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from Brown Corpus
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Commenting and on
Commenting on these and other matters, Field Marshal Slim makes many frank and provocative remarks:
Commenting on Alcaeus as a political poet, the scholar Dionysius of Halicarnassus once observed that "... if you removed the meter you would find political rhetoric.
Commenting on much of his early life, Lynch has remarked that " I found the world completely and totally fantastic as a child.
Commenting on the example cited by Winter, the science writer Martin Gardner asserts that " nothing could be clearer from the above dialogue than the fact that the dianetic explanation for the headache existed only in the mind of the therapist, and that it was with considerable difficulty that the patient was maneuvered into accepting it.
Commenting on this, other writers ( such as John von Neumann and David Bohm ) have suggested that consequently there would have to be ' hidden ' variables responsible for random measurement results, something which was not expressly claimed in the original paper.
Commenting on the crisis, Tito concluded that:
Commenting on her design of a new home for the Museum of Chinese in America near New York City's bella Chinatown, Lin attached a personal significance to the project being a Chinese-related project because she wanted her two daughters to " know that part of their heritage.
Commenting on the ongoing dialogues with Catholic Church leaders, Rev.
Commenting on Rabbi Yosef Karo's permission to use egg matzah, the Rema responded "… in our communities, we do not knead ( matzah ) dough with fruit juice .… And one should not change from this unless in a time of emergency for the sake of a sick or old person who needs this " Those who follow this prohibition of eating egg matzah on Passover also include chocolate covered matzah, grape flavoured matzah and the many other varieties available.
Commenting on this, and citing an instance of the term in a glossy magazine, blogger Ed Driscoll asked " Why Is " White Trash " An Acceptable Phrase In PC America?
Commenting on the UK's 2009 Equality Bill, Toynbee wrote that:
Commenting on Singer's article " Heavy Petting ," in which he argues that zoosexual activity need not be abusive, and that relationships could form which were mutually enjoyed, Ingrid Newkirk, president of the animal rights group PETA, argued that, " If a girl gets sexual pleasure from riding a horse, does the horse suffer?
Commenting on the anti-Sikh riots in the national capital Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi said, " When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes "; a statement for which he was widely criticised.
Commenting on this device, writer MaryAnn Johanson writes, " That could be happening throughout this story ... indeed, through the entire history of Doctor Who.
Commenting in 2002 on the publication of the 35th Anniversary edition of the Dangerous Visions anthology edited by Harlan Ellison, the critic Greg L. Johnson remarked that
Commenting on Data's perpetual albino-like appearance, he said: " I spent more hours of the day in make-up than out of make-up ", so much so that he even called it a way of method acting.
Commenting on this, Lutz Peter Koepnick writes
Commenting on the structure of the canons of the Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould cited this variation as the extreme example of " deliberate duality of motivic emphasis [...] the canonic voices are called upon to sustain the passacaille role which is capriciously abandoned by the bass.
Commenting on the fact that Egyptologists have no problem in reconstructing history using inference of this sort, whereas critics will sometimes not allow the same historical method to be applied to the Bible, Young writes, " Do those who reject the Menahem / Pekah rivalry as improbable also reject as improbable this reconstruction from Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty that Egyptologists use to explain the regnal dates of Thutmose III?
Commenting on the top 10 animated music videos Transcript
Commenting on a Freudian analysis of the myth stating that Ovid " disconcertingly suggests that might be an unspoken universal of human experience " Doll notes that Ovid's stories work like metaphors: they are meant to give insight into the human psyche.
* Commenting on Nero Wolfe's prolonges struggle with the powerful crime boss Arnold Zeck, Michael Dirda – book critic for The Washington Post – wrote " I was thrilled when Wolfe finally encountered his own Moriarty in the archvillain Arnold Zeck ,".

Commenting and earlier
Commenting on her win, Packer said " Middle-distance running for women was still in its infancy and the 800m had only been run in Rome four years earlier for the first time.
Ultimately, they've forgotten everything that went on earlier this year with the accusations of murder and everything-that's all been brushed under the carpet .." Commenting on Maria's relationship with Tony, Smith said: " I think Maria genuinely loved Tony.

