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Conservative and scholars
Due to halakhic disputes, such as the controversies over the role of women and homosexuality, some Conservative Talmudic scholars and experts in halakha have left the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.
It is not uncommon for Haredi scholars to take advantage of the vast library holdings, including rare manuscripts, in the libraries of Yeshiva University ( Centrist ), the Jewish Theological Seminary ( Conservative ), and Hebrew Union College ( Reform ).
Conservative scholars from Azhar refuted that Hanafi is distorting Islam.
The Free Conservative Association achieved party status in 1867, comprising German nobles and East Elbian Junkers ( land owners ) like Duke Victor of Ratibor and Karl Rudolf Friedenthal, industrialists and government officials like Johann Viktor Bredt, Hermann von Hatzfeldt, Hermann von Dechend, Prince Karl Max von Lichnowsky or General Hans Hartwig von Beseler and scholars like Hans Delbrück and Otto Hoetzsch.
Conservative scholars tend to see nonworking poverty as a more urgent problem than working poverty because they believe that non-work is a moral hazard that leads to welfare dependency and laziness, whereas work, even poorly paid work, is morally beneficial.
Conservative scholars and policymakers often attribute the prevalence of inequality and working poverty to overregulation and overtaxation, which they claim constricts job growth.
Conservative scholars do not believe that this is effective, citing the fact that a Sakk ( Islamic bond ) effectively requires payment for the time-value of money.

Conservative and consider
They were thus technically Anabaptists, even though Conservative Mennonites, Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites and some historians tend to consider them as outside of true Anabaptism.
In contrast, Conservative Poskim consider that switching on electrical equipment is physically and chemically more like turning on a water tap ( which is permissible ) than lighting a fire ( which is not permissible ), and therefore permitted on Shabbat.
:... Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist communities are not only more numerous in their official memberships than the Orthodox community, but they are also vital, powerful and dynamic ; they are committed to Jewish survival, each according to its own lights ; they are a part of Klal Yisrael ; and they consider their rabbis their leaders.
The May 2010 coalition agreement between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats provides that a commission will be established to consider the West Lothian question.
As a result they were forced to consider Home Rule, and with the passing of the Parliament Act 1911 which made the Commons superior to the Lords, the Conservative Party became aware that unless they could dissolve Parliament or sabotage the bill it would most likely become law by 1914.
Conservative elements in England consider the partition of India to be the moment that the British Empire ceased to be a world power, following Curzon's dictum: " the loss of India would mean that Britain drop straight away to a third rate power.
A friendly rivalry, however, continues to this day between Conservative and Liberal members, who consider themselves “ Clios ” and “ Whigs ”, respectively, and take their places on opposite sides of the Senate chamber, to adversarially continue the nearly two and a half century ’ s tradition of Parliamentary Debate.
Daniel Finkelstein has said of the period leading up to Cameron's election as leader of the Conservative party that " a small group of us ( myself, David Cameron, George Osborne, Michael Gove, Nick Boles, Nick Herbert I think, once or twice ) used to meet up in the offices of Policy Exchange, eat pizza, and consider the future of the Conservative Party ".
Meanwhile, the council have publicly said they will do what they can to help the club but this help has never materialised ; indeed, many Keep Barnet Alive ( KBA ) supporters consider the loss of the local council seat to the Conservative Party to have been detrimental to their cause.
Today the Reform and Reconstructionist branches of Judaism consider Max Jewish because one of his parents was Jewish, while the Orthodox and Conservative branches of Judaism do not, because his mother was not Jewish.
The Conservative Party won a minority government, and Pallister requested that Prime Minister-designate Stephen Harper not consider him for a cabinet portfolio while he was making his decision about entering provincial politics.
: Conservative Judaism has largely ignored this practice in the past, but recently has begun to reevaluate its silence in this area and to consider the spiritual implications of mikvah immersion for human sexuality and for women.
Regarding ancestry, Orthodox and Conservative Judaism consider the offspring of a Jewish mother to be Jewish ( matrilineal descent ): the ancestry of the father is irrelevant.
Finally, a person of Jewish ancestry who converted to another religion is still considered Jewish in Orthodox and Conservative Judaism, whereas Reform Judaism and the State of Israel consider such people not to be Jewish.
Traditional Historic and Conservative Adventists, who hold Ellen White's writings in higher regard, still consider this date as one of the fulfillments of biblical prophecy.
In 2002 he became the Conservative Party representative on the Convention on the Future of Europe, established to consider the future course for Europe.
Conservative elements in England consider the independence of India to be the moment that the British Empire ceased to be a world power, following Curzon's dictum that:
Historians consider it a " triumph for progressive reform ," even though the principal sponsor was the Conservative minister and president of the Board of Education, R. A. Butler.
Borotsik supported Belinda Stronach's decision to leave the Conservatives for the Liberals in 2005, and indicated that he would consider running for either the Liberal Party of Canada or the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba at some time in the future.
The Conservative Party of Canada said a Conservative Government would consider changes to electoral systems, including proportional representation, but will not endorse any new electoral system that will weaken the link between Members of Parliament and their constituents, that will create unmanageably large ridings, or that will strengthen the control of the party machinery over individual Members of Parliament, and a national referendum will be held prior to implementing any electoral reform proposal.
The NCC has also suggested the city to consider other options then the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway while all three Ottawa Centre candidates for the 2008 federal elections, including incumbent New Democratic Party MP Paul Dewar, Liberal candidate Penny Collenette and Conservative candidate Brian McGarry also expressed opposition to rail on the Parkway.

