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Construction and 24
* January 24Construction of Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster Abbey begins in the perpendicular style, the final stage of English gothic art.
In an international design competition conducted by the Department of Home Affairs, on 24 May 1911, the design by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin was chosen for the city, and in 1913 Griffin was appointed Federal Capital Director of Design and Construction and construction began.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from October 2008, the largest sectors of non-agricultural employment were: Government, 24. 3 %; Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, 17. 3 % ( including 11. 0 % in retail trade ); Professional and Business Services, 11. 9 %; Manufacturing, 10. 9 %; Education and Health Services, 10. 0 % ( including 8. 5 % in Health Care & Social Assistance ); Leisure and Hospitality, 9. 2 %; Financial Activities, 6. 0 %, Natural Resources, Mining and Construction, 5. 1 %; Information, 1. 4 %; and Other services 4. 0 %.
Construction on the bridge began on 24 May 1935, with the first sod being turned by the then Premier of Queensland, William Forgan Smith.
Construction on the initial buildings began in 1947, with the cornerstone laid on 24 October 1949, and was completed in 1952.
The current incarnation of Route 129 was constructed along a former portion of the Delaware and Raritan Canal as an alternate arterial boulevard to Route 29 that opened in September 1993 from Lamberton Road to U. S. Route 1 at a cost of $ 24. 185 million ( 1993 USD ) by the George Harms Construction Company.
Construction will begin in spring 2011 and will be staged, expected to last 18 to 24 months.
It was constructed, by a Tarmac Construction / Bachy UK Joint Venture, in a drained arm of the former dock, using a simple " cut and cover " method to excavate an enormous pit 24 metres ( 78 ft ) deep and 265 metres ( 869 ft ) long.
Construction began March 24, 1967.
Construction on the Toronto Chinese Archway began in the western end of East Chinatown on November 24, 2008 and it opened to the public on September 12, 2009.
Construction on the bridge, the second to cross this river, began in 1896, with Leffert L. Buck as chief engineer, Henry Hornbostel as architect and Holton D. Robinson as assistant engineer, and the bridge opened on December 19, 1903 at a cost of $ 24, 200, 000.
Construction of the Gothic Revival structure, which measured 24 ' x 48 ' and featured gilt ceiligns and stained glass windows, was completed by the early 1860s.
Union troops occupied the bridge May 24, and the Orange and Alexandria Railroad soon became a major center for the United States Military Railroad Construction Corps.
Construction of a 4 km second extension, or Phase III, began in late 1991 and opened on March 24, 1994, introducing three stations into the Whalley area of the City of Surrey.
11-9021 Construction Managers 208, 360 $ 30. 53 $ 34. 24 $ 71, 210 0. 7 %
In October 1985, WMATA awarded the $ 24. 9 million contract to excavate the tunnel between the Waterfront and Navy Yard stations to Harrison Western Corp. WMATA's board awarded a $ 41. 5 million contract for the construction of the Anacostia Station to Kiewit Construction Co. in June 1985, and said the station would open in 1990.
Construction of the camp began in the spring of 1942 and finished seven months later ; during that period Highway 24 was moved, a sewage system installed to prevent pollution in the near-by town of Red Cliff, and the meadow drained.
Construction began in January 1931, and was completed on June 24, 1932, with the first aircraft arriving at 17: 31 that day, after a two-and-a-half hour flight from Moscow carrying passengers and mail.
Construction of Griffith Stadium continued while the Senators were on the road, and was not completed until July 24, 1911.
Construction works started in April 2011 and should take no more than 24 months.
* Chris Rorres, Harry Harris: A Formidable War Machine: Construction and Operation of Archimedes ’ Iron Hand, Symposium on Extraordinary Machines and Structures in Antiquity, Olympia, Greece, August 19 – 24, 2001, pp. 1 – 18
Construction on the North ( Panasonic ) Stand began in 1996 and it was completed in 1998, bringing the overall capacity of the stadium to approximately 24, 500.
Construction on the section from Aurora Road to Davis Drive began in early 1986, and the section opened to traffic on October 24, 1989 at 8: 30 am.
On June 30, 2010, the company announced that it had acquired Atlas Railroad Construction, a construction and maintenance company operating in the Northeast and Midwest United States, for US $ 24 million.

