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Confusingly and terms
Confusingly, the terms " vervet monkey " and " green monkey " are sometimes used to refer to the whole genus Chlorocebus, even though they also refer more precisely to species Chlorocebus pygerythrus and Chlorocebus sabaeus, respectively, neither of which is the type species for Chlorocebus.

Confusingly and common
Confusingly, " geranium " is also the common name of members of the genus Pelargonium ( sometimes known as ' storksbill '), which are also in the Geraniaceae family.
Confusingly, the JCR ( Junior Combination Room ) is also the name for the entire student body ' en masse ' ( including the graduates ) and the name of the student common room as well.
Confusingly, the common name " cockle " is also given ( by seafood sellers ) to a number of other small, edible bivalves which have a somewhat similar shape, but these bivalves are in other families such as the Veneridae ( Venus clams ) and the Arcidae ( ark clams ).

Confusingly and often
Confusingly, a communication is often synchronous at the physical layer, while being asynchronous at the data link layer.
Confusingly, the term " Fermi energy " is often used to describe a different but closely related concept, the Fermi level ( also called chemical potential ).
Confusingly, roll film was originally often referred to as " cartridge " film because of its resemblance to a shotgun cartridge.
Confusingly, Geranium is the correct botanical name of a separate genus of related plants often called cranesbills or hardy geraniums.
Confusingly, the English word " snuff " is translated to snus in Swedish and the word snuff is, often incorrectly and outside Sweden, used to refer to both the inhaled form and the placed under the lip form of snus / snuff.
Confusingly, multi-site universities often call each separate site " a campus " and many original campus universities now have expanded to more than one site ( or campus ), for example the University of Nottingham.
Confusingly, the high-power amplifier which the exciter then feeds into is often called the " transmitter " by broadcast engineers.

Confusingly and separate
Confusingly, a few hotels in The Luxury Collection which were originally part of the ITT Sheraton Luxury group kept their Sheraton name when the Luxury division was spun off as a completely separate brand under Starwood.
Confusingly, this is a separate artifact from the so-called Great Key of Rassilon, that provides direct tapping of the near limitless energies of the Eye of Harmony, and is cited as a vital component part of the demat gun ( a weapon of mass destruction ); it is also hinted that this ` key ` is essential to accessing the other relative dimensions in time, in The Invasion of Time.
Confusingly, the term is sometimes referred to as ' Vice Prime Minister ', though a separate and different Vice Prime Minister role already exists.
Confusingly, he appeared again as a separate character from DK, similar to how Baby Mario showed up as a different character from Mario in his sports games.

Confusingly and even
Confusingly, a few Russian sources even give his name as Marian Albertovich Kovalsky-Voytekhovich, but this seems to be an error.
Confusingly, such XP systems quote " HPET " connectivity in the device driver manager even though the Intel HPET device is not being used.

Confusingly and such
Confusingly, such diagrams usually label this radial dimension " saturation ", blurring or erasing the distinction between saturation and chroma.
Confusingly, many of these new types adopted the names of the smaller warships from the age of sail, such as corvette, sloop and frigate.
Confusingly, some Chinese emperors styled many or all close male relatives of certain kinds such as brothers, uncles, or nephews as wang, a term for king, using it as a courtesy title.
Confusingly, some English-speaking archaeologists, such as Aubrey Burl, use this second meaning for cromlech in English too.
Confusingly for consumers though, some of the best independent producers, such as Gini, Pieropan and Tessari are not using the Soave Superiore DOCG designation, as they feel that well-made Soave Classico DOC wines have slightly less alcohol and extract than the DOCG demands, but are nonetheless more refined and long-lived than the supposedly superior designation.

Confusingly and Act
Confusingly in the context of Crawley's later history, this area was called " New Town ", a name which persisted for many years ; it had no connection with the later establishment of the New Town of Crawley under the New Towns Act 1946, the name being merely a coincidence.

Confusingly and .
Confusingly, linen and silk that was printed by this method was known as linen calicoes and silk calicoes.
Confusingly, END was both a Europe-wide campaign that comprised a series of large public conferences ( the END Conventions ), and a small British pressure group.
Confusingly, in Portugal, the word vihuela referred to the guitar, whereas guitarra meant the " Portuguese guitar ", a variety of cittern.
Confusingly, the convention of negative for East is also sometimes seen.
An agent of the ARM, Gil Hamilton, is the protagonist of Niven's sci-fi detective stories, a series-within-a-series gathered in the collection Flatlander ( Confusingly, " Flatlander " is also the name of an unrelated Known Space story.
Confusingly, three of the sons were named Maredudd and two of the daughters were named Gwenllian.
Confusingly, Gaulish Samonios ( October / November lunation ) corresponds to GIAMONIOS, the seventh month ( the April / May lunation ) and the beginning of the summer season.
Confusingly, 617 Patroclus was named before the Greece / Troy rule was devised, and a Greek name thus appears in the Trojan node ; the Greek node also has one " misplaced " asteroid, 624 Hektor, named after a Trojan hero.
( Confusingly, W44 additionally contains a pulsar and pulsar wind nebula ; so it is simultaneously both a " classic " composite and a thermal composite.
Confusingly, the generic term Code Division Multiple access sometimes refers to a specific CDMA based cellular system defined by Qualcomm.
Confusingly, the Poynting vector is sometimes called the power flux, which is an example of the first usage of flux, above.
* Topology Table: Confusingly named, this table does not store an overview of the complete network topology ; rather, it effectively contains only the aggregation of the routing tables gathered from all directly connected neighbors.
Confusingly, there are other card-based games of chance by the same name that are unrelated to the rules described here.
Below its junction with the Ilim River the Angara has been known in the past as the Upper Tunguska () Confusingly, some maps ( e. g., 1773 atlas by Kitchen-see illustration ) referred to this same section of the Angara as Nizhnyaya Tunguska, i. e. the Lower Tunguska-the name that's currently applied to another river.
Confusingly, the Korean sancho ( 산초, 山椒 ) refers to a different if related species ( Z. schinifolium ), while Z. piperitum is known as chopi ( 초피 ).
Confusingly, all three ROMs were officially designated as version " 2. 05 ".
Confusingly, it has been said to both stop bleeding and promote it.
( Confusingly, the Pochhammer symbol that many use for falling factorials is used in special functions for rising factorials.
This crescent shape is reminiscent of the sickle described in the Key of Solomon, a medieval grimoire which is one of the sources for modern Wicca .. Confusingly, an Italian version of the Key of Solomon has a hook-shaped knife called an artauo ( a possible root for athame ) and a straight, needle-shaped blade called a bolino.

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