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# and Conversely
# Conversely, coming out can be viewed as inauthentic or as a self-betrayal for some trans and intersex people who have chosen to live in stealth because the disclosure is at odds with their true gender.
# Conversely, groups led by popular solo artists are usually not called one-hit wonders.
Conversely, Morrison picked up a throw-away character from DP # 14, who was slipped into the art on the last page of # 18 to set up Morrison's use: Dorothy Spinner was an ape-faced girl with powerful " imaginary friends.
# Conversely if u is a solution of Laplace's equation, then there exist functions v which solve the Cauchy – Riemann equations together with u.

# and many
The problem of how many variable assignments satisfy a formula, not a decision problem, is in # P. UNIQUE-SAT or USAT or Unambiguous SAT is the problem of determining whether a formula known to have either zero or one satisfying assignments has zero or has one.
Although it did not achieve the same levels of commercial success as the band's later releases ( it reached # 73 on the Billboard 200 ), it has been hailed by many fans and critics as Dream Theater's masterpiece and the band's defining album.
# An ancient Greek currency unit found in many Greek city states from Classical times on, as well as in many of Alexander's successor states and South-West Asian kingdoms during the Hellenistic era.
# The discovery of crystals with two axes of double refraction, and many of the laws of their phenomena, including the connection between optical structure and crystalline forms ;
The Flash's reimagining in Showcase # 4 ( October 1956 ) proved sufficiently popular that it soon led to a similar revamping of the Green Lantern character, the introduction of the modern all-star team Justice League of America ( JLA ), and many more superheroes, heralding what historians and fans call the Silver Age of comic books.
# Are there finitely or infinitely many solutions?
# The setting is vast, covering many nations, the world or the universe.
# Troll-The troll race in Earthdawn is also similar in appearance to many other fantasy role playing depictions of trolls.
# Windling-The windlings are small, winged humanoids ; similar to many depictions of fae creatures, they resemble small elves with insect-like wings.
# Autonomic nervous system transmission: both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are regulated by GPCR pathways, responsible for control of many automatic functions of the body such as blood pressure, heart rate, and digestive processes
There were few survivors, many evacuated, and the Brotherhood of Mutants turned one of the Sentinels into a memorial statue in # 132.
This is one of the Judgement of Paris # Gallery | many works depicting the event.
For the same amount of powder, AA # 2 can produce approximately twice as many rounds, yet both powders cost the same per weight.
# It uses only six-sided dice, as generally used in many board games.
# Economic rewards: In the case of the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ), many different countries receive economic benefits from membership in the free trade agreement.
# And where do I recover my business from ... Will the business center give me space to work, or would it be flooded by many people queuing up for the same reasons that I am.
In spite of the changes, the fifth album's first single, " Little L ", reached # 1 in many charts worldwide becoming their best dance hit.
Ten of his songs were nominated for the Oscar, many written with Cahn, including " I've Heard That Song Before " (# 1 for 13 weeks for Harry James and His Orchestra in 1943 ), " I'll Walk Alone ", " It's Magic " ( a # 2 hit for Doris Day in 1948 ) and " I Fall in Love Too Easily ".
Lead ( II ) acetate ( also known as sugar of lead ) was used in the Roman Empire as a sweetener for wine, and some consider this to be the cause of the dementia that affected many of the Roman Emperors and even be a partial reason for the Roman Empire's fall ( see Decline of the Roman Empire # Lead poisoning ).
# If A is a disjoint union of countably many disjoint Lebesgue measurable sets, then A is itself Lebesgue measurable and λ ( A ) is equal to the sum ( or infinite series ) of the measures of the involved measurable sets.
* — c10n. info's overview of US patent # 7, 096, 360, " n " Frequency-Time Based Data Compression Method " supporting the compression, encryption, decompression, and decryption and persistence of many binary digits through frequencies where each frequency represents many bits.
Over time, Minister Farrakhan regained many of the Nation of Islam's original properties, including the National Headquarters Mosque # 2 in Chicago, IL.
However, many manifestly typed languages support partial type inference ; for example, Java and C # both infer types in certain limited cases.