Construction and manufacturing
Two manufacturing businesses organized in the early 1900s, which are still in operation are the Van Cleve Construction Company, located near the Merryman Station for the manufacture of cement irrigation and storm pipe, and Waterman Industries.
In the last half of the 20th century, a few light manufacturing operations and the largest privately owned general construction contractor in Ohio, Kokosing Construction, were established.
FACEL ( Forges et Ateliers de Construction d ' Eure-et-Loir, in English: forge and construction workshop of the department of Eure-et-Loir ) was initially a metal-stamping company but decided to expand into car manufacturing in the early 1950s.
Similarly, Construction and engineering managers ( 413, 750 ) oversea engineering projects, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.
Red and his brother, Houston, founded Blount Brothers Construction, a large construction and manufacturing firm formerly headquartered in Montgomery.
Construction on Africa's first electric bus manufacturing factory began on 43 hectares of land in Debre Marqos in January, 2007 by Rus Afro Trolleybus, a joint Russian-Ethiopian partnership.

Construction and plant
Construction is well along, and the plant is scheduled for completion in November of this year.
* Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant, L-series
Elizabethtown is home to Continental Press, White Oak Mills ( an animal feed plant ), Elizabethtown College, the Masonic Village, a large Masterfoods USA ( a division of Mars, Incorporated ) plant, Messick's Farm and Construction Equipment, and numerous smaller businesses .< sup ></ sup > Many residents commute to the nearby cities of Harrisburg and Lancaster for work.
Construction began in 1900 and when finally completed, the dam and power plant were one of the most important engineering accomplishments in the southeastern United States.
On December 14, 2007 Duke Power submitted a Combined Construction and Operating License to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, with an announcement that it will spend $ 160 million in 2008 on the plant with a total cost of 5-6 billion dollars.
Construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter is now complete and replaced a small Wal-Mart store, and Ashdown has a wood moulding manufacture / distributor River Millwork and a chemical plant.
Construction of the Highland Park Ford Plant was completed in 1909, and the area's population dramatically increased just a few years later in 1913, when Henry Ford opened the first assembly line at the plant.
Construction of the plant restarted in June 2010, with a promise of 2, 000 jobs for the economically hard hit area.
Construction of the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant began in 1977 and was halted in 1983 after a $ 961 million budget shortfall, leaving the plant 76 % complete.
Construction, maintenance, and repair work of telecommunications plant involves potentially dangerous situations since the work is often performed
Construction has started on the secondary treatment level plant with the governments of Canada and Ontario each covering one-third of an estimated $ 55. 5 million construction cost.
Construction began in 1957 and the plant came fully online in 1960, four years after the first commercial nuclear power reactor, Calder Hall in Sellafield, England.
Construction of the Oreo plant in Sheffield is due to start in March 2012.
Construction of the Galati steel plant began in 1965 and the plant opened in 1967.
Construction work began in Grugliasco on the outskirts of Turin, for a new plant which became operative in 1959, with a workforce of 550.
Construction on the Toledo Bend Dam, spillway, and power plant, began on May 11, 1964.
These motor grader s were produced at a Volvo Motor Graders plant in Goderich, Ontario. Volvo Construction Equipment ( originally Volvo BM ) is a subsidiary and business area of AB Volvo.
Construction on the plant began in 1932 and the building became operational on November 1, 1941.
Construction was completed on schedule and the first brew at the Hilltop plant was November 15, 2008.
Construction on the new AutoAlliance plant began on November 28, 1995, and the plant began mass production on May 29, 1998.
Construction of Bruce A began in 1969, making it the successor to the Pickering A plant.

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