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Contributing and writers
Contributing artists and writers worked on the strip over the years, including Stephen Slesinger who scripted and approved all of the stories until his death in 1953 ; Jim Gary, Edmund Good, John Wade (" Johnnie ") Hampton, Robert MacLeod and Bill Lignanti ( of The Palm Restaurant fame ).
Contributing writers were Emilie Carter, Charles Hughes, Liz Schulze, Charles Taylor, and Christopher Title.
Contributing writers included George Bowering, Fred Wah, Frank Davey, Daphne Marlatt, David Cull, Carol Bolt, Dan McLeod, Robert Hogg, Jamie Reid, and Lionel Kearns.
Contributing writers to the site have included notable comedians Christian Finnegan, David Wain, Paul Scheer, Amir Blumenfeld, Justin Johnson, Judah Friedlander.

Contributing and were
Contributing to these rudder pedal inputs were characteristics of the Airbus A300-600 sensitive rudder system design and elements of the American Airlines Advanced Aircraft Maneuvering Training Program.
Contributing members were: AER20-200, awaycaboose, Ditzky, Drn Drn, Foucault V, fydhws, Hox Vox, Lurholm, mexicanvader, Quendus, Res Band ,-Soundso-and speculativism.
Contributing to the popularity of public baths in the Edo period were female bathing attendants known as yuna ( 湯女, lit.
In 2012 the twins were interviewed by National Geographic Society Contributing Editor Jordan Schaul about horse slaughter legislation.
Contributing to the accident were the flight crew's ( 1 ) impaired performance resulting from fatigue and the situational stress associated with the intent to land under the circumstances, ( 2 ) continuation of the approach to a landing when the company's maximum crosswind component was exceeded, and ( 3 ) use of reverse thrust greater than 1. 3 engine pressure ratio after landing.
Contributing to the accident were errors concerning the implementation of a safety recommendation which had been made by the manufacturer to Fokker 50 operators.
Contributing to the peasant unrest were conspiracy theories that the lack of food was a deliberate plot by the nobility.
Publisher Sarhan responded: " My impression of Mort was that he was stuck in a time warp, wanted to relive his personal ' glory days ' when he edited CRACKED and didn ’ t get what we were trying to do .... A Contributing Editor is a freelancer with whom we have a relationship with.
Contributing to this separatist sentiment were those frontiersmen who believed that the national government was not doing enough to protect them from the Native American attacks on western frontier in the final years of the Revolutionary War.
In June 1980 the South Taieri region experienced severe floods that flooded both sides of the highway and extended as far as Dunedin Airport. Contributing factors to this were already full wetlands at Lake Waihola with the Taieri and Waipori Rivers both draining into this area.
Contributing factors were inexperienced guards, lapses in accountability, complacency, lack of leadership presence, poor visibility, and lack of clear and concise communication between the guards and the leadership.
Contributing to this, areas of the bodywork that were to be covered by plastic trim ( such as the front and rear bumpers ) were left unpainted and thus unprotected.
Contributing to this was the fact that there were no bleachers in left or center fields ; all outfield seating ( about 4, 500 seats ), were in the semi-trapezoid-shaped right field stands that came to be known as the " Sun Deck " ( or, in the case of night games, the " Moon Deck ").
Contributing to its mounting popularity by this time were the additions from similarly popular genres such as zarzuela and the popular Italian operas of the time, which increasingly made the sardana a fad dance.
Contributing to these feelings were the positions taken by the George W. Bush administration on international issues: for example, American policies on global warming and environmental protection, on the International Criminal Court, on pre-emptive attack, and what has long been perceived as a policy of stubborn unilateralism practiced by successive American governments culminating in the Bush administration and especially the neoconservatives within it.
Contributing to the accident were the pilots ’ failure to make standard callouts and the current Federal Aviation Regulations that allow pilots to descend below the minimum descent altitude into a region in which safe obstacle clearance is not assured based upon seeing only the airport approach lights.
Contributing buildings were all fifty years old or older and retained enough of their original physical character to adequately embody the sense of time, place, and historic association normally required in establishing a historic district.
Contributing to the continued popularity of the game is the ability-especially earlier on-to easily collect the cards due to the more common distribution and the smaller set size ( although as of 2006 there were over 1, 800 unique cards ).
Contributing to the work were public and private health and quality organizations, including the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, URAC, and the Joint Commission.
Contributing with lithographs, woodcuts, and ( after 1870 ) with zincographies ( gillotage ) were:
Contributing to the cause of the accident were the inappropriate procedures used by, and inadequate coordination between, the flight crew that led to a takeoff rotation at a lower than prescribed air speed.