# and older
# That older stands of chaparral become " senescent " or " decadent ", thus implying that fire is necessary for the plants to remain healthy,
Shang-Chi first appeared in Special Marvel Edition # 15 ( December 1973 ) by Englehart and Starlin ( SME # 1 – 14 were reprints of older Marvel superhero stories ).
# In the northern and western ( formerly German ) regions where Poles from the territories annexed by the Soviet Union resettled after World War II, the older generation speaks a dialect of Polish characteristic of the Eastern Borderlands which resembles Ukrainian or Rusyn — especially in the " longer " pronunciation of vowels.
The area north of the Highway # 1 from the South Central Peninsula is called the North End ; both areas being predominantly urban residential older housing which is undergoing gentrification.
However, these later X-Men issues failed to attract sales and Marvel stopped producing new stories with issue # 66, later reprinting a number of the older comics as issues # 67 – 93.
# Conrad ( Modigliana, February 1167 – Acre, 20 January 1191 ), later renamed Frederick VI, Duke of Swabia after the death of his older brother.
# Calcification at the outer base of older / more advanced lesions.
At times Late Show even came in third in its timeslot ( behind Nightline, most recently in November 2008 ), once prompting Letterman to arrange for a Manhattan billboard proudly declaring himself and his show to be "# 3 in Late Night ," aping an older, nearby billboard which promoted Leno and The Tonight Show as # 1.
# The Kibbutz Movement, which constitutes an umbrella organization of two separate movements and ideologies: the United Kibbutz Movement, founded in 1979 as a merger of two older movements: the United Kibbutz and Union of Kvutzot and Kibbutzim, and Kibbutz Artzi Hashomer Hatzair
Students attending are grades 2nd to 4th grade while older and younger students go to the elementary / middle school, District # 12 in the town of Breese.
The Shadow is also referenced in DC's Detective Comics # 446 ( 1975 ), page 4, panel 2: Batman, out of costume and in disguise as an older night janitor, makes a crime fighting acknowledgement, in a thought balloon, to the Shadow.
# There are a variety of dwelling types — usually houses, rowhouses, and apartments — so that younger and older people, singles and families, the poor and the wealthy may find places to live.
# to indicate a medical condition existing simultaneously but independently with another condition in a patient ( this is the older and more " correct " definition )
# Maturation, processes within the participants as a function of the passage of time ( not specific to particular events ), e. g., growing older, hungrier, more tired, and so on.
# Valvular heart disease 2 % ( much higher in older populations )
# Heart failure: The patient is older, with a history of heart disease.
While some of the older office copiers may have had problems running heavy business card stock, the newest digital presses can print on stock as heavy as 407 g / m2 ( 150 # cover stock ), and special substrates such as polypropylene.
# an older coat of arms of the Republic of Ragusa: two red stripes on a dark blue shield.
# New Media as the Mix Between Existing Cultural Conventions and the Conventions of Software – " New Media today can be understood as the mix between older cultural conventions for data representation, access, and manipulation and newer conventions of data representation, access, and manipulation.
Signed to the label in 1969, they were signed among other popular acts of the early 1970s, including Freda Payne ( Scherrie's older sister who saw a # 1 hit in 1970 with " Band Of Gold "), and The Honey Cone who saw a # 1 hit with " Want Ads " In an ironic twist of fate, ' Want Ads ' was originally recorded by Glass House with Scherrie on lead vocals.
Note the presence of both the older Romanian spelling Tîrgu Mureș and the newer Târgu Mureş which is considered correct by mistake ( but with an Romanian alphabet # Comma-below ( ș and ț ) versus cedilla ( ş and ţ ) | s cedilla rather than s comma.

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