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Controversy and ensued
Controversy ensued at FCC hearings over Noble's intention to keep Mark Woods on as president, which led to the suggestion that Woods would continue to work with ( and for ) his former employers.
Controversy ensued, as in small print it mentioned that it was capped to 4 GB monthly.
Controversy about priority ensued.
Controversy ensued regarding Fortas's extrajudicial activities, and at Fortas's request, Johnson withdrew the nomination prior to a vote of the full Senate.
Controversy immediately ensued, as strong anti-Communist sentiment in the United States led to the circulation of rumors that the " JS " engraved on the coin was the initials of Joseph Stalin, placed there by a Soviet agent in the mint.
Controversy ensued because of its use of vertical gender-neutral language ( God and Christ ) and some uses of horizontal gender-neutral language (" human beings " or " they " instead of " men " or " he ").
Controversy ensued after the 2010 NFC Championship game, where Sanders was one of the critics of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, saying on Twitter "" Im telling u in the playoffs u must drag me off the field.
The political turmoil that ensued became known as the " Three Governors Controversy ".
Controversy ensued after the 2010 NFC Championship Game, where Dockett was one of the critics of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, tweeting on Twitter: " If I'm on chicago team jay cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room!
Controversy later ensued when the owner of the Utah Stars brought suit against Sharman for breach of contract stemming from his resignation, and a tort case against the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers for inducing such breach of contract.
Controversy ensued with a new set of editors being selected by the board, and an off-campus newspaper, University Report, published by Hull, Abrams, and Scott DeGarmo, a master's student in history.
Controversy ensued in 1985 when Scott Douglas was charged with aggravated sexual battery on June 30.
Controversy and complaints ensued, with the Federal Communications Commission eventually getting involved.

Controversy and over
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Controversy over Arianism arose in the late 3rd century and persisted throughout most of the 4th century.
Controversy over Omari's identity erupted shortly after the attacks.
Controversy long raged among scholars over the location of the battlefield.
Controversy has arisen over various sexual interpretations made regarding the content of Batman comics in the early decades.
Controversy continues over which term is more appropriate.
Controversy persists over whether Eisenhower played minor league baseball for Junction City in the Central Kansas League the year before he attended West Point, where he played amateur football.
Controversy has existed between the two largest denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement over some sections added to the 1876 LDS edition, attributed to founder Smith.
* Controversy over exact choice of rules for gun safety ( specifically whether or not " the gun is always loaded " is an intelligent rule ).
Controversy surrounded the companionship he had developed with Erin Fleming, which consequently raised disputes over his estate.
Controversy over the licensing agreement between the patent holder, Unisys, and CompuServe in 1994 spurred the development of the Portable Network Graphics ( PNG ) standard.
In the Investiture Controversy which began between Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII over appointments to ecclesiastical offices, the emperor was compelled to submit to the Pope at Canossa in 1077, after having been excommunicated.
Controversy later surrounded Body Count over its song " Cop Killer ", a song intended as a narrative from the view of a criminal getting revenge on racist police officers guilty of brutality, from the National Rifle Association and various police advocacy groups.
Controversy has arisen over whether the usage of the term jihad without further explanation refers to military combat, and whether some have used confusion over the definition of the term to their advantage.
* Controversy over Cantor's theory
Controversy over this policy created political pressure to amend the policy, with socially liberal efforts seeking a repeal of the ban and socially conservative groups wishing to reinforce it by statute.
In the 12th century, there occurred the Investiture Controversy where the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope fought over who could appoint Bishops.
Controversy over disbursement of the funds raised will later arise.
Controversy erupted over the offensive in Jenin, intermittent raids in the Gaza Strip, and the continued isolation of Yasser Arafat.
The alliance broke down in 1075 during what came to be known as the Investiture Controversy ( or Investiture Dispute ), a struggle in which the reformist Pope, Gregory VII, demanded that Emperor Henry IV renounce his rights over the Church in Germany.
* The Controversy over Newton's Gravitational Constant — additional commentary on measurement problems
Emboldened by the promotion, and incensed over the imposition of a new tax on ducal lords, Lothair subsequently revolted against Henry's rule and denied Henry's ability to rule Saxony during the Investiture Controversy.
Owing to the shifting debate over time ( see " History and Controversy " below ), many school systems, such as California's, have made major changes in the method they have used to teach early reading.
" Its Teach the Controversy campaign aims to teach creationist anti-evolution beliefs in United States public high school science courses alongside accepted scientific theories, positing a scientific controversy exists over these subjects .< ref name = ForrestMayPaper >

