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Cone and takes
The division takes its name from the shoulder sleeve insignia designed for a 1917 training camp contest by American regionalist artist Marvin Cone, who was then a soldier enlisted in the unit.
A biennial ceramic art exhibition for small work, The Orton Cone Box Show, takes the Orton Cone company's pyrometric cone box as the size constraint for submissions.

Cone and one
* Sidas Cone, one of the cinder cones located north on the Mount Edziza plateau in British Columbia, Canada
Gardner only ever described one of their rituals in depth, and this was an event that he termed " Operation Cone of Power ".
If one is given an object L of C together with a natural isomorphism Φ: Hom (–, L ) → Cone (–, F ), the object L will be a limit of F with the limiting cone given by Φ < sub > L </ sub >( id < sub > L </ sub >).
Also, within the NSC Staff Papers is a memorandum dated July 3, 1954, from Cutler to his two subordinates, James S. Lay and J. Patrick Cone, explaining how they should handle NSC administrative matters during his absence ; one would assume that if the memorandum to Twining were genuine, Lay or Cone would have signed it.
Samples of each of these compositions were recovered in one or both of two major surface units of the Apollo 14 landing site within Fra Mauro: the immediate impact blanket of Cone crater, about 25 million years old, and surrounding older terrain.
Around 1500 CE, during one of the most violent events in recent history at Aniakchak, an estimated 0. 75 to 1. 0 km3 of material destroyed a preexisting edifice at Half Cone and inundated most of the caldera floor with pyroclastic flows, surges, and fallout many meters thick.
This was done on the advice of lawyer Fred F. Cone, Jr., who would later become one of the three trustees handling the Culverhouse estate.
The Treble Cone Race Academy is renowned for being one of the top ski race training grounds in the Southern Hemisphere.
The concept was originally created for a 1986 commercial on behalf of the California Raisin Advisory Board when one of the writers, Seth Werner ( at the time with the advertising firm Foote, Cone & Belding SF, and now with big ) came up with an idea for the new raisin commercial, saying, " We have tried everything but dancing raisins singing ' I Heard It Through the Grapevine '" ( the 1968 song popularized by Marvin Gaye ).
The Yankees needed a solid performance from David Cone, ( who had been expected to miss the entire year after having mid-season surgery for an aneurysm in his pitching shoulder ) and got one, with him pitching six innings and only giving up one run.
Taygete Cone in the Pleiades was dated at 3000 years, making it one of the youngest volcanic centres in Antarctica.
There was also one common, Delif's Cone, that had only one version, making it just as rare as an U3 uncommon.
* A new North entrance for the BMA would create a direct connection to a JHU parking garage opened in 2007 and the expansion would provide space for new study centers, classrooms and a brand new library replacing the current one located on the third floor of the Cone Wing.
Most of his lamps can be grouped into one of seven specific categories: Irregular Upper and Lower Border, Favrile, Geometric, Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone, and Flowered Globe lamps.

Cone and year
However, there was a Mr. Cone who together with his partner a Mr. Houghton had purchased a proved homestead in what is now Page Springs from Benjamin Coppel in 1878, farmed a year and then rented the property to a family from Arkansas.
On Christmas Eve 1991, he sent Bonnie Cone the words and music as a Christmas present to her and to the university, from which he had retired a year earlier.
In 1826 DeKalb County Academy was founded and the next year, Ezzard, as well as Judge Reuben Cone and nine others, were named as trustees in the incorporation.
' When he retired a year later, Lasker was apparently still amazed by his upstart protége's Lucky stroke: in any event, Lasker sold his agency to Cone and two other staffers at a gift price of $ 167, 500.

Cone and with
* Cone ( formal languages ), an abstract family of languages that contains the languages with a regular grammar
* Cone tracing, a derivative of the ray-tracing algorithm that replaces rays, which have no thickness, with cones
* Cone cell, in anatomy, a type of light-sensitive cell found along with rods in the retina of the eye
* Cinder Cone ( British Columbia ), a cinder cone with a small crater on the west side of the Helm Glacier in Garibaldi Provincial Park
Cone function and day vision have been restored for at least 33 months in two young dogs with achromatopsia.
He would bolster the farm system with pitchers Bud Black, Danny Jackson, Mark Gubicza, David Cone, and Bret Saberhagen, as well as hitters such as Kevin Seitzer.
The Cozy Cone Motel design is the Wigwam Motel on U. S. Route 66 in Arizona with the neon " 100 % Refrigerated Air " slogan of Tucumcari, New Mexico's Blue Swallow Motel ; the Wheel Well Motel's name alludes to the restored stone-cabin Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri.
Pasta is also widespread in the Southern Cone, as well most of the rest of Brazil, mostly pervasive in the areas with mild to strong Italian roots, such as Central Argentina, and the eight southernmost Brazilian states ( where noodles are called macarrão, and more general pasta is under the umbrella term massa, literally " dough ", together with some Japanese noodles, such as bifum rice vermicelli and yakisoba, which also entered general taste ).
The Southern Cone Common Market ( Mercosur ) notably including Brazil was established in 1991 with similar plans for freer regional trade.
Matisse worked on this painting over a period of several months and documented the progress with a series of 22 photographs which he sent to Etta Cone.
While Spanish Nueva canción musicians with the fall of the Franco regime finally overcame censorship in the late 1970s musicians from the Southern Cone faced severe censorship and even exile and death by the ruling right-wing military juntas.
Many textile mills were established in Reidsville as well, with Cone Mills and Burlington Industries consolidating most of them in the mid-20th century, though most have now closed.
On October 26, 2012, Bucyrus was the final stop of the Experience Gendex Tour ending with a surprise stop at Oakwood Dental, the winner of a GXDP-700 Panoramic and Cone Beam 3D system.
* south of Buckle Island: Scott Cone, Chinstrap Islet, Sabrina Islet ( with Sabrina Refuge, a shelter hut ), and The Monolith
* The Cone Nebula ( NGC 2264 ), associated with the Christmas Tree Cluster, is a very dim nebula that contains a dark conic structure.
Queenstown is a major centre for snow sports in New Zealand, with people from all over the country and many parts of the world travelling to ski at the four main mountain skifields ( Cardrona Alpine Resort, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Treble Cone ).
The concept of persona in music was introduced by Edward T. Cone in his The Composer's Voice ( 1974 ), that dealt with the relation between the lyrical self of a song's lyrics and its composer.
Cone tweeters have the same basic design and form as a woofer with optimizations to operate at higher frequencies.
For this to happen, the strategic position model of Bahia in the international tourism route was fundamental, with direct and regular flights to Europe, the United States, and the Southern Cone, due to the complementary governmental and private initiatives, besides the development of new tourist poles integrated to the local culture.
He left Bitstream in 1991 to form the Carter & Cone type foundry with Cherie Cone.

Cone and seeds
Cone scale base broad, concealing the seeds fully from abaxial view.
Cone scale base broad, concealing the seeds fully from abaxial view.
Cone scale base broad, concealing the seeds fully from abaxial view.
Cone scale base narrow, with the seeds partly visible in abaxial view.

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