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Cohen and 1955
On June 12, 1955, Hackett married Sherry Cohen.
It has been won by cellists including Rohan de Saram ( 1955 ), Jacqueline du Pré ( 1956 ), Robert Cohen ( 1967 – 1971 ), Hafliði Hallgrímsson, Steven Isserlis, Raphael Wallfisch and Julian Lloyd Webber.
After two years of unrelenting Ganda hostility and obstruction, Cohen was forced to reinstate " Kabaka Freddie ", who returned to Kampala on 17 October 1955 under a negotiated settlement which made him a constitutional monarch and gave the Baganda the right to elect representatives to the kingdom's parliament, the Lukiiko.
* 1955 Morley Cohen, Herbert E. Warden, Richard L. Varco, Hoffmann-La Roch Research Laboratories, Squibb Institute for Medical Research, Edward H. Robitzek, Irving Selikoff, Walsh McDermott, Carl Muschenheim
Andrew Cohen ( born 23 October 1955 ) is an American guru, spiritual teacher, magazine editor, author, and musician who has developed what he characterizes as a unique path of spiritual transformation called " Evolutionary Enlightenment ".
Cohen was born in New York City in 1955 in an upper-middle class secular Jewish household.
Cohen first took the drug on October 12, 1955 and expected to have an unpleasant trip, but was surprised when he experienced “ no confused, disoriented delirium .” He reported that the “ problems and strivings, the worries and frustrations of everyday life vanished ; in their place was a majestic, sunlit, heavenly inner quietude .” Cohen immediately began his own experiments with LSD with the help of Aldous Huxley whom he had met in 1955.
Albert K. Cohen ( 1955 ) did not look at the economically oriented career criminal, but looked at the delinquency subculture, focusing on gang delinquency among working class youth in slum areas which developed a distinctive culture as a response to their perceived lack of economic and social opportunity within U. S. society.
* Cohen, Albert K. ( 1955 ).
On Thursday 26 May 1955 a Gloster Meteor F8 ( No. WE916 ) piloted by 21 year old John Alexander Cohen from Cardiff on a night flight training exercise from RAF Worksop crashed in Frecheville when he apparently lost control whilst undertaking a controlled descent though cloud.
( 1955 ) The Illusion of the Epoch: Marxism-Leninism as a Philosophical Creed, Cohen and West.
* David Elliot Cohen ( born 1955 ), American editor and publisher

Cohen and ):
* Greg Cohen ( 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 25 ): bass
* R. S. Cohen, " Discontented Categories: Hinayana and Mahayana in Indian History ", Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 63 ( 1 ): 1-25, 1995
He is accompanied by U. S. Senator from Arizona Carl Hayden standing far right, along with — among others — three Democrats from the U. S. Senate ( seated ): Key Pittman | Pittman, Thomas J. Walsh | Walsh, and John S. Cohen | Cohen.
* Cohen, Nissim ( 2012 ) “ Policy entrepreneurs and the design of public policy: Conceptual framework and the case of the National Health Insurance Law in Israel ” Journal of Social Research & Policy, 3 ( 1 ): 5-26.
* Nerve Growth Factor ( NGF ): Rita Levi Montalcini and Stanley Cohen purified the first trophic factor, Nerve Growth Factor ( NGF ), for which they received the Nobel Prize.
* F. Murray, " The Charmed Life of M. Cohen ", Front Page Detective, 1966, 30 ( 3 ): 44 – 45, 63.
* Martin A. Cohen, Reflections on the Text and Context of the Disputation of Barcelona, Hebrew Union College Annual 35 ( 1964 ): pp. 157 – 92.
* Cohen, S. ( 1971 ) " Directions for Research on adolescent group violence and vandalism ", British Journal of Criminology, 11 ( 4 ): 319-340
* Cohen, S. ( 1979 ) " The punitive city: notes on the dispersal of social control ", Contemporary Crises, 3 ( 4 ): 341-363
* Cohen, S. ( 1991 ) " Talking about torture in Israel ", Tikkun, 6 ( 6 ): 23-30, 89-90
* Cohen, S. ( 1993 ) " Human rights and crimes of the state: the culture of denial ", Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 26 ( 2 ): 97-115
More or less a remake, and with the hero and villain roles now both played by females, Blood of Dracula could have easily been titled " I Was a Teenage Vampire "; Blood of Dracula, with a story and screenplay credit by I Was a Teenage Werewolf writer Ralph Thornton ( a pseudonym for AIP producer Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel ), features many other similarities to I Was a Teenage Werewolf-for instance, both have ( among other things ): a teenager with social behavior problems, an adult ' mad scientist ' who is searching for the perfect guinea pig under the guise of helping troubled youth, an observer who can tell the killings are the work of a monster, a disbelieving police chief afraid of the press, a song written by Jerry Blaine and Paul Dunlap accompanied by a choreographed " ad-lib " dance number, hypnosis as scientific medical treatment, drug injections, specific references to Carpathia, hairy transformation scenes, and even some of the same dialogue.
* Tyrus ( played by Ari Cohen ): A Genii soldier who represented his people in their trades with the Athosians, appearing in " Underground ".
* Cohen, Nissim ( 2012 ) “ Policy entrepreneurs and the design of public policy: Conceptual framework and the case of the National Health Insurance Law in Israel ” Journal of Social Research & Policy, 3 ( 1 ): 5-26.
His death was related by Chapman Cohen in The Freethinker ( 31 October 1915 ):

