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Consideration and has
Consideration of replacing Georgia's republic with some form of constitutional monarchy has become part of the Georgian political debate since the Georgian Orthodox primate and other leading Georgians suggested the idea in 2007.
Consideration of the grandfather paradox has led some to the idea that time travel is by its very nature paradoxical and therefore logically impossible, on the same order as round squares.
Consideration of replacing the number with the traditional Roush # 6 for the 2013 season with new driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. has been considered.
As I had the good fortune a few years ago to be heard by Your Royal Highness, at Your Highness's commands, and as I noticed then that Your Highness took some pleasure in the little talents which Heaven has given me for Music, and as in taking Leave of Your Royal Highness, Your Highness deigned to honour me with the command to send Your Highness some pieces of my Composition: I have in accordance with Your Highness's most gracious orders taken the liberty of rendering my most humble duty to Your Royal Highness with the present Concertos, which I have adapted to several instruments ; begging Your Highness most humbly not to judge their imperfection with the rigor of that discriminating and sensitive taste, which everyone knows Him to have for musical works, but rather to take into benign Consideration the profound respect and the most humble obedience which I thus attempt to show Him.
Consideration was also given to the risks of elements of the procedure which would involve the ISS arm being used to carry Stephen K. Robinson below the shuttle, possibly the use of a sharp tool which has potential to damage the EVA suit or shuttle tiles.
Consideration of Bell's Vireo has been a factor in several land development projects, to protect Least Bell's Vireo habitat.
Consideration for a particular promise exists where some right, interest, profit or benefit accrues ( or will accrue ) to the promisor as a direct result of some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility that has been given, suffered or undertaken by the promisee.
Consideration is past when a promise has been given or executed before and independently of the other promise.
Balaban has had supporting roles in films such as Absence of Malice, Bob Roberts, Deconstructing Harry, Ghost World, The Majestic, Lady in the Water and all of Christopher Guest's films: Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration.
She has played comic parts in the improv mockumentaries Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration, all directed by Christopher Guest.
Since then, she has been a staple part of Guest's casts, appearing in the director's A Mighty Wind ( 2003 ) as porn actress-turned-folk singer Laurie Bohner and in For Your Consideration ( 2006 ) as an entertainment reporter.

Consideration and such
We your Humble Petitioners Living at a great Distance from ye Center of the Towne Some of us nine or ten Miles and Consequently at a very great disadvantage in joining with them all Publick Town affairs, being encouraged Partly by our Living in that Part of ye Town that was Laid out for what was called ye upper Parish and Partly by ye Kind Reception our Request met with which we made to ye Town for a dismission but more particularly by our Confidence in your Honors desire to Promote ye Happiness of every Part of ye State Humbly Pray that Honors would take our Case into your Serious Consideration and grant that we together with all those Live in sd Upper Part may be Erected and Incorporated into a body Politick and Corporate to have Continuance in ye Name of Northfield with all such Powers and Authorities Privileges Immunities and Franchises with other Parishes or Towns in this State in General hold Enjoy with your Petitions as in duty bound Shall forever pray .”
His Anatomie des Menschen in Rücksicht auf das Bedürfnis der praktischen Heilkunde ( 1862 – 69 ; Human Anatomy in Consideration of the Needs of Practical Medicine ) aimed to provide such a link.
Consideration can be anything of value ( such as an item or service ), which each party to a legally binding contract must agree to exchange if the contract is to be valid.
Consideration can be anything of value ( such as an item or service ), which each party to a legally binding contract must agree to exchange if the contract is to be valid.
Consideration of such questions form part of the linguistics and language studies programs at some universities.
Consideration must also be given to practical aspects on the human side such as the ratio of the number of trainers to each animal.
For Your Consideration is a heading frequently used in advertisements in entertainment trade publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Consideration and rights
Whereas the late King James the Second by the Assistance of diverse evill Councellors Judges and Ministers imployed by him did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant Religion and the Lawes and Liberties of this Kingdome ( list of grievances including ) ... by causing severall good Subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Imployed contrary to Law, ( Recital regarding the change of monarch ) ... thereupon the said Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons pursuant to their respective Letters and Elections being now assembled in a full and free Representative of this Nation takeing into their most serious Consideration the best meanes for attaining the Ends aforesaid Doe in the first place ( as their Auncestors in like Case have usually done ) for the Vindicating and Asserting their ancient Rights and Liberties, Declare ( list of rights including ) ... That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.
Consideration of Wollstonecraft's 1792 magnum opus, together with Thomas Paine's " Rights of Man " inspired Taylor in his A Vindication of the Rights of Brutes: if men and women have rights, why not animals too?

