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Some Related Sentences

Compare and appearance
( Compare with the forms-ahomp ,-ahet ,-ahont of Vannetais, due to the appearance of an-a-elision ( pronounced / e /).

Compare and Welsh
It is more accurately called ' the Morbihan ' directly from its Breton name which is Ar Mor Bihan, meaning ' the little sea ' ( Compare the Welsh y môr bychan ), as opposed to the Atlantic Ocean outside, ( Ar Mor Bras ).
Compare: English Welsh, Flemish Dutch waalsch " Walloons ", German welsch " French ", Switzerland German Churwelsch " Churer Romance " ( an old name for Romansh, which used to be spoken in Chur ), Old Norse Valir " Roman ; French ".

Compare and second
* Compare frames per second: which looks better ?— a JavaScript based web tool to visually compare differences in frame rate and motion blur.

Compare and .
Compare this statement of a nineteenth-century judge with how Congressman Martin, according to the Daily Labor Report of Sept. 19, 1961, defends the necessity of enacting anti-trust legislation in the field of labor `` if we wish to prevent monopolistic fixing of wages, production or prices and if we wish to preserve the freedom of the employer and his employees to contract on wages, hours and conditions of employment ''.
* Compare Altruism ( ethics ) – perception of altruism as self-sacrifice.
* Compare explanation of alms in various scriptures.
Compare also the following lines of Elvis Costello's song " Oliver's Army ": Oliver's Army are on their way / Oliver's Army is here to stay.
) ( Compare this image with image of leg of mouse.
( Compare the United Nations Security Council, in which the veto power of the permanent members ensures that the organization does not become involved in crises where it could not enforce its decisions.
Compare tortfeasance.
Compare to the low-frequency noise ( 50 Hz or 60 Hz ) of mains hum.
Compare the atomic number ( Z ) of the atoms directly attached to the stereocenter ; the group having the atom of higher atomic number receives higher priority.
Control systems can be thought of as having four functions ; Measure, Compare, Compute, and Correct.
Compare this with < tt >/ dev / null </ tt > which is also a file, but its size may be obscure.
Compare the ingredients listed ( spirits, sugar, water, and bitters ) with the ingredients of an Old Fashioned, which originated as a term used by late 19th century bar patrons to distinguish cocktails made the “ old-fashioned ” way from newer, more complex cocktails.
Compare with the section on divinity and mortals given below.
Compare these transcriptions of Chinese 道: Wade – Giles tao or tao < sup > 4 </ sup > ( marking 4th tone ), Legge romanization tâo, Latinxua Sin Wenz dau, Yale Romanization dàu, Mandarin Phonetic Symbols II dau, Hanyu Pinyin dào, Tongyong Pinyin daˋo, Gwoyeu Romatzyh or National Romanization daw, Zhuyin fuhao ㄉㄠ, and Cyrillic Palliday system дао.
This equation always has a solution for any positive N. Compare this to:
: Compare, for example, such occasions for fallacy as are supplied by " Epimenides is a liar " or " That surface is red ," which may be resolved into " All or some statements of Epimenides are false ," " All or some of the surface is red.
( Compare this with the modern study of particle physics.
( Compare this with the modern theory of quantum physics, which postulates a non-deterministic random motion of fundamental particles, which do not swerve absent an external force ; randomness originates in interaction of particles in incompatible eigenstates.
( Compare Sublime Porte, an old term for the Ottoman government.
Compare second-order predicate and higher-order predicate.
( Compare to motherland and homeland.
Compare the carved and incised " sacred glyphs " hieroglyphs, which have had a longer history in English, dating from the first Elizabethan translation of Plutarch, who adopted " hieroglyphic " as a Latin adjective.
Compare with the Latin adages Omnia mutantur and Tempora mutantur () and the Japanese tale Hōjōki, () which contains the same image of the changing river, and the central Buddhist doctrine of impermanence.
Compare individualistic culture.

appearance and Welsh
The Welsh Assembly Government issued detailed guidance to governing bodies on uniform and appearance policies that begins by making explicit, " There is no education legislation specifically covering the wearing of school uniform or other aspects of appearance such as hair color and style, and the wearing of jewellery and makeup.
Blodeuwedd or Blodeuedd, ( Middle Welsh composite name from blodeu ' flowers, blossoms ' + gwedd ' face, aspect, appearance ': " flower face "), is the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes in Welsh mythology, made from the flowers of broom, meadowsweet and the oak by the magicians Math and Gwydion, and is a central figure in the fourth branch of the Mabinogi.
Uther's most prominent appearance in early Welsh tradition can also be found in the Triads, in which he is described as son of Custennin the Blessed, and brother to Emrys Wledig and Custennin the Younger.
As on his 1994 Last Night appearance, he sang one verse in a Welsh translation, with the chorus also translated into Welsh.
She made her first British television appearance at 17 and won a Welsh acting award at 18.
S4C's on-air appearance has always been a representation of the Welsh society and people, but this representation has changed several times.
The name crwth is originally a Welsh word, derived from a Proto-Celtic noun * krotto-(" round object ") refers to a swelling or bulging out, of pregnant appearance, or a protuberance, and it is speculated that it came to be used for the instrument because of its bulging shape.
The Barbarian is an id-ish warrior with a superego-esque familiar in tow ( phallic symbolism is referenced by the familiar within a few pages of their first appearance ) whose hack-and slash antics through various parodies of Greek legends and fairy tales are phonetically rendered in Scots dialect ( seven years before Irvine Welsh used the technique in Trainspotting ).
The appearance in the Welsh Cup final was enough to earn the club a UEFA Cup spot for 2005 / 6 as TNS had already won the Welsh Premier title and thus qualified for the UEFA Champions League.
Finishing 8th in the new national competition in 1992 – 93 was a fine achievement after a poor start as was Nomads ’ appearance in the semi-final of the Welsh Cup despite the disappointment of a 2 – 1 aggregate defeat against Clwyd rivals Rhyl.
She made a guest appearance in the 2003 Song for Europe, during which she was charged with announcing the results of the Welsh televote, which handed top marks to the ill-fated Jemini.
A measure of its popularity is that it was translated into Welsh, and its appearance in Robert Burns's " Epistle to James Tennant ",
An undocked Welsh Terrier tail is only an inch or so longer than a docked tail and does not make a great deal of difference to the overall appearance.
The Lakeland is similar in appearance to the slightly larger Welsh Terrier and is finer-boned.
It used to be a separate village: its core is still locally called " the village " and is given a Welsh village appearance by Beulah United Reformed Church ( originally Capel Beulah ) at the village crossroads.
Eventually, the legend settled on identifying the Welsh Indians with the Mandan people, who were said to differ from their neighbors in culture, language, and appearance.
John Morris argues that the appearance of the name Arthur, as applied to the Scottish, Welsh and Pennine " Arthurs ", and the lack of the name at any time earlier, suggests that in the early 6th century the name became popular amongst the indigenous British for a short time.
He went on to win a further 21 Welsh caps, all as a centre, making his final appearance against in January 1955.
Welsh then fought twice in May 1921, against Willie Jackson and Kid Murphy, both wins ; but the most notable event regarding the bouts was the appearance of heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, who was spending time relaxing at Welsh's health farm.
Alongside scorer Tommy Smith, record appearance holder Ian Callaghan and Welsh defender Joey Jones, the shows have so far been well received by both old and young fans and show the enduring popularity of the players who made the club great.

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