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Considering and practices
Considering Russian historical practices, this would have made the Church officially a department of the government.

Considering and six
Considering Neal like a son, he has not seen him in more than six years.
Considering the adverse impact on the lake water quality due to Eutrophication, anthropogenic pressures and holy rituals and tourism, a water quality study was specifically undertaken at four sites on a monthly basis for six months.

Considering and empirical
Considering the time at which it was written ( 1650 ), it was a meritorious work, but philology was then in the empirical stage, and many of Ménage's derivations ( such as that of " rat " from the Latin " mus ," or of " haricot " from " faba ") have since become bywords among philologists.

Considering and studies
Considering this objective risk in conjunction with the potentially high rate of survival, some recent studies conclude that: " LTx can be a curative approach for patients with advanced HCC without extrahepatic metastasis ".
Considering the considerable commercial potentials of hydro-pneumatic technology ( Corolla, 1996 ), interconnected hydropneumatic suspensions have also been explored in some recent studies, and their potential benefits in enhancing vehicle ride and handling have been demonstrated.
Before placing the Tritons in this new location, at the side garden where the Royal Airforce War Memorial is situated, studies will be conducted on the best way to treat and restore the fountain to its original glory reversing the considerable damage it has suffered over time as a result of pollution as well as the notorious incident when the fountain was unwisely and harmfully used as a performance platform. To date the Ministry responsible has however not announced any such studies to the local media. Considering that this is a sensitive cultural issue this apparent lack of regard for the collective conscious has not been received positively. This is the second time that the Renzo Piano project for Valletta has engendered controversy.

Considering and ;
Considering the state of the whole world, the cold war's three exposed fronts did not seem terribly ominous ; ;
Considering that the drive motors in some of these ( such as teleprinters for news wire services ) ran 24 hours a day for years the spring could not be allowed to stay in close contact with the driving cylinder ; wear would be excessive.
Considering that many of the Federation's other members have several interplanetary colonies just as Earth does, the full number of planets which the Federation encompasses may be impossible to determine ; it is presumed that colony worlds are directly subsidiary to the planetary governments of their homeworlds ( much like individual states / provinces in a nation ), but this has never been clearly established.
Considering Morrison's past as a police officer, several men he had arrested were at first considered suspects ; 12 people were arrested in the case before Hill was arrested and charged with the murder.
Considering mtDNA D-loop sequence data, they may have evolved in the general area of Siberia ; Mallard bones rather abruptly appear in food remains of ancient humans and other deposits of fossil bones in Europe, without a good candidate for a local predecessor species.
Considering two consecutive quarters of net losses in Q2 + Q3 2011 and realization they are selling too many products ; 101 individual notebook, netbook and chromebook SKUs in the United States alone, Acer will cut product lines by two thirds beginning in 2012.
If n is the degree of P, then the splitting type is a partition Π of n. Considering also the Galois group G of K over Q, each g in G is a permutation of the roots of P in K ; in other words by choosing an ordering of α and its algebraic conjugates, G is faithfully represented as a subgroup of the symmetric group S < sub > n </ sub >.
Considering the nomadic way of life of these peoples, these frontiers can be regarded only as approximate ; hence there were various definitions over what Cumania meant over the course of time.
Considering this, he said, the only appropriate state of mind is surprise ; and of the heart, joy.
Considering he only played seven times in the previous three seasons this was a major improvement in Gerry's career ; in fact, he was on the transfer list when Shankly arrived, soon to be removed.
Considering the possibility of such a landing, its designers made the lock of the capsule using sugar ; it was meant to dissolve in liquid water, releasing the transmitter antennas.
Considering that by these acts the English government has denationalized the vessels of all the nations of Europe and that no government may compromise in any degree its independence or its rights —- all the rulers of Europe being jointly responsible for the sovereignty and independence of their flags -— and that, if through unpardonable weakness which would be regarded by posterity as an indelible stain, such tyranny should be admitted and become consecrated by custom, the English would take steps to give it the force of law, as they have already taken advantage of the toleration of the governments to establish the infamous principle that the flag does not cover the goods and to give the right of blockade an arbitrary extension which threatens the sovereignty of every state ;
Considering this as one of the links in the great chain of Western Railroads, from Boston to Buffalo and the " far West ," the estimates are made on a scale of corresponding character and magnitude to accommodate the business of this great and increasing thoroughfare ; and nothing short of a double track will, in my opinion, be adequate for any great period.
Considering a nonrenewable resource, say a stock of oil in the ground, which is subject to two characteristics ; one, it has a fixed size which cannot be increased over time and two, the in-situ asset is unproductive.
Considering publicity photos were taken of the group, WCW's First Family was likely intended for a substantial run ; however, according to Hart, the group quickly disbanded due to injuries sustained by numerous members as well as new bookers hired by WCW.
Considering them as portions of sermons, the frequent repetitions that occur in the Sheiltot are not strange, as this would happen to the best of preachers ; while it would be difficult to explain them if they were found in the strictly literary productions of one man.

Considering and 2001
Considering the seismic and volcanic activity in the lake region, exploration for mineral deposits of gold was initiated in 2001 jointly by Djibouti and an American company.

