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Coldcut's and collaboration
Since 2003 he has worked as part of Crass Agenda ( latterly Last Amendment ), performing live and releasing material in CD format including Savage Utopia, a collaboration with Coldcut's Matt Black and other jazz musicians, and How ?, a reworking of Allen Ginsberg's beat poem Howl, recorded live at the Vortex Jazz Club.
This was also the year that saw the first releases from Big Dada, a collaboration between Coldcut's Ninja Tune label and hip hop journalist Will Ashon.

Coldcut's and with
Weekes, who had recorded with Coldcut's Matt Black, and was briefly a member of X Posse, was impressed with Clark's skills and soon the two were working together on material.

Coldcut's and on
Coldcut's live and DJ sets now relied on video as much as music.
She then crossed over into the UK Top 40 singles chart as guest vocalist on Coldcut's record " People Hold On ".
The group have also provided production for artists including T Love, Princess Superstar and remixes for artists including DJ Food, Raw Stylus, Push Button Objects, Jaffa and label-mates Coldcut's " Atomic Moog ", which reached number one on the UK singles chart.
In 1988, Solid Steel began as a radio show on Kiss FM hosted by Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More, where they were not only able to play and mix records, but also display their cut-up technique live.

Coldcut's and ".
He has produced many remixes since 1985, including Coldcut's " Autumn Leaves ".

second and album
In May 1979, while at the album release party for her second album, My Father's Eyes, Grant met Gary Chapman, writer of the title track ( and future husband ).
Grant followed the album with her second Christmas album, Home For Christmas in 1992, which included the song " Breath of Heaven ( Mary's Song )", written by Chris Eaton and Grant, and would later be covered by many artists, including Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson ( who acknowledged Grant as one of her favorite artists ), Vince Gill, Sara Groves, Point of Grace, and Broadway star Barbara Cook.
" Both these songs appeared on the second album, Klokkenluiders van Amsterdam.
In 2012, the album was ranked # 385 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, while Newsweek magazine pronounced it the second best album of its decade.
The duo named themselves Gemini, and a second album with more music by Björn and Benny was released in April 1987, containing the big hit " Mio My Mio "; also to be found on the soundtrack to the film Mio in the Land of Faraway, for which Andersson co-produced the music.
A second solo album followed: November 1989.
The Bridge Wars, however, were only short-lived and after the death of Scott La Rock prior to the group's second album, KRS began to concentrate on consciously focused music.
He also mentioned her by name in " I Shall Be Free ", which appeared on his second album, The Freewheelin ' Bob Dylan.
A second single, " C ' mon C ' mon ", also charted in the UK Top 20 and an album, Truthdare Doubledare, released in May 1986, peaked at Nº18.
The term " black metal " was coined by the English band Venom with their second album Black Metal ( 1982 ).
Hole recorded their second album, Live Through This, in late 1993 in Atlanta and released it in April 1994, just four days after Love's husband, Kurt Cobain, was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound in their home.
In 2006, Love started recording what was going to be her second solo album, How Dirty Girls Get Clean, collaborating with again with Perry and Billy Corgan in the writing and recording.
As the band's primary songwriter, Neil Finn was under pressure to create a second album to match their debut and the band joked that one potential title for the new release was Mediocre Follow-Up.
Eventually titled Temple of Low Men, their second album was released in July 1988 with strong promotion by Capitol Records.
Tim Finn had resumed his solo career after leaving the group in 1992 and he also worked with Neil on a second Finn Brothers album, Everyone Is Here, which was released in 2004.
Peter Jones and Nick Seymour joined Australian group Deadstar for their second album, Milk, in 1997.
Following the success of the album She Will Have Her Way in 2005, a second album of cover versions of Finn Brothers songs, He Will Have His Way, was released on 12 November 2010.
* " Chimera " a song from the group Bonham on their second album entitled Mad Hatter
Pink Floyd recast itself from its 1960s guise as a psychedelic band into a commercial success with its series of concept albums, most famously with The Dark Side of the Moon ( which, according to the RIAA, is the second best selling album in history ) and later with the double album rock opera The Wall.

second and Some
Some modern historians theorize that Nero's decision to kill Agrippina was prompted by her plotting to set Gaius Rubellius Plautus ( Nero's maternal second cousin ) or Britannicus ( Claudius ' biological son ) on the throne.
Some neurons emit action potentials constantly, at rates of 10 – 100 per second, usually in irregular patterns ; other neurons are quiet most of the time, but occasionally emit a burst of action potentials.
Some think the name was chosen from the classic Chinese book the I Ching ; others note that the first character of his courtesy name is also the first character of the courtesy name of his brother and other male relatives on the same generation line, while the second character of his courtesy name shi ( 石 — meaning " stone ") suggests the second character of his " register name " tai ( 泰 — the famous Mount Tai of China ).
Some limited-release versions included a second CD with songwriting commentary by Finn.
Some of the higher raw moments do exist and have a value of infinity, for example the raw second moment:
Some of the second generation of Doonesbury characters have attended Walden, a venue Trudeau uses to advance his concerns about academic standards in America.
Some of the limitations of Diophantus ' notation are that he only had notation for one unknown and, when problems involved more than a single unknown, Diophantus was reduced to expressing " first unknown ", " second unknown ", etc.
Some countries ' top divisions feature highly paid star players ; in smaller countries and lower divisions, players may be part-timers with a second job, or amateurs.
Some punk fanzines from the 80s, like No Class fanzine, are experiencing a second life by placing all past content online for free and adding new content.
Some time before 2 Corinthians was written he paid them a second visit ( 2 Cor.
Some feel it also suggests that the inhabitants of Galatia at his time were using a gospel or gospels disagreeing with Paul's beliefs, which Gospel of Barnabas could be one of them ( although the Gospel of Peter would seem a more natural candidate, as in the light of the second letter.
Some of the conjugations may be disused, like the English thou-form, or have additional meanings, like the English you-form, which can also stand for second person singular or be impersonal.
Some copies are dated 1605, which may indicate a second impression ; consequently, Q2 is often dated " 1604 / 5 ".
Some western saddles will also have a second strap known as a flank or back cinch that fastens at the rear of the saddle and goes around the widest part of the horse's belly.
Remark: Some authors, especially in physics and matrix algebra, prefer to define the inner product and the sesquilinear form with linearity in the second argument rather than the first.
Some modern writers describe Justus as one of the original missionaries who arrived with Augustine in 597, but Bede believed that Justus came in the second group.
Some of Mies ' curriculum is still put in practice in the first and second year programs at IIT, including the precise drafting of brick construction details so unpopular with aspiring student architects.
Some of Baum's contacts with suffragists of his day seem to have inspired much of his second Oz story, The Marvelous Land of Oz.
Some 26 months after the Earth Return Vehicle is originally launched from Earth, a second vehicle, the " Mars Habitat Unit ", would be launched on a 6-month long low energy transfer trajectory to Mars, and would carry a crew of four astronauts ( the minimum number required so that the team can be split in two without leaving anyone alone ).
" Some authors consider this leg a second voyage, as it does not seem likely he would pass by Marseilles without refitting and refreshing the crew.
Some types of phospholipid can be split to produce products that function as second messengers in signal transduction.
Some larger skulls also show evidence of a second crest that extended long and low, toward the tip of the beak, which is not seen in smaller specimens.
Some variants of the two round system use a different rule for choosing candidates for the second round, and allow more than two candidates to proceed to the second round.

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