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Contestants and are
Contestants are sometimes permitted to exit the house in case of emergencies.
Contestants are given a polygraph test administered by a polygraph expert in a pre-screening session answering over 50 questions.
Contestants are often sent to Exile Island for one or both of these strategic reasons.
Contestants Sam Poueu and Koli Palu of the 9th season of The Biggest Loser are residents of Rohnert Park.
Contestants are judged on the following categories: panel interview, one-on-one interview competition, Mississippi speech competition, commercial / black dress competition, and evening gown competition.
Miss Hallsville Contestants are introduced at around 7pm prior to the Friday night Hallsville Bobcat football game in Bobcat Stadium.
Contestants individually complete this round in an isolation booth referred to as The Kube and their heart rates are also measured while they take this test.
Contestants are ranked on how many correct answers, and if two or more players are tied they each receive the same number of points.
Contestants cannot be required to start a run from an off-center alleyway, but contestants are not allowed to enter the arena and " set " the horse.
Contestants are listed in reverse chronological order of elimination.
Contestants are often addressed by their surnames, in reference to University Challenge.
* Marathon Matches ( competition length 1 or 2 weeks ): Contestants are given a particularly difficult algorithmic problem.
* Studio ( competition length varies ): Contestants are asked to show off their creative skills in a competitive environment.
Contestants are given names and occupations based on their team and physical appearance.
Contestants ' combined stage 1 and stage 2 scores ( with stage 2 being worth exactly twice as much as stage 1 ) are used to determine final scores for the Canadian Computing Competition.
If the ineligible contestant is found to have won a One Bid, the contestants on Contestants ' Row at the time the ineligible contestant was playing and did not win a One Bid are entitled to return to the show, per game show regulations, as their appearance was compromised by an ineligible contestant, pursuant to all game show regulations.
Contestants are given a set amount of time before the offer passes.
# Reward Challenge: Contestants compete to win a prize, first as teams and then as individuals after the teams are dissolved.
" Contestants on the show lose upwards of 10 pounds per week ( in the very first week, some contestants have lost 20-30 + pounds in that one week alone ), whereas the established medical guidelines for safe weight loss are between 1 and 2 pounds per week.
Contestants, regardless of their weight, are required to certify that they believe they are " in excellent physical, emotional, psychological and mental health.
Contestants who receive spins passed to them must play those spins, unless they land on a Whammy, at which point the remaining passed spins are combined with that contestant's total of earned spins ( if any remain ).
Contestants are not allowed to use words or numbers.

Contestants and required
Contestants were required to perform tasks ( called " problems ") within a certain time limit which was counted down on a large 60-second clock.
Contestants were required to select at least one answer before passing control.
Contestants buzzed-in to answer and were required to phrase their response as " You are ..." to receive credit ( although the contraction " You're " also was accepted ).

Contestants and one
Contestants can enter the race in one of three categories: canoes, kayaks, and crazy crafts ( homemade crafts ).
Contestants launch themselves from the end of the pier ; a prize being awarded to the one who glides the furthest distance.
Contestants who became champions of the Tyne would often challenge the corresponding champions of the River Thames, and the race would be arranged to take place on one of the two rivers.
Contestants were originally allowed to change cards at will ( even three times on one card ), but the rules were changed to one card per line in early 1986.
MTV could only afford one square instead of nine, but otherwise the rules were unchanged: Contestants still had to get the X across, down, or diagonally.
Contestants who do complete a challenge earn one or two points for their team ( maybe even more ).
Contestants kept any money banked during a game, regardless of the outcome, making Bullseye one of the few Barry & Enright shows to allow losing contestants to keep winnings from the game.
Contestants continued to alternate turns until one player either gave an answer that did not fit the category and / or begin with the set letter, repeated a word ( including different forms of a word ), or ran out of time.
Contestants again took turns revealing a chosen blank and guessing the puzzle until one guessed correctly, won the extra $ 250 and the game.
Contestants were placed in twin isolation booths and asked questions ranging in value from one to 11 points — the higher the point value, the more difficult the question.
Contestants are asked to choose, in turn, one subject on which to receive a question.
Contestants were presented with a headline and three related facts, one of which was incorrect.
Contestants were presented with ten headlines as in season one.
Contestants buzzed in to answer questions ; each right answer moved the contestant up one step while a wrong answer eliminated that contestant from the next question.

Contestants and their
Contestants will be aware of their scores, but not others ', and may resubmit to improve their scores.
Contestants accumulate a number of points over the course of the year ( often " season ") and their cumulative total after all meetings have been concluded determines the world champion.
Contestants have actually tried to crawl at 4 mph to survive after their legs gave out.
Contestants present their cosplay, and often to be judged for an award, the cosplay must be self-made.
Contestants from across the United Kingdom and Ireland competed in a series of rounds that tested their physical stamina and mental attributes.
Contestants faced questions fired at them by a panel of four sports and entertainment celebrities for two minutes ; like Mastermind, there were two rounds of questions, however slightly different: The 1st round had each panelist's questions representing a different sports category pertaining to their area of expertise, and the 2nd round had no categories and the contestant couldn't control who asked the questions ; they were fired at random.
Contestants for the Prix were assigned a theme from the literature of Classical Antiquity ; their individual identities were kept secret to avoid any scandal of favoritism.
Contestants design their fighters and submit them to the BBC.
Contestants can either send their videos in via mail on DVD or VHS, or, since 2008, upload them onto ABC's official website.
Contestants may use their currency to purchase needs for the house, such as food, rent items for personal use, such as hairdryer, or even purchase luxury items, like a helicopter ride.
Contestants who were successful at their challenges were rewarded with the coveted " GamesMaster Golden Joystick " trophy.
Contestants often had to balance something with some part of their body, or race back and forth on the stage ( for example, releasing a balloon, running across the stage to do some task, and running back in time to catch the balloon before it floated too high ).
Contestants stayed in their seats for the interviews.
Contestants would then be falsely encouraged and praised by the judges as well as the stylists, choreographers and vocal coaches ; in particular, they would be encouraged to try and stretch their vocal range far beyond what they could actually reach.
Contestants were not guaranteed the same number of spins as their opponent as on the original version of the show.
Contestants sprint down a twenty metre track ; their speed is measured close to the end, just before they run into an upright crash mat.

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