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Comedian and released
In 2004, he returned to stand-up comedy with the show Standup Comedian, which earned him a " Tap Water Award " in Edinburgh and was released on DVD in October 2005.
Comedian Daniel Tosh frequently gives spoilers on recently released films on his show, Tosh. 0.
Comedian Pat Condell also did comedy sketches which were later released onto DVD.
Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard's show Glorious was also released as a DVD.
" He was nominated for two Comedian of the Year Awards from the Country Music Awards in 1969 and 1970, and released a number of other comedy albums.
Highlights from this concert were released as a comedy album entitled Comedian.
" He has released five comedy albums to date: Franklyn Ajaye, Comedian ( 1973 ), I'm a Comedian, Seriously ( 1974 ), Don't Smoke Dope, Fry Your Hair ( 1977 ), Plaid Pants and Psychopaths ( 1986 ), and Vagabond Jazz & the Abstract Truth ( 2004 ).

Comedian and song
* Comedian Paul Shanklin parodied the song with " Ballad of the Black Beret ", referring to the Clinton sex scandal, on his 1999 album Simply Reprehensible.
* Comedian Will Ferrell performed the song on the Late Show with David Letterman on 2 August 2010
Doo-Wop ) Comedian Harmonists recorded their version of this song, " Ohne Dich ", in German in Sep. 4, 1933 ( Berlin ).
# Comedian Steve Martin is technically a one hit wonder for his novelty song King Tut, but was previously and subsequently far better known for his work as a comedy writer / stand-up comedian / actor.
Lee also had a show at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, named Stewart Lee: If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One in which he performed his own version of the song " Galway Girl ".
Probably his most famous 1920s song is " Veronika, der Lenz ist da ", popularized by the all-male a cappella ensemble, the Comedian Harmonists.
* Comedian Patton Oswalt once referred to the song when discussing his old apartment building full of weirdos.
* Comedian and musician Stephen Lynch referenced Funyuns in his 2003 song " D & D ."
Comedian Billy Connolly would later commemorate this event in his song " A Four-Letter Word ".
Comedian Robin Williams performed the song with a chorus who gasped when the word was to be sung ( Williams turned around at the crucial moment, and did not actually sing it ).
Comedian George Carlin wrote in Napalm and Silly Putty that many Americans would embrace the philosophy of denial in the song.
Comedian and performer Andy Kaufman used to sing his own derivative of Alouette entitled " Abodabee ", which he claimed was a song " performed every harvest time in the islands of the Caspian Sea.
Christopher Allen Bouchillon, billed as " The Talking Comedian of the South ," is credited with creating the " talking blues " form with the song " Talking Blues ," recorded for Columbia Records in Atlanta in 1926, from which the style gets its name.
" Wochenend und Sonnenschein " was first performed by the very popular German sextet, the Comedian Harmonists, who recorded the song on 22 August 1930 on 78 rpm gramophone record.
Comedian and musician Bill Bailey parodied the song on his DVD Cosmic Jam as part of a medley in which he and his band, the Stan Ellis Experiment performed Cockney Rock style versions of popular songs-this particular segment of the medley included lyrical changes such as " E ad a girl's name ".
Comedian Frank Caliendo often sings a cover of the song, with the lyrics changed to be about Brett Favre, when doing his John Madden impersonation.
* Comedian Bill Bailey performed a German translation of the song in his Part Troll set.

Comedian and called
* Comedian Lewis Black called Massena ' the ice pit ' of the north in a segment of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2008.
Comedian George Carlin grew up on 121st, and heavily drew upon his New York City roots on a number of his comedy albums, perhaps most memorably on Occupation: Foole, where he and his friends called their neighborhood " White Harlem ... because it sounded tough.
* Comedian Hal Sparks dressed as Cobra Commander on the VH1 special I Love Toys in a segment called " Cobra Commander's Day Off ".
Brendan Grace is an Irish Comedian who also has a house and a pub called Brendan Graces in Killaloe.
" Comedian Rick Mercer called it a " great episode, and one of the darkest ever produced.
Comedian Oswald Loomis is the host of the long running children's variety show called The Uncle Oswald Show.

Comedian and which
Comedian and television presenter Bob Saget, a board member of the SRF, directed the 1996 ABC TV movie For Hope, starring Dana Delany, which depicts a young woman fatally affected by scleroderma ; the film was based on the experiences of Saget's sister Gay.
Comedian Fred Allen, in his book " Much Ado about Me ," wrote that one noted Vaudeville house developed a rhythm (" clap, clap, clap clap clap "), the maddening repetition of which could completely unnerve a performer.
Comedian and talk show host Tom Green owns a Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine which can occasionally be seen during episodes of Tom Green's House Tonight, and was featured in an episode of The Jace Hall Show.
* Starting with a drunken wager, British Comedian Dave Gorman used a wide variety of methods to find namesakes, an exercise which then evolved into a 2001 stage show " Are You Dave Gorman " and which was subsequently made into a book and television series.
They travel to California and make a brief visit to the former Silk Spectre ; in which Laurie reconciles with her mother over the discovery that the Comedian was her father.
He appeared extensively in television, including the 1957 live 90-minute broadcast on Playhouse 90 of The Comedian, a drama written by Rod Serling and directed by John Frankenheimer in which Mickey Rooney portrays a television comedian while O ' Brien plays a writer driven to the brink of insanity.
His debut film, Herbstmilch in 1988, additionally starring his wife, Dana Vávrová, was a huge success, which was only to be outdone by Comedian Harmonists in 1997.
In April 1740, Theophilus ' father published an autobiography, An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, Comedian, which was a commercial success.
Comedian and ex-Disneyland cast member Steve Martin opened the Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years exhibition and film, in which he features with Donald Duck.
Comedian Stephen Lynch has gained fame from his " Evil Barney Bus Driver " and " Evil Barney Babysitter " audio skits ( among others ), which he did for Opie and Anthony in 1997 and which have been commonly posted on the Internet.
Comedian Judah Friedlander is known for his signature trucker hats, which depict various humorous phrases.
He has since appeared in several successful films such as Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya ( 2005 ), Salaam Namaste ( 2005 ) Golmaal, Kabul Express, Lage Raho Munnabhai ( 2006 ), the sequel to Munnabhai MBBS which also won him his first Filmfare Award under the category of Best Comedian.
Comedian Wayne Brady would host concert segments in Hollywood, which included performances by Lonestar, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, Baha Men, and Third Eye Blind among others.
Comedian Hikari Ota said: " Pure love in which nobody's hurt is suspicious and not interesting at all.
* Comedian Eddie Izzard describes a scenario in his show Circle, in which the meek conclude that it's about time they actually did inherit the earth, and proceed to do so in an organised, armed revolution.

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