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Cockburn and has
The Canadian singer-songwriter, Bruce Cockburn, has a track entitled " Kit Carson " on his 1991 album Nothing But a Burning Light that does not present Carson in a positive light.
The song has since been covered by Harry Nilsson, Bruce Cockburn, Art Garfunkel and Green Day.
These include Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson, whose cult fame has not led to financial success, as well as the 2CD Orphans of God, a tribute to Mark Heard, a singer / songwriter whose work has been praised by fellow artists such as Bruce Cockburn, Victoria Williams, Sam Phillips and T-Bone Burnett.
Other more commercial Canadian talent has also graced the stages of summerfolk over the years with the likes of Gowan, Rik Emmett, Blue Rodeo and Bruce Cockburn.
Cockburn has also been highly critical of his former friend and colleague, Christopher Hitchens.
Cockburn's approach has influenced other authors ; for example, Alexander and Beus-Dukic generalize Cockburn's " Fully dressed use case " template from software to systems of all kinds, with the following fields differing from Cockburn:
The Cockburn Improved High Lift design has similar features to the Ross pop type.
Patrick Oliver Cockburn ( ; born 5 March 1950 / 1 ) is an Irish journalist who has been a Middle East correspondent since 1979 for the Financial Times and, presently, The Independent.
Hugh Montefiore, and has two children, Henry Claud Cockburn ( 4 January 1982 ) and Alexander Cockburn ( 1987 ).
He has two brothers, Alexander Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn who are also journalists, and a half-sister, mystery writer Sarah Caudwell.
Cockburn has written three books on Iraq.
Andrew Myles Cockburn ( ; born January 7, 1947 ) is a journalist who has lived in the United States for many years.
Cockburn has two brothers, Alexander Cockburn and Patrick Cockburn, who are also journalists, and two half-sisters.
He lives in Washington, D. C. with his wife, Leslie Cockburn, a journalist and film producer with whom he has co-authored several books.
It has a beachside location at Mangles Bay, the southern extremity of Cockburn Sound.
It has a northern aspect to Cockburn Sound, from Rockingham Beach and Palm Beach.
However, Pinkerton's renumbering of the War on Terrorism as the " Twelfth Crusade " has been overshadowed by references to the title of the Cockburn column.
Beeston has one secondary school, Cockburn School which is a specialist arts college.
Like the rest of his Blackie and the Rodeo Kings bandmates Linden also has worked with Bruce Cockburn.

Cockburn and written
One, Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein, was written with his brother Andrew Cockburn prior to the war in Iraq.
In 1765 the wit and socialite Alison Cockburn published her lyrics to the Flowers of the Forest beginning " I've seen the smiling of Fortune beguiling " said to have been written before her marriage in 1731.
Cockburn wanted to destroy the newspaper because its reporters had written so negatively about him, branding him as " The Ruffian.
The screenplay was written by Huston and Truman Capote, and loosely based upon a novel of the same name by British journalist and critic Claud Cockburn, writing under the pseudonym James Helvick.
After returning to New London, in July 1813, he received a letter from Gen. Armstrong which enclosed a copy of a letter written by the Governor of Virginia stating that information from British deserters indicated that British transports, under Admiral George Cockburn, sailed from Chesapeake Bay to New London, Connecticut.
Negus has also written several books, including one based on his time in Italy, and co-wrote a series of children's books with Kirsty Cockburn, his partner, in the early 1990s.
Lockhart quotes a letter written by Mrs Cockburn in 1777, describing the conduct of little Walter Scott, then scarcely six years old, during a visit which she paid to his mother, when the child gave as a reason for his liking for Mrs Cockburn that she was a " virtuoso like himself.

Cockburn and about
Like Gilbert, Cockburn writes about the infamous manual issued to the contras by the CIA.
In contrast, Cockburn is writing about a very likable man, independent and true to his ideals.
Cockburn Town, the capital since 1766, is situated on Grand Turk Island about east-southeast of Miami in the United States.
For instance, Christopher Sykes, in a sympathetic 1972 biography of Nancy Astor, argues that the entire story about the so-called Cliveden Set was an ideologically motivated fabrication by Claud Cockburn that came to be generally accepted by a public looking for scapegoats for British pre-war appeasement of Adolf Hitler.
Indeed, when I reached Cockburn to ask him about these conspiracies, he insisted he was just reporting what was already in circulation.
* C-SPAN Q & A interview with Andrew and Leslie Cockburn about American Casino, January 3, 2010
In 1906 the Ojibwe and Odaawaa on Manitoulin and Cockburn Island were 1, 497, of whom about half were Odaawaa ; there were 197 Ottawa under the Seneca School, Oklahoma, and in Michigan 5, 587 scattered Ojibwe and Odaawaa, in 1900, of whom about two-thirds are Odaawaa.
Rear Admiral George Cockburn ( the second in command of the Royal Navy ' American Station, who usually accompanied Ross ) was cautious about advancing without more support and Ross agreed that he would leave and get the main army.
In about 1878, the editor of The West Australian, Sir Thomas Cockburn Campbell, sought and was granted permission to serialise Moore's letters.

