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Collins and decided
Garner, who would go on to become a personal friend of Collins, would later relate that " Billy Collins saw a title with funny-looking words in it on the stockpile, and he decided to publish it.
The new ownership group decided to retain Head Coach Doug Collins and President of Basketball Operations Rod Thorn.
Collins used to smoke heavily, but decided to quit in 1962 after suffering a particularly bad hangover.
In August of that year, Col. Collins came down from Laramie on an inspection tour, and decided to move the army camp to Fort Collins, down river about 6 miles.
The injuries Collins received affected his sight, and, upon finding out what Resto and his corner had done, the New York State Athletic Commission decided to change the result of the fight to a no-contest.
Despite media rumours that drummers including Cozy Powell, Phil Collins, Carmine Appice, Barriemore Barlow, Roger Taylor, Simon Kirke or Bev Bevan, among others, would join the group as his replacement, the remaining members decided to disband Led Zeppelin after Bonham's death.
Boot was originally drawn with a short tail ( on one occasion he met a bob-tailed sheepdog, and on hearing the name decided to call his own tail Fred ), but Maurice Dodd later discovered that real Old English Sheepdogs ' tails are docked, and so over the course of several years Collins drew his tail shorter and shorter until it vanished altogether-Boot still appears completely white, rare for the breed.
The Charlatans decided to continue, and the Primal Scream and former Felt keyboardist Martin Duffy was drafted in, particularly for The Charlatans support slot with Oasis at their Knebworth concerts in mid-1996, until a permanent replacement for Collins could be found.
At its December 2008 public meeting, the Board of Governors of the CSU System decided it was in the best interest of all CSU system campuses to separate what had previously been a conjoined position of CSU System chancellor and CSU Fort Collins president.
Andrew, now known as Eddie Collins, appears from behind the tree and tells her he has decided to become a teacher.
After some prevarication and after Winston Churchill had actually ordered British troops to assault the rebels, Collins decided he had to act and borrowed British artillery to shell the republicans in the Four Courts.
When the auditions failed to produce a suitable vocalist, Collins reluctantly went in the studio to sing " Squonk " and the band decided that Collins should be the new vocalist.
Vocalist Peter Gabriel left Genesis following The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour in 1975 but after much debate, ( Phil Collins had suggested they continue as an instrumental only band ) the rest of the band decided to carry on with drummer Phil Collins assuming the additional duties of lead vocalist and frontman.
As musical trends changed and people became more experimental with their sound, Paxton decided to try some more elaborate recording techniques, including neo-chamber music with string sections, flutes, horns, piano, various session musicians, as well as his acoustic guitar and vocals, similar to what his labelmate Judy Collins and his friend Phil Ochs were experimenting with around this time.
After 19 years of serving as anchor woman for Univision's weekend newscasts, Noticiero Univision: Fin de Semana, Maria Antonieta Collins decided to leave Univision, thereby leaving the anchor chair vacated and would be filled in by substitutes notably Schmidt, Ilia Calderon, and Martin Berlanga.
When King agreed, Collins decided to move to the Derwent River.
In this episode Moe was originally voiced by Christopher Collins, but when Azaria came with his version, they decided to overdub Collins ' voice.
At the end of recording and during some preliminary mixing sessions, they decided to have the entire album shipped to The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado for final mixing and mastering.
None of these ventures turned out any long term prospects for Collins, and when he married actress and singer Anna Leah Connelly in 1895 Collins swore off show business and decided to study for a career in bookkeeping.

Collins and record
* Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band record a version of " Van Diemen's Land " in No Roses ( 1971 )
The couple returned to Los Angeles and quickly became part of a social group that included some of the most successful young people in the film industry, including Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, Mia Farrow, Peter Sellers, Jacqueline Bisset, Leslie Caron, Joan Collins, Joanna Pettet, Laurence Harvey, Peter Fonda and Jane Fonda, older film stars like Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Yul Brynner and Danny Kaye, musicians such as Jim Morrison and the Mamas & the Papas, and record producer Terry Melcher and his girlfriend Candice Bergen.
* Bill Collins ( athlete ) born 1950, American sprinter, Masters world record holder
After a lengthy hiatus that saw the end of the Moesha sitcom, and a flurry of tabloid headlines discussing her long-term battle with dehydration, Norwood returned to music in 2001 when she and brother Ray-J were asked to record a cover version of Phil Collins ' 1980s hit " Another Day in Paradise " for the tribute album Urban Renewal: A Tribute to Phil Collins.
This line-up released two records: Hot Animal Machine ( credited as a Rollins solo record and featuring cover art drawings by Devo leader Mark Mothersbaugh ) and Drive by Shooting ( credited to " Henrieta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters ").
The previous record holders were Phil Collins ' You'll Be in My Heart and Dion's own Because You Loved Me, both of which lasted nineteen weeks at number 1.
* August 13 – USA's Becky Collins breaks the world record in the women's 200m butterfly ( long course ) during a meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2: 32. 8.
* July 19 – US swimmer Becky Collins breaks the world record in the women's 200m butterfly at a meet in Redding, California, clocking 2: 37. 0.
Session players on this record included David Foster, David Sanborn, Jan Hammer, Stanley Sheldon, Phil Collins and Glenn Hughes.
* 512: Eddie Collins ( 2B ) ( major league record )
The American League record is 435, held by Hall of Famer Eddie Collins.
With the new reunion, the band also fired their managers Leber and Krebs, hired new manager Tim Collins ( who was managing Joe Perry ) and signed a new record contract with Geffen Records.
In 2003, Olivarez was contacted by Canadian songwriter and actor James Collins who brought her to Toronto, Canada, to write and record some new music.
Her next major break was a record deal with Collins Classics, with whom she made fifteen recordings.
He also joined up with Milt Jackson again to record the classic Jackson, Johnson, Brown & Company ( 1983 ), featuring Jackson and Brown with J. J. Johnson on trombone, Tom Ranier on piano, guitarist John Collins, and drummer Roy McCurdy.
The original line-up reunited in 1998 and went on to record new material, including the singles " African Princess " and " Swing Low " and the album Reunion, although Collins was not involved in songwriting at this time.
Fairlight became such a prominent part of 1980s pop music that Phil Collins included the text " there is no Fairlight on this record " on the sleeve of No Jacket Required.
The station began broadcasting on 14 February 1989 ( St Valentine's Day ), and to mark the unusual, two-centre set-up for the radio station, the first record played was the song Two Hearts by Phil Collins.
The record showcased him in a more jazz-oriented setting and featured an all-star lineup, including Pat Metheny, Branford Marsalis, Jerry Garcia, Phil Collins and Bonnie Raitt.
He improved consistently on defense ; his six double plays in an extra-inning game on September 13 of that year set an AL record, and in he led AL shortstops with 795 total chances while also breaking Collins ' franchise record of 376 steals.
With guard Sherron Collins and center Cole Aldrich, Self responded by coaching the team to a 25-6 regular season record, a Big 12 championship, a Sweet Sixteen showing at the NCAA post-season tournament, and several national coach of the year awards.
Few singers of the English folk revival have attempted as much on record as Collinsan extraordinary combination of fragility and power.

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