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Comparing and said
Comparing motherhood to playing chess, Polgár has said that a chess tournament now " feels like a vacation.
Comparing it to the film Elf, Levy said he thought the Berenstain Bears film would be " witty but never sarcastic.
Comparing the number of exposed spies historically, the then-FSB Director Nikolay Kovalyov said in 1996: " There has never been such a number of spies arrested by us since the time when German agents were sent in during the years of World War II.
Comparing the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein to that of Lloyd Webber, Paige has said that she finds Rodgers and Hammerstein songs more difficult to sing, and described them as challenging.
Comparing the GCP to PEAR, Nelson, referring to the " field " studies with REGs done by PEAR, said the GCP used " exactly the same procedure ... applied on a broader scale.
Comparing David Bowie's portrayal of Warhol to others who've portrayed Warhol before this film, Paul Morrissey ( who directed many movies that Warhol produced ) said " Bowie was the best by far.
Comparing himself to Caccini, he said of their two styles: " music moves people to pleasure and sadness, while theirs Caccini's and Peri's moves them to boredom and disgust.
Comparing the EXP to the original Thunderbird, Ford Division General Manager Louis E. Latalf said: " We're introducing another two-seater with the same flair, but the EXP will be a very affordable, very fuel efficient car matched to the lifestyles of the eighties.
Talking about the camera work, director Terry Shakespeare said " We really concentrated on depth of field with the camera ," Comparing the two Bionicles, he felt " The first film had primary colors that were coded to the areas and a younger feel.

Comparing and 10
< http :// dx. doi. org / 10. 1080 / 10683160310001634304 ></ ref > Comparing their findings to three samples of psychiatric patients, they found that their senior business managers were as likely to demonstrate narcissistic traits as the patient population, although were less physically aggressive.
Comparing air and water, air has vastly lower heat capacity per gram and per volume ( 4000 ) and less than a tenth the conductivity, but also much lower viscosity ( about 200 times lower: 17. 4 × 10 < sup >− 6 </ sup > Pa · s for air vs 8. 94 × 10 < sup >− 4 </ sup > Pa · s for water ).
Comparing the 2000 and 2007 population count, there was an increased of 2, 510 or about 10. 56 %.

Comparing and before
Comparing the characteristics before and after, one finds:
Comparing its workings to the techniques of mass production and scientific management made famous by Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor in the United States in the early 20th century, the economist Eric Roll wrote " Neither Taylor, Ford nor any other modern experts devised anything in the way of plan that cannot be discovered at Soho before 1805 ".
Comparing the novel to King Solomon's Mines the review declared: " The book before us displays all the same qualities, and we anticipate for it a similar popularity.
Comparing Atef to the Prophet's lieutenant, he reminded those present that Atef " knew of Jihad before most of you were even born ", and warned them that he didn't want to hear any more " negative talk " about Atef.
* Comparing and viewing differences between call stacks before and after performance optimization.

Comparing and game
Comparing the game to the 1986 film Aliens, Nicholson felt that the game was best experienced when played in the dark with the volume turned up.
Comparing the game to Super Metroid, GameSpot thought that Metroid Fusion offered that game's best qualities packaged in a new adventure.
Comparing the game to the first Mega Man X, GamePros Chris Nicolella called Mega Man X2 " improved in almost every way ".

