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Construction and housing
In 1970, Robinson established the Jackie Robinson Construction Company to build housing for low-income families.
* The Housing Construction Modification Law of 1971, which increased the income-limit for access to low rent apartments under the social housing programme from 9, 000 DM to 12, 000 DM per annum plus 3, 000 DM ( instead of 2, 400 ) for each family member.
Construction of the South Bank site opened up a new public space, including a riverside walkway, where previously there had been warehouses and working-class housing.
Construction of new urban projects in Owings Mills continues, including housing units, shopping, and office space.
Construction and housing starts have been up has well as large investments in the community by national companies and major new road construction projects.
Construction boomed with the building of a housing complex, complete with paved streets and their own sewer for Humble employees.
Construction starting in the 1970s favored 9-and 16-story concrete panel municipal housing in major cities, 7 – 12 stories in smaller urban areas.
Construction of socialized housing in Campo Grande, Brazil using aluminum concrete formwork.
Construction began in 2001, and, 3, 200 single-family houses, row houses, condominiums and other for-sale housing as well as 400 apartments had been built.
To support the growing population in Beitar Illit, the Ministry of Construction and Housing announced in 2011 that it would issue tenders for 642 new housing units in the settlement.
Construction works began in late 2001, and were complete in November 2003, some months after what was expected, since in February 2002, Porto mayor Rui Rio changed the estate distribution, criticizing the plan for including high-scale housing and shopping for the area.
Construction never started on the airport, and the government has now sold much of its holdings for housing, making the site even more unsuitable for an airport.
Construction continued, with many large Victorian houses and a car-free late-20th-century housing estate surviving.
Construction work needed to build housing, air strips, hangars, antennas and towers was done by subcontractors.
Construction of the layout designed by J. R. Sheridan-Shedden, which consisted of housing for 5, 000 housing units along two spines of housing running along the length of the estate, commenced in 1963 and the first residents moved in a year later.
Construction of the housing estate was halted during World War II.
Separate from the Wing Construction controversy, some members of the Sagkeeng first nation accused Fontaine of inadequate on-reserve housing in 1998.
Construction work began, but was suspended in early 2009 due to the downturn in the housing market.
Construction projects include airports, housing complexes, tunnels, and bridges.
Construction of the new Gohar Dasht prison had been started under the shah, it " was completed with hundreds of solitary cells and large wards housing more than 8000 inmates.
" His Campeau Corporation had two main rivals in the residential housing market: Assaly Construction Limited and Minto Developments Inc., the latter owned by the family of future Ottawa mayor Lorry Greenberg.

Construction and estate
Construction of the residential estate began on 13 August 1977, ended on 26 April 1982 and officially opened on 10 July 1982.
* Henan Construction, a large real estate developer, which owns one of the China Super League's soccer clubs.
Construction of the estate began in the early 1990s.
Construction of the abbey began in earnest 1796 in Beckford's estate of Fonthill Gifford near Hindon in Wiltshire, England.
Construction began in 1919 and continued through 1947 when Hearst stopped living at the estate due to ill health.
Construction, real estate and mining businesses were the focus of his early career.
Construction of Queenstown's first estate, Princess Margaret Estate, began in July 1952.
* Grant Thornton International Business Report: 2008 Construction and real estate industry focus
By the late 1970s Middleton Hall and the surrounding estate came under the ownership of the Amey Roadstone Construction ( ARC ) for sand and gravel extraction.
Construction of the estate was not fully completed until the early 1970s, although most of the houses in the area were built by 1960.
Sahara Prime City Limited, the real estate flagship company of Sahara India Pariwar, along with Turner Construction Company, America ’ s largest building construction contractor and the Acropolis Capital Group, a Special Situation Investment and Development Firm has formed a joint venture to serve the construction and development market in India.
( Residential estate of the Municipality of Vienna built from 1925 to 1927 financed from the revenues of the Residential Construction Tax ).
In January 2008, FHN announced the discontinuation of national home builder and commercial real estate lending through its First Horizon Construction Lending offices.
Construction has increased rapidly ( with many Western-style houses and villas under development ), and the real estate market has experienced a series of boom cycles since the mid-1990s.
Donovan went on to work for the American Insurance Company and Schiavone Construction Company, becoming the Vice President in charge of labor relations, finance, bonding and real estate in 1959, and by 1971 its Executive Vice President.
* Aqua Marine () is a private housing estate developed on the reclaimed land by Hang Lung Properties and Korean-based Hyundai Engineering and Construction.
Construction of the 9 hole golf course began around 1916 and upon completion served her estate.

Construction and began
Construction began in November 1962.
Construction began in May 1844.
) Construction of residential buildings began north of the World Financial Center in the late 1990s and completion of the final lots scheduled to be completed by spring 2011.
Construction began on the first residential building in 1980, followed in 1981 with the start of construction on the World Financial Center.
Construction began during summer 1853, on a site some north-west of the original building, which was considered to have a better outlook.
Construction began in 1911 and was completed in 1913.
Construction of a second terminal began in 2007 and was officially opened on 19 November 2010.
Construction of a new Terminal 2 complex to replace the old terminal building and adjacent Queen's Building began in 2009 with the first phase expected to open in 2014.
Construction of Northwode Chapel by the monks of Jumiéges, Normandy, began in about 1140 and this became the present St Peter's Church and now the oldest surviving church on the Island.
Construction began in 1994 and the Gardens ' initial 5 acres ( 20, 000 m2 ) were officially dedicated on September 16, 1995.
Construction of major railways connecting the larger cities and towns began in the 1830s but only gained momentum at the very end of the first Industrial Revolution.
Construction of the monument began in 1917 and finished in 1924.
Construction of four Nassau class battleships began in 1907 with the greatest possible secrecy.
Construction began in 1910 of the first submarine powered by twin diesel engines.
Construction of the new field began in 2007, and was completed in December 2009, in time for the 2010 season.
Construction began on October 31, 1863.
Construction of the track, designed by the Eichler Architekturbüro from Ravensburg ( led by architect Gustav Eichler ), began in September 1925.
Construction began in the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world, but it was not completed until the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD some 638 years after the project had begun.
Construction began on a major new CCTV studio in Beijing in 1985.
Construction began in 1998, and the Southside Works is now open for business with many store, restaurants, offices, and the world headquarters for American Eagle Outfitters.
Construction began with the interdict hanging over Normandy, but it was later repealed in April 1197 by Pope Celestine III, after Richard made gifts of land to Walter de Coutances and the diocese of Rouen, including two manors and the prosperous port of Dieppe.
Construction began on Enterprise on June 4, 1974.
Construction began on Columbia in 1975 at Rockwell International's ( formerly North American Aviation / North American Rockwell, now Boeing North America ) principal assembly facility in Palmdale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.
Construction of the predecessor of the present Kamioka Observatory, the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo began in 1982 and was completed in April, 1983.
Construction of the Dubai Metro began in march 2006 ; it opened for the public on 9 September 2009.

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