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Control and Madden
Madden NFL 06 also features the new QB Vision Control.

Control and NASCAR
* In NASCAR 2006: Total Team Control, the Big Brown Truck is unlockable as a paintjob for Jarrett.
* NASCAR 2006: Total Team Control
Although the track closed in 2004, it is still featured in the EA Sports video games NASCAR SimRacing, NASCAR 06: Total Team Control, NASCAR 07, NASCAR 08 ( PS2 ), and NASCAR 09 ( PS2 ) which are based on the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 NASCAR seasons respectively.
# redirect NASCAR 06: Total Team Control
NASCAR 06: Total Team Control is the ninth installment of the EA Sports ' NASCAR video game series.
While a large number of real drivers are present in the NEXTEL Cup Series, National Series ( Busch Series ), and Craftsman Truck Series in NASCAR 06: Total Team Control, fantasy drivers are still present, sponsored by fictional or unused sponsors.
fr: NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

Control and titles
On 28 June 1948, Dick Turpin, brother of Randolph Turpin, became the first non-white boxer to win a British title in a fight against Vince Hawkins in front of 40, 000 spectators following the British Boxing Board of Control lifting their ban on non-whites challenging for titles.
For the nationwide launch, the NES was available in two different packages: the full-featured $ 249 USD " Deluxe Set " as configured during the New York City launch, and a scaled-down " Control Deck " package which included two gamepads and a copy of Super Mario Bros. To accompany this wide release, Nintendo marketed eighteen launch titles: 10-Yard Fight, Baseball, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong Jr.
There are also some wider lifestyle titles such as Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner.
Reviewers have described Take Control titles as " thoughtful " and " loaded with useful tips and humor ".
Perceptual Control Theory has not been widely accepted in mainstream psychology, but has been effectively used in a considerable range of domains in human factors, clinical psychology, and psychotherapy ( the " Method of Levels "), and it has formed the conceptual foundation for the reference model used by a succession of NATO research study groups .< ref name =" IST "> Reports of these groups are available from the NATO Research and Technology Administration publications page < http :// www. rta. nato. int / Abstracts. aspx > under the titles RTO-TR-030, RTO-TR-IST-021, and RTO-TR-IST-059 .</ ref > It is the basis for a considerable body of research in sociology.

Control and went
In 1967, he went to the United Kingdom with a PAEC scholarship, and attended the University of Manchester, where he studied for his double masters degree in Nuclear Engineering and Control System Engineering.
Cray went to William Norris, Control Data's CEO, saying that a redesign from scratch was needed.
Born on the bayou and went on to become a Successful Quality Control Coordinator for Galperti Inc. Alias, Rev.
Paul Reiche and Fred Ford went on to create the Star Control series of video games.
Up until the 1960s, boxing shows were a common feature of British fairs, but they went into decline when in 1947 the British Boxing Board of Control prohibited appearances of licensed members in fairground boxing booths.
The museum got in contact with Edwin Rose, who was then Norfolk Landscape Archaeology's Development Control Officer, who subsequently went and met with Lorimer, who took him to see the site on 12 August 1998.
During the 80s and 90s many Mexican bands went to the surface and popular rock bands like Café Tacuba, Caifanes, Control Machete, Fobia, Los de Abajo, Molotov, Maná, Ely Guerra, Julieta Venegas and Maldita Vecindad achieved a large international following.
Acoustic Control Corporation went out of business in the 1980s, then returned under the name True Tone Audio as a manufacturer of P. A.
Preceded by the classic club track “ Control, I'm Here ,” that album was released in 1989 and was produced by Flood, who went on to produce its next three albums and remix other tracks.
The votes recorded until the stage when the EVM went out of order remain safe in the memory of the Control Unit and it is not necessary to start the poll from the beginning.
Scarman went on to criticise the Command and Control of the RUC for deploying armed Special Constables in areas where their very presence would " heighten tension " as he was in no doubt that they were " Totally distrusted by the Catholics, who saw them as the strong arm of the Protestant ascendancy ".
On 3 June, Lieutenant Chris Marwood's Reconnaissance Troop of 42 CDO, accompanying the 3 Commando Brigade Forward Air Control team commanded by Flight Lieutenant Dennis Marshall-Hasdell, encountered an RI 4 fighting patrol ( Second Lieutenant Lautaro Jiménez Corvalán 3rd Platoon of B Company from Mount Harriet ). The Recce Troop opened fire and two conscripts ( Privates Celso Paez and Roberto Ledesma ) were instantly killed, and an NCO ( Corporal Nicolas Odorcic ) went down, wounded by a head shot by one of the Marine snipers as he took cover among the rocks.
In December 1980, " Remote Control ," from the first album by the Reddings ( The Awakening ), went to # 11 on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart.
He went on to found Control Video Corporation, which ultimately evolved into AOL.
On September 17, 2003, several employees who were members of the Canadian Energy and Paperworkers Local 1900 went on strike over worry of jobs being lost, wages, and jobs being moved to Calgary ( including Master Control operations ).
Control of the company went to his brothers, Orphie and Frixo.
The company then went into a series of divestitures, most notably the entire LTV Aerospace division ; the aerospace component retained the legacy Vought name as the independent Vought Corporation while the missile component later became part of Loral and later became the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control division.
He went on to launch in the early 1990s and chair several innovative and progressive task forces: Social Development Strategy, Youth Task Force, and Gun Control Task Force.
Misuse Of Control created quite a stir on the UK scene & the band went straight out on the road with Asian Man Records ' MU330 on a mammoth UK trek.
The Eurocard business was then sold on to one of its principal resellers, Control Universal Ltd, which continued to develop various cards for industrial use based on the Acorn-standard bus during the 1980s, but ultimately went into receivership in 1989.
On the August 10, 2011, broadcast of The Dylan Ratigan Show, in a round table discussion of the market meltdown following the Budget Control Act of 2011, Ratigan went on a two-minute-long rant against what he perceived to be the state of politics in the United States government, saying:
In 2003, LeBlanc went to work for Mind Control Software, where, with Andrew Leker, he co-developed Oasis, which won an Independent Games Festival award.
After graduation he went to work at the Goss Humidity Control Company in Seattle.
Harris then went on to form Outta Control together with Kimberley Wetmore and Rachid Webbi.
* Walter Declun: A ruthless corporate raider who bought out controlling shares of Damage Control when it went public, he tried manipulating supervillains to increase property damage, and therefore Damage Control's workload and profits.