Consideration and have
" Whereas the late King James the Second, by the Assistance of divers evil Counsellors, Judges, and Ministers, employed by Him, did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant Religion, and the Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom ..( b ) y assuming and exercising a Power of dispensing with and suspending of Laws, and the Execution of Laws, without Consent of Parliament ....( b ) y causing several good Subjects, being Protestants, to be disarmed, at the same Time when Papists were both armed and employed contrary to Law ...( a ) ll which are utterly and directly contrary to the known Laws and Statutes and Freedom of this Realm ..... the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, pursuant to their respective Letters and Elections, being now assembled in a full and free Representative of this Nation, taking into their most serious Consideration the best Means for attaining the Ends aforesaid, do in the First Place ( as their Ancestors in like Case have usually done ), for the vindicating and asserting their ancient Rights and Liberties, Declare ,.... That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence, suitable to their Condition, and as allowed by Law.
Consideration was given to having a new unit of currency — suggested names included the new pound, the royal or the noble — worth ten shillings in the old currency which would have resulted in the " decimal penny " being worth only slightly more than the old penny ( this approach was adopted, for example, when Australia and New Zealand decimalised in the 1960s, adopting respectively the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar equal in value to 10s ).
Consideration of the songs for TV and film have been coming in.
In the 1990s, Cruz was said to have been active in A Minor Consideration, a support group for child actors and former child actors founded by Paul Petersen.
Consideration of this equation shows that generically, at the end of an epidemic, not all individuals have recovered, so some must remain susceptible.
Repeal it then, Gentlemen ; let it be expung ’ d for ever from your Books: And on the other hand, take into your wise Consideration, the great and growing Number of Batchelors in the Country, many of whom, from the mean Fear of the Expence of a Family, have never sincerely and honourably Courted a Woman in their Lives ; and by their Manner of Living, leave unproduced ( which I think is little better than Murder ) Hundreds of their Posterity to the Thousandth Generation.
Consideration was given to the use of the Rolls-Royce Meteor engine ; this would have increased the available power to, but the idea never left the drawing – board.
Online applications have their own benefits: In 2009 Showtime launched a password-protected site that allowed voters to download streaming video of " For Your Consideration " programming to mobile devices.

Consideration and at
* Kathy Griffin recorded her CD " Kathy Griffin: For Your Consideration " live on February 17, 2008 at the ETK Theatre at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy.
Consideration of the right under international law at this time required that it be consistent with the provisions of the United Nations Charter.
In 2005, she showed ' Consideration ', a series of works exploring the connections between contract law and performance art at Paula Cooper Gallery in New York as part of the PERFORMA05 Biennial.
Shortly before he left Oxford, in the stress of the Irish potato famine, Clough wrote an ethical pamphlet addressed to the undergraduates, with the title, A Consideration of Objections against the Retrenchment Association at Oxford ( 1847 ).
< p > To recover them is, Thomas Betterton's company, therefore, to their due Estimation, a new Project was form'd of building them a stately theatre in the Hay-Market, by Sir John Vanbrugh, for which he raised a Subscription of thirty Persons of Quality, at one hundred Pounds each, in Consideration whereof every Subscriber, for his own Life, was to be admitted to whatever Entertainments should be publickly perform'd there, without farther Payment for his Entrance .</ p >< p >— John Vanbrugh's notice of subscription for the new theatre </ p > He was joined in the enterprise by his principal associate and manager William Congreve and an actors ' co-operative led by Thomas Betterton.
Consideration must be given at the time of agreement, but it does not include previous acts.
Consideration must be given at the time of agreement, but it does not include previous acts.
Consideration: The consideration process examines the reports to determine if the information supplied reflects the true situation in the country as a kind " photocopy " or " clear picture " at that point in time.
(" Consideration of this option at this time will provide the Felician Sisters with approximately two years notice in which to consider their future plans for the building and property on Mississauga Road.
Civitatis s and the Executive Director Jan Mortier jointly drafted the Document for Ministerial Consideration that was then presented to the Ministers of State at the Fourth intergovernmental meeting of the Community of Democracies.

Consideration and with
Consideration of a differential diagnosis is required when a patient presents with unexplained febrile illness, extreme headache, encephalitis or meningitis.
Also in 2006, McKean reunited with most of the cast of A Mighty Wind to film the comedy For Your Consideration and appeared in the play Love Song on the stage in London.
His musical interests led him to a starring role in the critically acclaimed 2008 comedy air-drumming film Adventures of Power, in which he was re-united on-screen with his co-star Jane Lynch ( from " For Your Consideration ") and starred alongside Adrian Grenier, Chiu Chi Ling, and Shoshannah Stern.
"; Best in Show, in which he portrayed " Buck Laughlin ," a dog show announcer who offered up an unending stream of bad jokes and off-color comments ; Waiting for Guffman, in which he played " Ron Albertson ," a travel agent who performs in amateur stage productions with his wife ; This Is Spinal Tap, in which he played a lieutenant on the military base where Spinal Tap play ; and For Your Consideration as an obnoxious entertainment television show anchor.
Consideration should be shown to elderly, junior or inexperienced colleagues, as well as those with special needs.
Consideration for the new building began in 2004, when McMaster University had announced its initial intent to construct a new arts-and technology-intensive campus in partnership with the city of Burlington.
Both RFC 2821 and RFC 2822 discuss problems with Bcc: in their " Security Consideration " sections, in part because, as mentioned above, the processing for the Bcc: header is not standardized and there are several different ways that it can commonly be implemented.

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