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Some Related Sentences

Consider and simple
Consider the following simple grammar for arithmetic expressions :< syntaxhighlight lang =" bnf ">
Consider a simple room scene.
Consider a simple example of rational substitution.
Consider how a simple expression such as could be evaluated – one could also compute the equivalent.
Consider implementing with a microcontroller chip a simple feedback controller:
Consider for example a sample Java fragment to represent some common farm " animals " to a level of abstraction suitable to model simple aspects of their hunger and feeding.
Consider a simple example drawn from physics.
Consider the simple experiment where a fair coin is tossed four times.
Consider the simple case of two-body system, where object A is moving towards another object B which is initially at rest ( in any particular frame of reference ).
Consider a simple banking application where two users have access to the funds in a particular account.
Consider a simple example: a class of students takes a 100-item true / false test on a subject.
Consider the simple two-valued relationship
Consider the very simple example used by Adam Smith to introduce the subject.
Consider a simple clock consisting of two mirrors A and B, between which a light pulse is bouncing.
Consider a simple 1D advection problem defined by the following partial differential equation
Writing in 1960, he begins: " Consider a very long sequence of symbols ... We shall consider such a sequence of symbols to be ' simple ' and have a high a priori probability, if there exists a very brief description of this sequence-using, of course, some sort of stipulated description method.
Consider a simple binary (" for " or " against ") vote.
Consider this simple game: Three gladiators play, with strengths 3, 4, 5.
Consider this simple Python class:
Consider the simple linear regression model
In the case that T acts on euclidean space R < sup > n </ sup >, there is a simple geometric interpretation for the singular values: Consider the image by T of the unit sphere ; this is an ellipsoid, and its semi-axes are the singular values of T ( the figure provides an example in R < sup > 2 </ sup >).
Consider a simple exchange economy with two identical agents, one ( divisible ) good, and two potential states of the world ( which occur with some probability ).
Consider a simple gravity pendulum, whose length equals the radius of the Earth, suspended in a uniform gravitational field of the same strength as that experienced at the Earth's surface.
Consider a simple case: a perfectly competitive market where fuel is the sole input used, and the only determinant of the cost of work.

Consider and closed
* Consider the set of all functions from the real number line to the closed unit interval, and define a topology on so that a sequence in converges towards if and only if converges towards for all.
Consider the closed intervals for all integers k ; there are countably many such intervals, each has measure 1, and their union is the entire real line.
Consider a test apparatus consisting of a closed and well insulated cylinder equipped with a piston.
Consider a closed loop of string, left to move through space without external forces.
If S is compact but not closed, then it has an accumulation point a not in S. Consider a collection consisting of an open neighborhood N ( x ) for each x ∈ S, chosen small enough to not intersect some neighborhood V < sub > x </ sub > of a.
Consider the set W of all deductively closed sets of formulas, ordered by inclusion.
Consider a system S and environment ( bath ) B, which are closed and can be treated quantum mechanically.
Consider a closed system in internal equilibrium.
Consider a tube closed at both ends.
Consider a quantum mechanical particle confined to a closed loop ( i. e., a periodic line of period L ).

Consider and plane
Consider, for example, the implication this has for plane rotations.
Consider the plane spanned by and, where is a ket in the subspace perpendicular to.
Consider an open subset U of the complex plane C. Let a be an element of U, and f: U
Consider the special case in which the axis of rotation lies in the xy plane.
Consider two points A and B in two dimensional plane flow.
Consider two dimensional plane flow within a Cartesian coordinate system.
Consider a sphere B of radius 1 and a plane P touching B at the South Pole S of B.
Consider now the Minkowski plane: R < sup > 2 </ sup > equipped with the metric
Consider the ( Euclidean ) complex plane equipped with the metric
* Consider a uniform layer of fluid over an infinite horizontal plane.
Consider a " small " light source located on-axis in the object plane of the lens.
Consider a plane with a compact arrangement of spheres on it.
Consider a pair of parallel lines in an affine plane A.
Consider the example of moving along a curve γ ( t ) in the Euclidean plane.
Consider a planar projection of each knot and suppose these projections are disjoint. Find a rectangle in the plane where one pair of sides are arcs along each knot but is otherwise disjoint from the knots.
Consider a point in a continuum under a state of plane stress, or plane strain, with stress components and all other stress components equal to zero ( Figure 7. 1, Figure 8. 1 ).
Consider a set of points R ( R is a vector depicting a point in a Bravais lattice ) constituting a Bravais lattice, and a plane wave defined by:
Consider the illustration, depicting a plane intersecting a cone to form an ellipse ( the interior of the ellipse is colored light blue ).
Consider two proof masses vibrating in plane ( as in the MEMS gyro ) at frequency.
Consider region D in the plane: a unit circle or general polygon — the asymptotics of the problem, which are the interesting aspect, aren't dependent on the exact shape.
* Consider a triangle in the plane with unequal sides.
Consider an inertial observer in Minkowski spacetime who encounters a sandwich plane wave.
Consider a plane wave where all perturbed quantities vary as exp ( i ( kx-ωt )).

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