Contributing and Christina
* Christina Easton, Contributing Editor

Contributing and Tom
Contributing just twice are such luminaries as Tom Lehrer, Gustave Doré, Danny Kaye, Stan Freberg, Mort Walker and Leonardo da Vinci.

Contributing and Warren
Contributing to the success of the 1957 film is its theme song, " An Affair to Remember ( Our Love Affair )", composed by Harry Warren and with lyrics by Leo McCarey and Harold Adamson.

Contributing and .
Contributing demographics include a predominantly Anglophone population residing in a largely rural agrarian setting.
Contributing to the Dolchstoßlegende, its failure was blamed on strikes in the arms industry at a critical moment of the offensive, leaving soldiers without an adequate supply of materiel.
Contributing to the confusion are the facts that various species such as D. wrightii and D. inoxia are very similar in appearance, and that the variation within a species can be extreme.
Contributing to Christian European rhetorical traditions, Hildegard “ authorized herself as a theologian ” through alternative rhetorical arts.
Contributing to this decline in ticket sales is the fact that Jacksonville is one of the league's smallest markets, though its stadium is relatively large ; since 2005 the team has covered nearly 10, 000 of the stadium's 73, 000 total seats with tarp in order to lower the stadium's official capacity to a more typical size and reduce blackouts.
Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins.
Contributing to the international scene was the location of several foreign embassies and foreign corporate offices in the Roppongi area.
Contributing the single " Boss of Me " as the theme song to the hit television series Malcolm in the Middle, as well as to the show's compilation CD, brought a new audience to the band.
Contributing factors include the following: First, the first officer's predisposition to overreact to wake turbulence ; second, the training provided by American Airlines that could have encouraged pilots to make large flight control inputs ; third, the first officer likely did not understand an airplane's response to large rudder inputs at high airspeeds or the mechanism by which the rudder rolls a transport-category airplane ; finally, light rudder pedal forces and small pedal displacement of the A300-600 rudder pedal system increased the airplane's susceptibility to a rudder misuse.
* Factors Contributing to Municipal Annexation among Medium Sized Southern US Cities.
Contributing to Richmond's resurgence was the first successful electrically powered trolley system in the United States, the Richmond Union Passenger Railway.
Contributing to the harshness of the germination environment above mature root systems, young creosote bushes are much more susceptible to drought stress than established plants.
Contributing to the strong ties between the United States and Portugal are the 20, 000 Americans living in Portugal and some sizable Portuguese communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, California, and Hawaii.
Contributing to the added expenses was the filming of snow scenes and aircraft interiors at the Los Angeles Ice and Cold Storage Warehouse, where the low temperature affected the equipment and caused lengthy delays.
Contributing to the economic health of the downtown and Wilmington Riverfront regions has been the presence of Wilmington Station, through which 665, 000 people passed in 2009.
Contributing to the economy of Harrison's Landing was Moyer's Grist Mill located in Yarrow, the very first mill of its type between Baltimore and Alexandria, Virginia.
Contributing houses throughout the Oak Ridge Historic District have long been associated with the school, as either the homes of founders and trustees, boarding houses, or the residences of principals, teachers, and officials.
Contributing to the cultural fabric of Spencer are the Spencer Chamber of Commerce, the Spencer Garden Club, and the Spencer Historical Society.
These structures are classified as Significant, Contributing, and Non-Contributing.

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