge since the twelfth century, the upkeep of which was the responsibility of the adjacent landowners.
Originally published in 1870 by the Reverend E. Cobham Brewer, it was aimed at the growing number of people who did not have a university education, but wanted to understand the origins of phrases and historical or literary allusions.
Their eldest sons were coheirs to all of Mrs. Dixie's noble claims ; in 1909, the senior great-grandsons of her daughters petitioned to each have one title drawn out of abeyance for himself: the heir of the eldest daughter petitioned for the Barony of Burgh, the heir of the fourth daughter for the Barony of Cobham, and the heir of the youngest daughter for the Barony of Strabolgi.
( 1 ) But among Wyatt's earlier works there are several ( e. g., the Christ Church gateway and the mausoleum at Cobham ) which show a familiarity with Chambers Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, and so permit the belief that if his artistic integrity had been greater Wyatt might have continued the Chambers tradition instead of falling in with the " corrupt taste " of the brothers Adam.
Cobham appears to have been in communication with Spain about the possibility of killing " the king and his cubs " and of placing Lady Arabella Stuart on the throne.
Cobham shows little political activity prior to James's time, and he seems generally to have been an uninvolved peer.
The title Baron Cobham has been created numerous times in the Peerage of England ; often multiple creations have been extant simultaneously, especially in the fourteenth century.
On 8 May 2012 it was confirmed by the Transport Secretary Justine Greening through the DfT that the entire fleet of Class 456s will transfer across to South West Trains, where they will be used in conjunction with their Fleet on the London Inner Suburban lines. SWT will be using the 456's to enhance peak hour Waterloo-Woking, Guildford via Cobham ,& Kingston loop services from 8 to 10 coaches ,& to provide 2 additional morning peak services from Raynes Park to Waterloo. These changes will happen from December 2014, once platforms 1-5 at Waterloo have been extended.
A variety of artists have recorded music there, including Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Kiss, AC / DC, Glass Harp, Blondie, Carly Simon, The Clash, Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Hall & Oates, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Al Green, Frank Zappa, Nas, Kanye West, Madonna, Beyoncé Knowles, The Mighty Boosh, Courtney Love, Radiohead, Coldplay, Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Stevie Wonder, Cactus, Goldfrapp, Greezy Wheels, Billy Cobham, Curtis Mayfield, Moby, Bush Tetras, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Lou Reed, The Nails, Mandrill, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Glasvegas, The Early Years, Sinéad O ' Connor, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, The Mars Volta, Caroline Loeb, Mike Oldfield, The Magnetic Fields, Guns N ' Roses, Elkie Brooks, Patti Smith, John McLaughlin, Klaus Nomi, Van Halen, The White Stripes, Weezer, Interpol, Steve Earle, Ron Rogers, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Monster Magnet, The Pink Spiders, Deee Lite, Chris Braide, Rancid, D ' Angelo, Wolfmother, Miley Cyrus, The Big Pink, Erykah Badu, Common ( as well as the majority of the Soulquarians ), Brandon Caie, Metric, Cool It Reba, Kings Of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Take That, Defunkt, Rihanna, The Strokes and Christina Aguilera.
Various tournaments have taken place in London and the annual national championship in Cobham.

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