Cockburn and Middle
and on the night before the primary election, McKinney's father stated on Atlanta television that " Jews have bought everybody ... J-E-W-S ." Cynthia McKinney had been through a long contentious relationship with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and commentators such as Alexander Cockburn allege that money from out-of-state Jewish organizations, angered by her stand on Middle East issues, was key in her election defeat.
The 3 main VSRGs ( and oldest in the state ) are Independent and together form the Metro Sea Rescue Alliance with Cockburn VSRG ( South of Perth ), Fremantle VSRG ( Middle of Perth and the Swan River ) and Whitfords VSRG to the North of Perth all independent.

Cockburn and East
The village was renamed Broxburn in 1600 by Sir Richard Cockburn of Clerkington, Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland, almost certainly after Broxburn, East Lothian.
The Cockburn family may have brought the name from the Berwickshire " Ormiston " to the East Lothian location in the 14th-century.

Cockburn and for
They began corresponding in the late 1820s and met for the first time in March 1830, when Isaac D ' Israeli dined at Bulwer-Lytton ’ s house ( also present that evening were Charles Pelham Villiers and Alexander Cockburn.
However, Cockburn claims that the result of the supply network wasn ’ t military success but increased living standards for the contra leaders.
Cockburn frequently calls Heard his favorite songwriter and even wrote and recorded a song dedicated to Heard for his Dart to the Heart album, " Closer to the Light.
Cockburn and Horner recruited John Russell as a co-founder and the three of them, together with other interested parties, put a proposal to the City Council for the building of a new school.
Sir George Cockburn, 10th Baronet | Sir George Cockburn was Ripon ( UK Parliament constituency ) | MP for Ripon from 1841 until 1847
The " Cliveden Set " tag was coined by Claud Cockburn in his journalism for the Communist newspaper The Week.
** Mary Ann Amy Macrae Cockburn ( Calcutta, 29 August 1855-23 April 1942 ), married on 6 June 1877 to Walter St. George Burke of Auberies, Bulmer, Essex, JP ( 27 April 1842-17 February 1916 ), Lieutenant Colonel in the service of the Royal Engineers, Justice of the Peace for Essex and for Suffolk, son of James St. George Burke and wife Anne Eliza Grubbe, and had issue
Some people, such as the following authors, have inferred, insinuated, or suggested that entering a state of perpetual war becomes progressively easier in a modern democratic republic, such as the United States, due to the development of a relationship network between people who wield political and economic power also owning capital in companies that financially profit from war, lobby for war, and influence public opinion of war through influence of Mass media outlets that control the presentation for the causes of war, the effects of war, and the Censorship of war: ( 1 ) " The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group " ( 2004 )" by Dan Briody ; ( 2 ) " The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It " ( 2011 ) an anthology by nine authors who are Pierre M. Sprey, George Wilson, Franklin C. Spinney, Bruce I. Gudmundsson, Col. G. I. Wilson, Col. Chet Richards, Andrew Cockburn, Thomas Christie, and Winslow T. Wheeler ; ( 3 ) " Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex " ( 2010 ), by William D. Hartung ; ( 4 ) " Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda ( 2002 ), by Noam Chomsky ; and ( 5 ) " Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media " ( 2002 ), by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky.
In 1872, Cockburn was nominated for a second term as Speaker despite reservations by the Opposition that he had been too favourable to the government in his rulings.
Cockburn also wrote the " Beat the Devil " column for The Nation as well as one for The Week in London, syndicated by Creators Syndicate.
After moving to the United States, Cockburn wrote for many publications, including The New York Review of Books, Esquire, and Harper's.
On 16 March 2009 Cockburn officially became a new columnist for the paleoconservative Chronicles magazine.
Cockburn criticized the German government for passing restrictive laws against the Church of Scientology, invoking several comparisons with Nazi Germany.
In a Counterpunch article in August 2005, Cockburn referred to Hitchens as: " A guy who called Sid Blumenthal one of his best friends and then tried to have him thrown into prison for perjury ; a guy who waited til his friend Edward Said was on his death bed before attacking him in the Atlantic Monthly ; a guy who knows perfectly well the role Israel plays in US policy but who does not scruple to flail Cindy Sheehan as a LaRouchie and anti-Semite because, maybe, she dared mention the word Israel.
' " Following Hitchens ' death in 2011, Cockburn wrote a critical obituary of him for Counterpunch.
Cockburn died in Bad Salzhausen, Germany after suffering from cancer for two years.
Alistair Cockburn describes a more detailed structure for a use case, but permits it to be simplified when less detail is needed.
In addition, Cockburn suggests using two devices to indicate the nature of each use case: icons for design scope and goal level.

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