Controversy and use
Controversy surrounds the use of hypnotherapy to retrieve memories, especially those from early childhood or ( alleged ) past-lives.
Controversy surrounded the network in 2002 and 2003 over obscenities, expressed respectively by Cher and Nicole Richie, aired live on the network's broadcasts of the Billboard Music Awards on its affiliates in the Eastern and Central Time Zones despite the use of five-second audio delays ; the indecent material was edited out on broadcasts in the Mountain Time Zone and westward.
To publish his songs on Emancipation, Prince did not use Controversy Music ASCAP, which he had used for all his records since 1981, but rather used Emancipated Music Inc. ASCAP.
The Controversy took its name from Spurgeon's use of the term " Downgrade " to describe certain other Baptists ' outlook toward the Bible ( i. e., they had " downgraded " the Bible and the principle of sola scriptura ).
Controversy arose because of the use of obscenities in his counter-culture routine known at the " Seven Dirty Words ".
Its first recorded use was in 1169 when King Henry II, hard pressed by his barons over the Investiture Controversy, assumed the common theory of " divine right of kings ," that the monarch acted conjointly with the deity.
Controversy arose during the construction of the bridge over its growing cost, and a subsequent budgetary blow-out which resulted in the use of $ 20. 3 million in government funds.
Controversy has arisen because this licensing allows publication of standards requiring licensing fee payments to patent holders, the use of which would effectively eliminate the possibility of free / open source implementations of these standards.
Controversy surrounds his use of ULTRA intelligence messages during this battle.
Controversy arises when Royal Canadian Mounted Police use force and pepper spray to remove protesters.
In the Quran Oath Controversy of the 110th United States Congress, Rep. Virgil Goode ( R-VA ) issued a letter to his constituents stating his view that the decision of Representative-elect Keith Ellison ( D-MN ) to use the Quran in his swearing-in ceremony is a threat to " the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America ...
Hogan claims ( in his autobiography, Hollywood Hulk Hogan ) that Russo made it a shoot, and Hogan was double-crossed by Turner executive Brad Siegel, who did not want to use Hogan any more due to how much Hogan cost per appearance ; and Bischoff, in his autobiography, Controversy Creates Ca $ h, contends that Hogan winning and leaving with the title was a work which would result in his return several months later-the plan was to crown a new champion at Halloween Havoc, only for Hogan to come out afterwards and ultimately win a champion vs. champion match-but that Russo's coming out to fire him was a shoot which led to the lawsuit filed by Hogan.
However, this thesis was disputed in the Great Stirrup Controversy by historians such as Bernard Bachrach, although it has been pointed out that the Carolingian riders may have been the most expert cavalry of all at its use.
Controversy surrounded the appointment, given the suspicions that drug use had been rife in East German sports and that any senior coach would have been involved or had knowledge of the drugs programme.
Controversy has arisen over the best explanation for the fact that Farwell and others who use similar scientific methods have achieved near-100 % accuracy ( Farwell et al.
Controversy broke out in the photographic community about the use of combination printing in the mid-19th century.
Controversy exists over agricultural and manufacturing issues related to the production of bamboo floors, including the environmental effects of deforestation in order to plant bamboo and the use of carcinogenic chemicals such as urea-formaldehyde in the glues used for lamination in some products.
Controversy surrounds the use of Furnace Creek water to support the resort ( complete with a swimming pool ) and nearby facilities, including a golf course.
Controversy usually results either from the use of eminent domain, from objections to the change in use or increases in density and intensity on the site or from disagreement on the appropriate use of tax-payer funds to pay for some element of the project.
Controversy surrounds the reciprocal use of I-PASS by Illinois motorists and I-Zoom by Indiana motorists on the other state's toll road.
Controversy stems from the fact that donors effectively father children for others, often in considerable numbers, and usually take no part in the upbringing of such children, and also from the fact that single women and coupled lesbians frequently use sperm banks in order to have their own biological children.

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