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Contemporary and styles
Easy listening and Adult Contemporary are related formats that play largely down-tempo pop music of various styles.
The difference is mostly in the era and styles covered -- Easy Listening is mostly older music done in the style of standards from the early 20th century ( typical artists include Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra ) combined with Big Band music and more modern performers in the same style such as Céline Dion and Josh Groban, while Adult Contemporary focuses more on newer pop music from the 1970s on.
Contemporary quilters use a wide range of quilting designs and styles, from ancient and ethnic to post-modern futuristic patterns.
Contemporary music ensembles are helping to introduce classic silent films to a wider audience through a broad range of musical styles and approaches.
* Contemporary charters in Latin used a number of additional styles for the Danish king Cnut ( Canute the Great, with Norway as his third realm ; 23 April 1016-12 November 1035 in Britain ) having rex Anglorum in the core plus various other titles, including rex Anglorum totiusque Brittannice orbis gubernator et rector i. e. ' king of the Angli and of all Britain governor and rector ' ( the last two in the generic sense ' ruler ')
Contemporary fusions of Indigenous and Western styles ( exemplified in the works of Yothu Yindi, Christine Anu and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu ) mark distinctly Australian contributions to world music.
Contemporary Indigenous Australian music has covered numerous styles, including rock and roll, country, hip hop, and reggae.
Religious music often changes to fit the times ; Contemporary Christian music, for example, uses idioms from various secular popular music styles but with religious lyrics.
Within contemporary forms of music ( sometimes referred to as Contemporary Commercial Music ), singers are classified by the style of music they sing, such as jazz, pop, blues, soul, country, folk, and rock styles.
Contemporary convertibles are known and marketed under several different terms due to the convergence of body styles over the years.
Contemporary Dutch popular music ( Nederpop ) is heavily influenced by music styles that emerged in the 1950s, in the United Kingdom and United States.
Contemporary batik, while owing much to the past, is markedly different from the more traditional and formal styles.
A reflection of its versatility is that BeauSoleil has also earned a Grammy nomination in the Contemporary Folk category, for the 1999 album Cajunization, with songs that effortlessly span Cajun, Calypso, French ballad, blues and other musical styles.
Contemporary Malagasy musical styles such as the salegy or tsapika have evolved from traditional styles modernized by the incorporation of electric guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer.
Contemporary music comprises modern-day compositions that have their roots in traditional musical styles and have been created for entertainment purposes, typically with the intent of eventual mass dissemination via cassette, compact disc, radio or internet.
Contemporary musical styles such as rock and roll, country, rap and reggae have all featured a variety of notable Indigenous Australian performers.
Contemporary Indigenous music continues the earlier traditions and also represents a fusion with contemporary mainstream styles of music, such as rock and country music.
* In 1979, The Kitchen began its Contemporary Music Series with goal of highlighting " connections between different musical genres and styles of composition.
Contemporary Macedonian artists include Aleksandar Stankovski, Zhaneta Vangeli, Maja Dzhartovska, and Gordana Apostolovska who all use various styles.
* Contemporary and historical styles of garments: corset, frock coat, t-shirt, doublet
Contemporary bush ballads may employ finger picking and strumming rock styles as in Lee Kernaghan's later version of Leave Him in the Longyard, or in Keith Urban reworking of the Slim Dusty / Joy McKean classic " Lights on the Hill ".
The Contemporary A Cappella Society ( of America ), or CASA, is a 501 ( c )( 3 ) charitable organization dedicated to fostering and promoting a cappella music of all styles around the world.

