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# and Collaborative
# REDIRECT Collaborative software
# REDIRECT Collaborative software
# REDIRECT Collaborative software
# REDIRECT Collaborative software
# Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution-Simply launching Purchase Orders ( POs ), Manufacturing Orders ( MOs ) and Transfer Orders ( TOs ) from any planning system does not end the materials and order management challenge.
# REDIRECT Collaborative software
# Collaborative and contributory media sites ( Slashdot, Kuro5hin, Newsvine )
# REDIRECT Collaborative law
# REDIRECT Collaborative filtering
# REDIRECT Collaborative filtering
# REDIRECT The Architects ' Collaborative
# REDIRECT Collaborative real-time editor
# REDIRECT Collaborative real-time editor
# REDIRECT The Architects ' Collaborative
# redirect West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace
# University of California at Santa Barbara: Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies
# REDIRECTWater Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

# and activities
# Exploration of the way everyday " ordinary psychology " structures academic and professional work in psychology and how everyday activities might provide the basis for resistance to contemporary disciplinary practices.
# Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ( RICO )- prohibited activities ( 17 charges )
# greater flexibility of meal times, carbohydrate quantities, and physical activities, and
# Rejects the justification of collective self-defence maintained by the United States of America in connection with the military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua the subject of this case ;
# Decides that the United States of America, by training, arming, equipping, financing and supplying the contra forces or otherwise encouraging, supporting and aiding military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua, has acted, against the Republic of Nicaragua, in breach of its obligation under customary international law not to intervene in the affairs of another State ;
# Undertakes human rights field activities and operations ;
# Assisting the High Commissioner in the overall direction and supervision of the activities of the human rights programme ;
# Assisting the High Commissioner in the formulation, communication, implementation and evaluation of policies, practices and activities for the promotion and protection of human rights ;
# Assisting the High Commissioner in developing and maintaining a framework for the management and planning of the activities of the human rights programme and facilitating the development of the overall work programme, and in preparing annual management reports on activities and achievements ;
# Providing substantive services to human rights organs engaged in standard-setting activities ;
# Preparing or coordinating the preparation and submission of all substantive and other documents and the support from other management units to the activities of treaty bodies serviced, and following up on decisions taken at meetings of those bodies ;
# Planning, supporting and evaluating human rights field presences and missions, including the formulation and development of best practice, procedural methodology and models for all human rights activities in the field ;
# Flexible Mechanisms: The " flexibility " mechanisms which the United States had strongly favored when the Protocol was initially put together, including emissions trading ; Joint Implementation ( JI ); and the Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) which allow industrialized countries to fund emissions reduction activities in developing countries as an alternative to domestic emission reductions.
# Carbon sinks: It was agreed that credit would be granted for broad activities that absorb carbon from the atmosphere or store it, including forest and cropland management, and re-vegetation, with no over-all cap on the amount of credit that a country could claim for sinks activities.
# Knowledge ( activities involving one employee ),
# Collaboration ( activities involving more than 1 employee ),
# Processes ( activities specifically focused on the knowledge and collaborative activities generated by organizational structure – such as silo impacts, internal politics, etc.
# Absence activities ( activities related to employees not showing up for work such as sick leave, industrial action, etc .).
# Process activities are knowledge and collaborative activities that result due to organizational context such as errors / rework, manual data transformation, stress, politics, etc.

# and are
# Utilitarianism, where the practical consequences of various policies are evaluated on the assumption that the right policy will be the one which results in the greatest happiness
# The electrons are never in a single point location, although the probability of interacting with the electron at a single point can be found from the wave function of the electron.
# the hydrogen-like atomic orbitals are derived from the exact solution of the Schrödinger Equation for one electron and a nucleus.
# KeyExpansion — round keys are derived from the cipher key using Rijndael's key schedule
# believers are able to resist sin but are not beyond the possibility of falling from grace.
# Organizing a system in which computation and memory are separated.
# If isotherms are concave towards the " north-east " direction ( 45 °), then adiabats are concave towards the " east north-east " ( 31 °).
# If adiabats and isotherms are graphed severally at regular changes of entropy and temperature, respectively ( like altitude on a contour map ), then as the eye moves towards the axes ( towards the south-west ), it sees the density of isotherms stay constant, but it sees the density of adiabats grow.
# Its seeds are a good source of protein.
* Alexander # Alexander_as_a_given_name, where various Greek persons named Alexander are disambiguated
# that God is all ( omnia sunt deus ) and thus all things are one because whatever is, is God ( omnia unum, quia quidquid est, est Deus );
# When all objects or events of one kind are immediately followed by objects or events of another kind.
# No playable tiles-Per 2008 rules, a player that has no legal plays because all 6 tiles in his or her hand are unplayable may reveal his or her hand, set aside his or her unplayable tiles, and draw six new tiles at the beginning of his or her turn.
# The gregarines are generally one-host parasites of invertebrates.
# The adeleorins are one-host parasites of invertebrates or vertebrates, or two-host parasites that alternately infect haematophagous ( blood-feeding ) invertebrates and the blood of vertebrates.
# The eimeriorins are a diverse group that includes one host species of invertebrates, two-host species of invertebrates, one-host species of vertebrates and two-host species of vertebrates.
# Haemospororins often known as the malaria parasites, are two-host Apicomplexa that parasitize blood-feeding dipteran fies and the blood of various tetrapod vertebrates.
# Piroplasms where all the species included are two-host parasites infecting ticks and vertebrates.
# One bishop succeeding another in the same see meant that there was a continuity of teaching: " while the Church as a whole is the vessel into which the truth is poured, the Bishops are an important organ is carrying out this task ".
# Cell shrinkage and rounding are shown because of the breakdown of the proteinaceous cytoskeleton by caspases.
# The cell breaks apart into several vesicles called apoptotic bodies, which are then phagocytosed.
# Released viral particles and proteins present in extracellular fluid are able to induce apoptosis in nearby " bystander " T helper cells.
# It is only for two years ( 490 and 491 ) out of the twenty-five that any details are given.

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