Conservative and internal
Over the years, Conservative Judaism has experienced internal criticism.
In a 2009 Conservative Management Plan for the Park, the Office of Public Works ( a Department of Finance agency ) commented, "... the erection, without the necessity of resorting to normal planning procedures, of two major developments in St. Mary's Hospital illustrates the vulnerability of The Phoenix Park to internal development, which impacts significantly on the essential character of the Park and its unique value as a historic designed landscape.
He became chairman of the Bow Group, an internal Conservative think tank of ' young modernisers ' in the 1960s, and edited its magazine Crossbow.
In 1983, Joe Clark received only 66. 9 per cent support in an internal leadership review process conducted by the Progressive Conservative Party.
At the 1992 Conservative Party conference, Cameron had difficulty trying to arrange to brief the speakers in the economic debate, having to resort to putting messages on the internal television system imploring the mover of the motion, Patricia Morris, to contact him.
During his tenure as Director-General, Birt restructured the BBC in accordance with Conservative Party privatisation policies, in the face of much internal opposition.
This occurred at a time when the Conservative Party was suffering from internal divisions, and was due to face the public in a general election.
" Conservative commentators have long criticised the BBC for being a hotbed of Left-wingers and an internal report from 2007 said it had to make greater efforts to avoid liberal bias.
He was for many years Senior Member ( the University Don responsible for ruling on internal disputes such as accusations of electoral malpractice ) of the Oxford University Conservative Association.
Iacobucci is currently the commissioner of an internal inquiry into the alleged torture of three Arab-Canadians in Syria and Egypt as the personal appointee of Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper.
The origins of the party were the result of both internal dissention within the Monday Club over " entry to the EEC and immigration " which led to " several leading Powellites " leaving the Conservative Party for the NF and then later disagreements within the National Front.
After the Tories ' fall from power in 1880, Stanhope supported Commons leader Sir Stafford Northcote against younger Tories led by Lord Randolph Churchill in internal Conservative party squabbling.
Because of internal discord, the provincial executive of the Conservative Party decided not to contest the election officially each local association was to act on its own.
The Young Conservative Moderates ( Unga konservativa moderater ) are an internal faction of the Moderate Youth League.
In the periods when this was not the case ( 1881 1885, 1911 1916, 1921 1922 ) there was no clear " Leader of the Conservative Party "— this contributed to some of the internal party conflict at the time.
Churchill remained loyal to John Diefenbaker during the Progressive Conservative Party's internal quarrels of the 1960s, and continued to work for Diefenbaker at the party's 1967 leadership convention.
* 1995-British Prime Minister John Major resigns as Leader of the Conservative Party in order to contest a leadership election with the aim of silencing his internal critics and reasserting his authority.

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