Cohen and working
The now defunct investment bank of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette had numerous talented people working there including people such as William Donaldson who served in the Nixon administration, as well as Ken Moelis, Bennett Goodman, Herald " Hal " Ritch, Joel Cohen, Safra A. Catz who became president of Oracle Corporation, Tom Dean, Larry Schloss, Michael Connelly, and others.
* Rob Cohen, later a director, starting in the 1990s, of action films such as The Fast and the Furious, years later told of how he found the script in the slush pile when he was working as a reader for Mike Medavoy, a future studio head then an agent.
Following briefly working in real estate, he was recruited to RAND by his friend Samuel Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb.
After briefly working at Haaretz, in 1950, Avnery ( with Shalom Cohen and two others ) bought the failing magazine HaOlam HaZeh (" This World ").
The series was envisioned by Groening in the late 1990s while working on The Simpsons, later bringing Cohen aboard to develop storylines and characters to pitch the show to Fox.
During Prohibition, Cohen moved to Chicago and became involved in organized crime working as an enforcer for the Chicago Outfit, where he briefly met Al Capone.
While working for Jake Guzik, Cohen was forced to flee Chicago after an argument with a rival gambler.
On January 3, 2007, Cohen appeared on CNN to support John Shalikashvili's OpEd in support of ending the policy known as ' Don't ask, don't tell ' saying, " The vast majority of service members are personally comfortable working and interacting with gays and lesbians, and there is only so long that Congress can ignore the evidence ".
Snowe entered politics and rose quickly, winning a seat on the Board of Voter Registration and working for Congressman ( later U. S. Senator and U. S. Secretary of Defense ) William Cohen.
Castle ’ s terms marked the full establishment of what Delaware political commentator Celia Cohen has called “ the Age of Incumbency .” Following du Pont ’ s very successful and popular terms as Governor, Delaware politics seemed to have reached a consensus, with leaders of both parties being regularly re-elected, while working closely and quietly together on a conservative fiscal low tax, pro business, and clean government agenda.
In 1993, Cohen began working on The Simpsons, writing or co-writing thirteen episodes.
RAMIS, the first 4GL, was the direct ancestor of FOCUS, having been principally developed by Gerald D. Cohen and Peter Mittelman while working at Mathematica Products Group in 1970.
Eliot Cohen wrote in a prominent op-ed piece in The Washington Post that the academic working paper bears all the traditional hallmarks of anti-Semitism: " obsessive and irrationally hostile beliefs about Jews ", accusations toward Jews of " disloyalty, subversion or treachery, of having occult powers and of participating in secret combinations that manipulate institutions and governments ", as well as selection of " everything unfair, ugly or wrong about Jews as individuals or a group " and equally systematical suppression of " any exculpatory information ".
He practiced sports, corporate, and immigration law with the firm Cohen, Swados, Wright, Hanifin, Bradford and Brett, including working on player contracts with Scotty Bowman, then the Sabres ' coach and general manager.
Cohen has formed a close working relationship with Integral philosopher Ken Wilber.
Gray arrived in Chicago on July 17, 1834 and took a job as a clerk for Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard, later working for Peter Cohen.
After working with de Laurentiis on Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story in 1992, Rob Cohen agreed to take over as director for the film.
According to Cohen, they spent an additional thirteen months working on the film after making the final cut of the film.
Briefly working for the St. Louis Congress of Industrial Organizations while awaiting the completion of enlistment processing, Cohen made the transition from volunteer union leader to union staffer.
Cohen was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where his father was working for the U. S. Agency for Information and Development.
After two years working successfully with an American manager Mary Becker, in 1989 the band signed a contract with Herb Cohen ( Frank Zappa's management ) in Los Angeles, California.
Historical Estimates of Cohabitation ", a US Census Bureau working paper by Lynne M. Casper, Philip N. Cohen and Tavia Simmons, May 1999.
Guggenheim's first job was working for Lew Cohen at CBS, where he was exposed to the new media of film and storytelling.

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