Contemporary and schools
Contemporary Bharatanatyam is rarely practiced as Natya Yoga, a sacred meditational tradition, except by a few orthodox schools ( see Yoga and Dance ).
Contemporary Method acting teachers and schools often synthesize the work of their predecessors into an integrated approach.
Contemporary premillennialism is divided into two schools of thought.
Most programs require that the recitals include advanced-grade pieces that are drawn from the different eras of music history, such as Baroque-era solo suites ( late 17th century to mid-18th century ); Classical-era ( mid-to late 18th century ) sonata or concerto ; a Romantic-era ( 19th century ) concerto or solo ; and a Contemporary era ( 20th and 21st century ) The specific components of the recital vary between schools.
The ' Independent Analysts ' Group of the British Psycho-Analytical Society, as distinct from the Kleinians and what are now called the Contemporary Freudians ', who include figures such as Christopher Bollas, D. W. Winnicott and Adam Phillips, are-like the ego-psychologists such as Heinz Hartmann or the intersubjectivist analysts in the States-perhaps best considered of as ' different schools of psychoanalytic thought ', or as ' Post-Freudians ... post-Freudian developments '.
Arts education programming is provided for students at their own schools and through the Performing Arts Series and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

Contemporary and based
Contemporary portrait of Afonso V of Portugal, as depicted in the Itinerarium of Georg von Ehingen ( printed 1600, Augsburg, but based on earlier image c. 1470 )
Contemporary critics were divided in their view of the work's authenticity, but most now believe that Macpherson framed the poems himself, based old folk tales he had collected.
Contemporary research suggests that most personality traits are based on the joint influence of genetics and environment.
Contemporary Welsh artist Jen Delyth created a Celtic Tree of Life symbol, in part based on ancient Celtic veneration of trees and traditional Celtic designs.
Contemporary books are more likely to be set with state-of-the-art seriffed " text romans " or " book romans " with design values echoing present-day design arts, which are closely based on traditional models such as those of Nicolas Jenson, Francesco Griffo ( a punchcutter who created the model for Aldine typefaces ), and Claude Garamond.
Contemporary models of market socialism are based on neoclassical economic theory beginning in the early twentieth century.
Contemporary datums, based on increasingly accurate measurements of the shape of the earth, are intended to cover larger areas.
Sydney has a range of museums including those based on visual art such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the White Rabbit Gallery, Artspace Sydney, the Brett Whiteley Studio ; science and technology such as the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory, Sydney Tramway Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum and Australian Museum ; and history such as the Museum of Sydney.
* WJJX 102. 7, Urban Contemporary based in Lynchburg
* WRXT 90. 3, Contemporary Christian Radio based in Roanoke
* WSLQ 99. 1, Adult Contemporary based in Roanoke
* WSNZ 102. 7, Adult Contemporary based in Roanoke
* WVBE 100. 1, Urban Contemporary based in Lynchburg
Lake Success is the city of license for popular regional dance / Hot Adult Contemporary radio station WKTU, although the station is based in Manhattan along with other Clear Channel stations.
Contemporary pop charts such as Billboards Hot 100 are based on radio play and digital downloads, which do not have “ sides ” so the terms are becoming antiquated.
" Contemporary society may be described as a knowledge society based on the extensive penetration of all its spheres of life and institutions by scientific and technological knowledge " ( Stehr 2002b: 18 ).
When the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English was first published in 1978, its most striking feature was its use of a 2000-word defining vocabulary based on Michael West's General Service List, and since then defining vocabularies have become a standard component of monolingual learner's dictionaries for English and for other languages.
The Richard Alston Dance Company is a medium size contemporary dance company that was formed in 1994 after the demise of the London Contemporary Dance Theatre, based at The Place in London.
New trends in music ( like music based on synthetic chords ) were proposed by enthusiastic clubs such as Association for Contemporary Music.
Contemporary arguments for the ' right ' to assistance to commit suicide are based on ideas of each individual's autonomy over his or her life.
Contemporary dance forms such as Bharatanatyam have recent origins but are based older temple dance forms known as Catir Kacceri as practiced by courtesans and a class of women known as Devadasis
Commissioned to develop an Internet event for an arts weekend at the Institute of Contemporary Arts ( ICA ) in London, and inspired by the SFnet terminal based cafes, Pope wrote a proposal outlining the concept of a café with Internet access from the tables.
The Sydney based merchant banking and private equity firm Emerald Partners head office is on top of the Museum of Contemporary Art building located right on the Sydney Harbour foreshore at Circular Quay.
Contemporary Malawian Jazz artists include, Wambali Mkandawire, South African based Ray Phiri and US based Masauko Chipembere Jr.

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