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Completeness and accuracy
Completeness and accuracy of recall in the diffusion of the news from a newspaper vs a television source.

Completeness and is
* Completeness – all actions can be ranked in an order of preference ( indifference between two or more is possible ).
* Completeness: if the statement is true, the honest verifier ( that is, one following the protocol properly ) will be convinced of this fact by an honest prover.
* Completeness: if the string is in the language, the prover must be able to give a certificate such that the verifier will accept with probability at least 2 / 3 ( depending on the verifier's random choices ).
# Completeness: any statement is either provable or refutable ( i. e. its negation is provable ).
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
* ( Completeness ) Every universally valid second-order formula, under standard semantics, is provable.
Completeness of the market is also important because in an incomplete market there are a multitude of possible prices for an asset corresponding to different risk-neutral measures.
Completeness is a common property of market models ( for instance the Black – Scholes model ).
" The Gelukpa allow that it is possible to take the mind itself as the object of meditation, however, Zahler reports, the Gelukpa discourage it with " what seems to be thinly disguised sectarian polemics against the Nyingma Great Completeness and Kagyu Great Seal meditations.
# Completeness: if the statement is true, the honest verifier ( that is, one following the protocol properly ) will be convinced of this fact by an honest prover.

Completeness and by
Completeness of first-order logic was first explicitly established by Gödel, though some of the main results were contained in earlier work of Skolem.
This was quickly followed by a French translation, in which Hilbert added V. 2, the Completeness Axiom.
* V. 2, the Axiom of Completeness, has been replaced by:
Tsogyel, though fairly obviously a transformation of an older Bön figure, Bönmo Tso ( female Bön practitioner of the lake ), whom she debates in her " autobiography ", also preserves the Great Completeness traditions shared by Bön with Tibet's earliest Buddhist tradition.

Completeness and V
* Completeness: If x ∈ L then for some π, V < sup > π </ sup >( x ) accepts with probability at least c ( n ),

Completeness and .
Completeness states that all true sentences are provable.
Two of Kripke's earlier works, A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic and Semantical Considerations on Modal Logic, the former written while he was still a teenager, were on the subject of modal logic.
" A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic ", Journal of Symbolic Logic 24 ( 1 ): 1 – 14.
" Another Approach: The Church-Turing ' Thesis ' as a Special Corollary of Gödel's Completeness Theorem ," in Computability: Gödel, Turing, Church, and beyond, Copeland, B. J., Posy, C., and Shagrir, O.
The Completeness theorem establishes an equivalence in first-order logic, between the formal provability of a formula, and its truth in all possible models.
The word Dzogchen has been translated variously as Great Perfection, Great Completeness, Total Completeness, and Supercompleteness.
Completeness can be sacrificed in favor of any other quality.
* Lawrence Solum, Default Rules and Completeness, Legal Theory Lexicon.
* Lawrence Solum, Default Rules and Completeness, Legal Theory Lexicon.
Completeness seems to be at the center of shalom as we will see in the meaning of the term itself, in some derivatives from its root, shalam, in some examples of its uses in Jewish and Christian Scriptures, and in some homophone terms from other Semitic languages.
" The Completeness of the First-Order Functional Calculus ", Journal of Symbolic Logic.
" Completeness in the theory of types ", Journal of Symbolic Logic 15: 81 – 91.

accuracy and is
A similar amateurish characteristic is revealed in Adams' failure to check the accuracy and authenticity of his informational sources.
What Krim ignores, in his contempt for history and for accuracy, is that these magazines, Partisan foremost, brought about a genuine revolution in the American mind from the mid-thirties to approximately 1950.
Since the validity of all subsequent planning depends on the accuracy of the basic inventory information, great care is being taken that the inventory is as complete as possible.
The element is inserted in the discharge circuit in place of the exploding wire, and the calorimetric heating of the element is measured with high accuracy.
It is our lack of extreme accuracy which forces the use of very large yield nuclear weapons.
Sometimes it is necessary to roughly calculate the square inch area of the opening but the calculation can usually be made with sufficient accuracy that it won't affect the final computation.
The accuracy of the Jet cartridge is fine ; ;
The bore is unrifled but is provided with an insert tube which is rifled and which, surprisingly, gives pretty fair accuracy even though it's only 3-1/2 inches long.
It is sufficiently small compared with the surface temperature of the anode holder, to make the energy flux radiated from the environment toward the anode holder negligible within the accuracy of the present measurements.
It omits, for example, practically the whole line of great nineteenth century English social critics, nearly all the great writers whose basic position is religious, and all those who are with more or less accuracy called Existentialists.
If high accuracy is required in preflight leveling, it is usually necessary to integrate or doubly integrate the accelerometer outputs ( this also minimizes the noise problem ).
However, skill is required on the part of an operator to level a platform to any degree of accuracy.
The choice of the heading technique is dependent upon the accuracy requirements, field conditions, and the time available to accomplish the heading.
Obviously, the heading accuracy is lessened by such techniques since errors are introduced because of motion of the stand.
One benefit is that the statistical moment calculations can be carried out to arbitrary accuracy such that the computations can be tuned to the precision of, e. g., the data storage format or the original measurement hardware.
Neither G nor M < sub >☉</ sub > can be measured to high accuracy in SI units, but the value of their product is known very precisely from observing the relative positions of planets ( Kepler's Third Law expressed in terms of Newtonian gravitation ).
In 1527 Erasmus threw doubt on the accuracy of ascribing the authorship of this document to Ambrose, and its author is now usually spoken of as Ambrosiaster, or pseudo-Ambrose.
* 2003 – The Human Genome Project is completed with 99 % of the human genome sequenced to an accuracy of 99. 99 %.
Note: because Solar System bodies are never perfect diffuse reflectors, astronomers use empirically derived relationships to predict apparent magnitudes when accuracy is required.
If the fletching is not arranged to induce rotation, it will still improve accuracy by causing a restoring drag any time the arrow tilts away from its intended direction of travel.

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