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Construction and started
Construction on what would in time become the world famous Great Mosque of Córdoba was started circa the year 786.
Construction of the second line started in December 2008, which is due to be opened according to initial forecasts by the end of 2012.
Construction started in 1705 and the house was completed in 1722, the year of his death.
Construction of Gdynia seaport was started in 1921, but because of financial difficulties was conducted slowly and with interruptions.
For the Construction of RN7 Canada Pledge US $ 75 and IDB US $ 31 Million for the construction of the road which started in 2009 ; it did suffer major setback because of the earthquake also.
Construction started in 1977 and was completed in 1980.
In 1941, he started a company, Zuse Apparatebau ( Zuse Apparatus Construction ), to manufacture his machines.
The contract to build the tunnels was won by John Mowlem and Co. Construction of the tunnels started in February 1915 from a series of shafts.
Construction started in January 1943, and the first prototype was delivered in June 1943.
Construction started in 1840 and lasted for thirty years, suffering great delays and cost overruns, as well as the death of both leading architects ; works for the interior decoration continued intermittently well into the twentieth century.
In the 90s the new country started the ' National Programme of Highway Construction ', effectively re-using the old communist plans.
Construction of the outer big ring road started in 2011.
Construction on the French house was initially started before 1789, interrupted by the French Revolution for twenty years and then finally built 1812 – 1817 ( based on Salat's pre-1789 design ).
Construction started in 1952 and lasted until 1955.
* Construction of the Berlin Wall started in 1961.
* Construction started in 1998 on the International Space Station.
* Construction of the Dome of the Rock is started in Jerusalem.
Construction of Shasta Dam, the main dam on the Sacramento, started in 1938 and was completed in 1945.
Construction of the Chapel started in 1505, directed by its designer, Enrique Egas.
* 518 BC — Construction of Apadana ( audience hall ) of Darius and Xerxes, ceremonial complex, at Persepolis, Iran started.
Construction of this bridge started in 1876, and was completed in 1897.
Construction was started in 1973 and completed in 1979 at a cost of $ 139 Million.
Construction started on August 13, 1963, when Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson pulled a lever that signalled a front-end loader to dump the first batch of fill to enlarge Île Sainte-Hélène.
Having accomplished that, Chiang Ching-kuo proposed and the government then started state projects such as the Ten Major Construction Projects that provided the infrastructure for building a strong export-driven economy.
Construction started in 1853, and the temple was dedicated on April 6, 1893.

Construction and 1938
Construction was underway on the final unpaved segment by the 25th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway in 1938.
Construction of the Merritt Parkway, which arrived to the south of Weston in 1938, resulted in further population growth.
Construction of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul began in 1905 and ended in 1938, mostly funded through thousands of small donations from Lewiston residents.
Construction began on Greendale in July 1936 by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and, despite a movers strike, the first courageous families moved in on April 30, 1938.
Construction of the Forgan Smith Building began in 1938
Construction commenced in April 1936 and the Halls were officially opened on 12 May 1938.
Construction of the building began in 1938 and was completed in 1943.
Construction began on December 15, 1938 and the cornerstone was laid on November 15, 1939, by president Franklin Roosevelt.
Construction on it began in 1938, but it was never completed because of World War II.
Construction work began in the spring of 1938 to establish RAF Kinloss as a pilot training school.
Construction on Hartwell Hall was initiated in 1938, and completed in 1941.
Construction of the two stands started after the cup final in November 1989, and started with the demolishing of the north stand from 1926 and the east stand from 1938.
Construction of the airport began in 1936 and it was opened in 1938, with its first landing on January 11 of that year, by Captain Douglas Fraser flying a Fox Moth of Imperial Airways.
Construction of the Olympic Stadium began in 1934 and it was completed in 1938.
Construction began in late 1938.
Construction of a replica of the blockhouse was done as a WPA project in collaboration with the DAR, and was completed in 1938.
Construction of the airbase started in 1938, and was completed only in 1950 due to the delay caused by Japanese occupation during the World War 2.
Construction of the church began on St. Patrick's Day, 1938.
Construction of the Cabinet War Rooms, located beneath the Treasury building in the Whitehall area of Westminster, began in 1938.
Construction began in 1932, and the building was inaugurated in 1938.
Construction of the Pacific Air Depot began in 1935, and the main structures, including administrative buildings, barracks, warehouses and a hospital were completed on 18 April 1938.
Construction started in early 1938 to connect Benzonia to Copemish, and before the year was out, the Michigan State Highway Department started work to fill in the gap between M-66 and the highway north of US 10 in Clare County.
Construction of the bridge began in 1938 and it opened on July 12, 1940 as a toll bridge.

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