Comparing and only
His own works, which circulated in manuscript in his lifetime, include brief works on the Procession of the Holy Ghost, and letters to his brothers, to L. Bruni, Guauni, Traversari, and to Pallas Strozzi, as well as two which were eventually printed, his Erotemata Civas Questiones which was the first basic Greek grammar in use in Western Europe, first published in 1484 and widely reprinted, and which enjoyed considerable success not only among his pupils in Florence, but also among later leading humanists, being immediately studied by Thomas Linacre at Oxford and by Desiderius Erasmus at Cambridge ; and Epistolæ tres de comparatione veteris et novæ Romæ ( Three Letters Comparing Ancient and Modern Rome ).
Comparing pledgers with similar non-pledgers is the only way to be certain that the effect comes from the pledge rather than the pre-existing greater beliefs of pledgers that sexuality should be restrained to the matrimonial context.
Comparing these is rough, and only gives an idea of the relative difficulty ; the reason different systems exist in the first place is because it's difficult to compare grades between climbing media.
Comparing this to other Classic monumental depictions of female rulers, Wak Chanil is the only woman with power depicted on contemporaneous monuments.
Comparing this to a symmetric cipher ( not a very common comparison ), this is only around 20 times slower than a recent AES implementation.
Comparing virtue to productive arts ( technai ) as with arts, virtue of character must not only be the making of a good human, but also the way in which a human does his own work well.
Comparing modern dynamic flash combustion coupled with gas chromatography with traditional combustion analysis will show that the former is both faster and allows for simultaneous determination of multiple elements while traditional determination allowed only for the determination of carbon and hydrogen.
Comparing Gandhi with Leo Tolstoy during the year he died, Pal noted that Tolstoy ' was an honest philosophical anarchist ' while Gandhi remained in his eyes as ' a papal autocrat ' Firm and ethically grounded, not only did he perceive the ' Congress Babel ' in terms of its shortsightedness in late 1920s or, Congress as an instance of repudiating debt's folly, composed of a generation ' that knows no Joseph ', Pal's critical comments should be located in context, since nobody can jump out of his skin of time.
Comparing cruise and Saturn-orbit results shows that for Cassini, almost all the unmodelled acceleration was due to radiation forces, with only a small residual acceleration, much smaller than the Pioneer acceleration, and with opposite sign.
Comparing with 1929 competition, the rally could bring only 54 % of maximum number of points ( in 1929-72 %), what meant more stress on technical trials.
Comparing design – build to the traditional method of procurement, the authors of " Design-build Contracting Handbook " noted that: “ from a historical perspective the so-called traditional approach is actually a very recent concept, only being in use approximately 150 years.
Comparing with only 975 enterprises engaged in lighting fitting production in 1999, there were 1, 432 enterprises by the end of 2001, employing about 40, 000 people.
Comparing this instrument to the photo of a typical octant at the top of the article, one can see that the only significant differences in the more modern design are:

Comparing and then
Comparing the cat and the mousetrap, then, one sees that the mousetrap ( which is not alive ) offers better evidence, in terms of irreducible complexity, for intelligent design than the cat.
Comparing the recordings of Schnabel, from the beginning of modern recording, with those of Barenboim and then Pratt shows a distinct shift in how the structure of the sonata form is presented to the listener over time.
Comparing entries then gives the desired result.
" Comparing it to David Lynch's Twin Peaks, he decided that " unlike Peaks, which started out brilliantly lucid and then rambled into incoherence, Palms sustains its length and adds layers of complexity to its characters.
Comparing signal strengths around the nine crystals, and front-to-back, then gives a coarse, two-dimensional position in space.

Comparing and find
Comparing the photograph of the specimen with another find, Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing came to the conclusion that it was composed of two portions of different fossil animals.

Comparing and out
Comparing the process of unlearning to the “ breaking out ” process of birth, Rank was the first psychologist to suggest that a continual capacity to separate from “ internal mental objects ” – from internalized institutions, beliefs and neuroses ; from the restrictions of culture, social conformity and received wisdom – is the sine qua non for lifelong creativity.
Comparing the two produces the distance to the satellite, and several such measurements allows a form of triangulation to be carried out.
Comparing the metabolism of the European with that of the native, he found that in the tropics as well in the temperate zone, this is entirely governed by the work carried out.
Comparing to SimCity 2000, the review remarked that it was more interesting to watch people live out their lives in a tower rather than to observe cars moving around.
Comparing the results of a group receiving treatment with the clinical control group is essential to help rule out imagined or random effects of the treatment.
Comparing such behavior to that of the Cardassians, Kira realizes she has stepped out of line and simultaneously revealed her feelings toward Mullibok.
Comparing with our first evaluation, we may cancel out the nonzero factor
Comparing laws in the various forms of government, Shcherbatov pointed out the advantage of the monarchy, which, having its solid established laws could provide for its citizens ' security for their lives, property and tranquility.

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