Commenting and stage
Commenting on Nash losing out to former teammate Dirk Nowitzki for the 2007 NBA MVP, Boston Celtics centre and Hall of Famer Russell stated: " I think, on the world stage, he's one of our great athletes in all sports ...
Commenting on the characteristic intensity of the band's stage performance at this time, Jon Pareles stated that " although most rockers like to think their music carries a sense of danger, few bands come closer to raw mayhem than the Screaming Blue Messiahs.

Commenting and American
Commenting on the Depression in 1931, he stated, " The American people are experiencing a return to religion following a period of carelessness and cynicism marked by the prosperity of the land ... Now they are returning when they find they are in need of something greater than the material in facing adversity and stress.
Commenting on the disparity in salaries between corporate CEOs and workers in the United States, Stein stated, “ The typical American c. e. o.

Commenting and Association
Commenting on the labels " dogmatic " and " pathological " that the " Association for Skeptical Investigation " puts on critics of paranormal investigations, Robert Todd Carroll of the Skeptic's Dictionary argues that that association " is a group of pseudo-skeptical paranormal investigators and supporters who do not appreciate criticism of paranormal studies by truly genuine skeptics and critical thinkers.
Commenting on the development of the 2003 British Medical Association guidance on circumcision, Mussell states that debate in society is " intensely fraught, with individuals and groups holding conflicting positions.

Commenting and University
Commenting on his days at the University of Nebraska, where he won a prize for drawing, he recalled: " I was the only black student there.

Commenting and recent
Commenting on Ramsay's dismissal of the possibility that they sank, Stephen Royle notes that several volcanic islands have been know to have disappeared in recent times.
Commenting on her most recent one woman exhibition McClean stated:

Commenting and report
Commenting on the report, Inspector General Eric Thorson dismissed Reich's claim that Senator Schumer's letters caused the failure.

Commenting and participation
I08 ( Commenting on the Earthcore Electronic Music Festival, its underground nature, and Fractal Glider's participation therein.

Commenting and noted
Commenting on her performance, Variety noted, " Zeta-Jones is bewitchingly lovely as the center of everyone's attention, and she throws herself into the often physical demands of her role with impressive grace.
Commenting on the reason for titling the paper as such, David Yaffe noted that it was chosen because it was in " itself a political statement.
Commenting on the imbalance of power, he noted that " some of the evil spies are entirely too powerful for the party to tackle, and the local high level good characters are hardly ever interested in aiding the adventurers.
Commenting on Cuba and Belarus, the UN statement said that Ban noted " that not having a Special Rapporteur assigned to a particular country does not absolve that country from its obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Commenting on the fragile security situation, Prince Saud noted that: “ One of the most important causes is the continuation of the unresolved conflict as well as the continuation of the Israeli aggression policy against the Palestinians.
Commenting upon the inception of the Flood, Bungie staff member Chris Butcher noted that " the idea behind the Flood as the forgotten peril that ended a galaxy-spanning empire is a pretty fundamental tenet of good sci-fi.
" Commenting on his teammates reaction to his retirement, Johns noted " They were sort of relieved I think, after a couple of injuries this year ...
Commenting on a production scene surrounding the character of Pulovski at his residence, Green noted the home was characteristic of " 359 degrees " of accessible turns of the camera.
Commenting on the draft text of the ultimatum shown to him by German diplomats, Schoen noted that: “ It is perfectly plain that Serbia can not accept any such demands, which are incompatible with her dignity as a sovereign state.
Commenting on the label's success, Kallman noted that " It represents the validation of the strategy we adopted back in 2004: to reduce and diversify our roster, while shifting our mission from being a traditional record label to a progressive, A & R-driven, artist-centric content company.
Commenting on the above verse of Mahabharta, noted scholars like Dr K. P. Jayswal observe that " Since the Kambojas were famous for their horses ( aśva ) and as a cavalry-men ( Aśva-yudhah kushalah ), hence the Aśvakas i. e. horsemen was the term popularly applied to them ".

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