Control and internal
Control volume schematic of internal flow with one inlet and exit including an axial force, work, and heat transfer.
* Internal Control Institute, a professional certification in internal control
Control of the internal structure of the plasma allows more active
He Qinglian documents in chapter four of Media Control in China, There are many grades and types of internal documents wenjian 内部文件.
During Julio Acosta García's administration, and by Acosta's own recommendation, Congress designated him as the first head of the Control Office, which was in charge of government internal control.
Because the 10NES in the model NES-001 Control Deck occasionally fails to authenticate legal cartridges, a common modification is to disable the chip entirely by cutting pin 4 on the Control Deck's internal 10NES lockout chip.
VTEC ( Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control ) is a valvetrain system developed by Honda to improve the volumetric efficiency of a four-stroke internal combustion engine.
The CTSA's criticisms were all the more pointed because this aspect had been noted during an internal Eurotunnel assessment of the Control Centre earlier in the year.
* Idle Control Valve, a device to control the idle speed of an internal combustion engine.
A Comptroller, or Financial Controller, or Financial Control Officer ( FCO ) is an accounting / audit expert in a business who oversees accounting and the implementation and monitoring of internal controls, independently from the Chief Accountant (" CAO ") or the Chief Financial Officer (" CFO ").
By default it allows internal connections out ( outbound traffic ), and only allows inbound traffic that is a response to a valid request or is allowed by an Access Control List ( ACL ) or a conduit.
Combination reamers are mostly used in screw machines or second-operation lathes, not with Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ) machines because G-code can be easily generated to profile internal diameters.
* How to control internal / external hardware using Microsoft's Media Control Interface – Contains information about, and specifications for the implementation of LPCM used in WAV files.
We have also audited management's assessment, included in the accompanying Management's Annual Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting, that the Company maintained effective internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 20XX, based on criteria established in Internal Control — Integrated Framework issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (" COSO "). The Company's management is responsible for maintaining effective internal control over financial reporting and for its assessment of the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting.
In our opinion, management's assessment that ABC Company maintained effective internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 20XX, is fairly stated, in all material respects, based on criteria established in Internal Control — Integrated Framework issued by COSO.
Furthermore, in our opinion, ABC Company maintained, in all material respects, effective internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 20XX, based on criteria established in Internal Control — Integrated Framework issued by COSO.
Control systems in the body and in the internal environment of billions of interconnected neurons within the brain are responsible for keeping perceptual signals within survivable limits in the unpredictably variable environment from which those perceptions are derived.
The Business Control Model exists of the business functions of the organization and their internal and external links.
* was issued on — Control device for internal combustion engine.

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