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Consumer and protection
* Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council ( EPSCO ): Composed of employment, social protection, consumer protection, health and equal opportunities ministers.
* Consumer protection
* Consumer protection
In Virginia State Pharmacy Board v. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council,, the Court overruled Valentine and ruled that commercial speech was entitled to First Amendment protection:
Securities whistleblowers are provided incentives and protection by the Dodd – Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ( 2010 ).
Furthermore, the NOM establishes the technical specifications and legal requirements for the protection of the Appellation of Origin of " Tequila ," in accordance with the current General Declaration of Protection of the Appellation of Origin of " Tequila ," the Law, the Industrial Property Law, the Federal Consumer Protection Law and other related legal provisions.
Consumer protection laws are distinct from anti-trust.
Until 2005, Künast served as the German Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, known for increasing consumer protection, supporting organic farming, and expanding animal welfare.
* Consumer protection
* Consumer protection
Category: Consumer protection
Consumer protection advocate, Stephen Barrett, is a strong supporter of the HONcode and has made efforts to improve compliance with its rules and to expose those who abuse it.
During the approach to Christmas 2011, the Denver Post reported that Quizno's owners, CCMP Capital Advisors LLC and Consumer Capital Partners, were handing ownership to Avenue Capital Group, a hedge fund controlled by billionaire Marc Lasry, while restructuring their $ 875, 000, 000 debt in an attempt to forestall filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
NHBC was a founder member of The Consumer Code for Home Builders which gives added protection and rights to the buyers of brand new homes.
* Consumer protection
* Consumer protection
Category: Consumer protection
* Consumer protection
The first law related to privacy protection is the Consumer Protection Act, enacted in 1971.
The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 expanded the protection for IRAs.
Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1981 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1985 ; Award of Excellence, by the Triangle J Council of Governments, in 1985 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Research Triangle Group of the Sierra Club, in 1986 ; Service Award, by the Orange-Chatham Alliance for the Mentally Ill ; Triangle Conservation Award, by the Triangle Land Conservancy, in 1987 ; Consumer Advocate of the Year, by the North Carolina Consumers Council, in 1987 ; Honorary Citizenship of the City of Raleigh, by Mayor Avery Upchurch, in 1987, for efforts in the passage of the phosphate detergent limitation ; Resolution of Appreciation, by the Governor's Crime Commission, in 1987 ; Service Award, by the Joint Orange Chatham Community Action, Inc. Board of Directors, in 1988 ; Service Award, by the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, in 1988 ; Legislative Award, by the North Carolina Chapter, American Planning Association, in 1989 ; Legislative Award, by the N. C. Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the N. C. Pediatric Society, in 1989 ; Appreciation Award, by the Chatham County Advisory Council of the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service, in 1990 ; " Best Bets For 1990 ", by the Center For Policy Alternatives, Sustainable Growth Program, in 1990, " For Leadership in Reducing Environmental Hazards by Sponsoring Legislation to Establish Free Disposal Sites for Used Tires "; Service Award, by the Environmental Quality and Natural Resources Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference, in 1991, " In Appreciation For His Outstanding Leadership As Chairman .... 1989-1991 "; Recycling Merit Award, by the North Carolina Recycling Association in 1991 ; Appreciation Award, by the North Carolina Property Mappers Association, in 1993 ; Jake Alexander Public Service Award, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Driving Drunk, and the Governor's Highway Safety Program, in 1993 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1996 ; Legislator of the Year, by North Carolina Citizen Action, for " your years of outstanding leadership and dedication to the fair protection of North Carolina families, workers and environment ", in 1996 ; Certificate of Commendation, by the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, for " persistence and legislative commitment to improving mental health in North Carolina ", in 1997 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1998 ; Friend of Education Award, by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Association of Educators, in 1999 ; Public Service Award, by the Child Care Services Association, for " outstanding advocacy and service on behalf of young children and their families ", in 2003.
* Consumer protection
* Consumer protection

Consumer and laws
Consumer privacy laws and regulations seek to protect any individual from loss of privacy due to failures or limitations of corporate customer privacy measures.
While Holden voted for legislation supported by President Bush that toughened bankruptcy laws and enacted the Halliburton loophole, he voted for the Dodd – Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law by President Obama, in July 2010.
These laws are enforced by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
" The federal securities laws define the term accredited investor in Rule 501 of Regulation D and as amended by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act as:
Congress has, at times, considered comprehensive laws regulating the collection of information online, such as the Consumer Internet Privacy Enhancement Act and the Online Privacy Protection Act of 2001, but none have been enacted.
Since 2010, there have also been changes in laws and regulations due to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.
Debt collectors who work on commission may be highly motivated to convince debtors to pay the debt ; These practices are highly regulated by The Fair Debt Collection Practices act, State laws to protect consumers, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( CFPB ), the Federal Trade Commission, and State regulatory agencies.
A list of other sectoral privacy laws in the United States can be viewed at the Consumer Privacy Guide's website.
The fair trade laws became widely unpopular after World War II and so the Miller-Tydings Act and the McGuire Act were repealed by the Consumer Goods Pricing Act of 1975.
* Advocating for strong product safety laws, including passage of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and ATV regulation.
Between 1996 and 1999, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection received 50 complaints regarding Kirby dealers, and concluded from its investigation that Kirby, through its distributors, engaged in a " statewide pattern of trade practices " violation of state consumer-protection laws.

Consumer and seek
The OPA itself – through its Consumer Division – mobilized the public on behalf of these guidelines, reducing the likelihood of " cheating " by those who would seek higher wages or prices.
Consumer organizations are advocacy groups that seek to protect people from corporate abuse like unsafe products, predatory lending, false advertising, astroturfing and pollution.

Consumer and regulate
* March 2005: EPIC urged lawmakers to regulate Choicepoint and other data brokers in testimony before the House Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection.
The act provides for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to regulate some credit practices but has no interest rate limit.
Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010, the U. S. Congress broadened the MSRB's rulemaking authority to also regulate so-called municipal advisors, which include financial advisors, swap advisors, brokers of guaranteed investment contracts and other market participants that advise on the issuance of municipal securities and provide certain other types of advice to state and local governments, public pension funds and other municipal entities on municipal derivatives, investment strategies and other financial matters.
He was also assigned to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts and introduced the Payday Lending Act, 2006 which sought to regulate the conditions of payday loans and led to the government adopting the Business Practices and Consumer Protection ( Payday Loans ) Amendment Act a year later.
Instead it recommended the complete repeal of all existing legislation and its replacement with two new acts: a Lending and Security Act, which would regulate legitimate business transactions, and a Consumer Sale and Loan Act which would regulate consumer credit and establish a licensed system for it use.
The previous Acts on commercial credit provided no mechanism to regulate and enforce the rules, and the Consumer Credit Act's licensing system was the first major regulatory process within British consumer credit law.

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