Considering and identified
Considering the general form of the points in space which make the same angles at the two eyes, when there is no cyclorotation, two components of the horopter can be identified.
Considering the location, it is possible that Tacitus ' name of Helisii is a Germanic form of the ancient municipality of Kalisz in central Poland, often identified with Ptolemy's Calisia, which was in Greater Germany.

Considering and nine
Considering the short conscript tour ( usually nine to ten months ), the army has a high number of conscripts: 125, 000.
Considering that Christ was conceived on that date, 25 March was recognized as the Feast of the Annunciation which had to be followed, nine months later, by the celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas, on 25 December.
Considering that Christ was conceived at that date turned March 25 into the Feast of the Annunciation which had to be followed, nine months later, by the celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas, on December 25.

Considering and common
Considering the giving of the common lands a capital crime, opponents of the treaty assassinated Boudinot, Major Ridge and John Ridge after the migration to Indian Territory.
Considering the large number of non-Inuit living in Inuvialuit areas and the lack of a single common dialect among the already reduced number of speakers, the future of the Inuit language in the NWT appears bleak.
Considering the robust phylogeny of the cockatoos now established, a comparison of characters gained and lost during the evolution of cockatoos suggests that the Gang-gang Cockatoo-while of course much changed and adapted during the perhaps 20 million years since its last common ancestor with any other living species lived-is probably still very similar in overall appearance to how the earliest cockatoos would have looked, and certainly the most primitive-looking of the species alive today.
" Considering it to be a " serious corrective to common misconceptions " propagated in the media, Donaldson stated that it was " worth reading " despite what she herself perceived as " neopaganism's weaknesses ", namely the movement's lack of " historical-traditional-cultural memory " and a lack of " sensitivity to the Western problem of evil ".
Considering the clear similarities between Hyrlîan, Cnapan and La Soule, the common Brythonic languages, shared culture and ancestry it is likely these three sports evolved from the same game.
Considering the difference of ideas and approach of the two senior pediatric pioneers, the younger generation of pediatricians decided that it was necessary to unite the voice of all pediatricians across India by the common bond of a National Pediatric body.
Considering that the ' old road ' was just a dirt road leading through big lava fields with lava rocks, blown tires were very common those days and a breakdown was always blocking the road in one direction.
Considering different compressions, it is common for two images of the same number of pixels and color depth to have a very different compressed file size.

practices and discussed
While breath channels ( nāḍis ) of yogic practices had already been discussed in the classical Upanishads, it was not until the eighth-century Buddhist Hevajra Tantra and Caryāgiti, that hierarchies of chakras were introduced.
He first discussed some of these oriental practices in a series of articles entitled Magic, Mesmerism, Hypnotism, etc., Historically & Physiologically Considered.
Theistic memes discussed include the " prohibition of aberrant sexual practices such as incest, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, castration, and religious prostitution ", which may have increased vertical transmission of the parent religious memeplex.
In the Land of the Head Hunters has often been discussed as a flawed documentary: it combines many accurate representations of aspects of Kwakwaka ' wakw culture, art, and technology from the era in which it was made with a melodramatic plot based on practices that either dated from long before the first contact of the Kwakwaka ' wakw with people of European descent or were entirely fictional.
A democratic deficit ( or democracy deficit ) occurs when ostensibly democratic organizations or institutions ( particularly governments ) fall short of fulfilling the principles of the parliamentary democracy in their practices or operation where representative and linked parliamentary integrity becomes widely discussed.
According to some scholars, the " tathagatagarbha "/ Buddha nature discussed in some Mahayana sutras does not represent a substantial self ( atman ); rather, it is a positive language and expression of sunyata ( emptiness ) and represents the potentiality to realize Buddhahood through Buddhist practices.
Michael King, a leading writer on Pākehā identity, discussed the concept of distinct Pākehā practices and imaginations in his books Being Pākehā ( 1985 ) and Being Pākehā Now ( 1999 ), and the edited collection, Pakeha: The Quest for Identity in New Zealand ( 1991 ), conceptualising Pākehā as New Zealand's " second indigenous " culture.
* Gorn burial practices were discussed in an issue of Marvel Comics ' Star Trek Unlimited.
In the report titled " The Devil Worshippers ", Pazder discussed the clues that he felt indicated satanic practices.
Although body odor is commonly associated with hygiene practices, its presentation can be affected by changes in diet as well as the other factors discussed above.
As discussed by Richard Berry, podcasting is both a converged medium bringing together audio, the web and portable media player, and a disruptive technology that has caused some in the radio business to reconsider some established practices and preconceptions about audiences, consumption, production and distribution.
The policies and practices used by the entity to identify, prioritize, and respond to the risks ( or opportunities ) are typically discussed with the audit committee.
He applied this law in an article that discussed tax refund anticipation loans and efforts to halt such practices, which he argues are based on the assumption that such loans exploit the poor.
Disputes about the Chaffey's practices were discussed in the Victorian parliament.
# Acceptable behavior – Certain practices that are so widely accepted they are never discussed.

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