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Cooper and visited
In one episode, Frakes presented an interview of reporter Yolanda Gaskins with veteran astronaut Gordon Cooper, where they discussed the possibility of aliens having visited the Earth in the past.
The character Little Dorrit ( Amy ) was inspired by Mary Ann Cooper ( née Mitton ): Charles Dickens sometimes visited her and her family ; they lived in The Cedars, a house on Hatton Road west of London ; its site is now under the east end of London Heathrow Airport.
An episode of Dirty Jobs Down Under with Mike Rowe visited Cooper Pedy and aired September 29, 2012 on Discovery Channel.
The stars of the era all visited the Tasman Series, Jim Clark, John Surtees, Timmy Mayer, Phil Hill, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, Pedro Rodriguez, Piers Courage, leading teams from Cooper, Lotus, Lola, BRM, even the four wheel drive Ferguson P99 and finally, Ferrari, racing against the local stars, Brabham, McLaren, Denny Hulme, Chris Amon, Frank Gardner, Frank Matich, Leo Geoghegan and Kevin Bartlett.
In 1860 Cooper Creek was the edge of the land that had been explored by Europeans, the river having been visited by Captain Charles Sturt in 1845 and Augustus Charles Gregory in 1858.
Douglas once said that when Abbey visited the film set, he looked and talked so much like friend Gary Cooper that Douglas was disconcerted.
A chair used by Abraham Lincoln when he visited the Cooper Union in 1860.
" He is then visited by several Twin Peaks residents all played by SNL cast members: Audrey Horne, played by Victoria Jackson, who gives Cooper a going away gift and ties the ribbon with her tongue ; Leland Palmer, played by Phil Hartman, who requests that Cooper dance with him ; Nadine Hurley ( Jan Hooks ), who wants Cooper to take her silent drape runners to the patent office ; The Log Lady, also played by Hooks, following Truman's observation that there were only two female SNL cast members ; and finally Leo in custody of Deputy Andy Brennan ( Conan O ' Brien ).
Howard Hughes visited the pits to meet with John Cooper about expanding his car manufacturing business.
Notable people who have visited McSorley's include Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Peter Cooper, Boss Tweed, and Woody Guthrie.
Charles Dickens was a friend of the family of Mary Ann Cooper ( née Mitton ), and sometimes visited them ; they lived in The Cedars.

Cooper and island
The largest island is Cooper Island in the north, followed by Kaula Island in the south.
This can be called a " story-ization " of the Wallace and Cooper story which relied on the Rose and Creelman screenplay, but which like the Wallace treatment, begins at the island.
* Leon Cooper, a US Navy Landing Craft Operator who took part in the WWII battle, returned to the island in 2008 to investigate reports the beach he landed on was littered with garbage.
In quantum computing, a charge qubit is a qubit whose basis states are charge states ( i. e. states which represent the presence or absence of excess Cooper pairs in the island ).
Cooper, a Unitarian minister recommended by Frend, remained on the island until 1821, endeavouring, with little success, to improve their moral and religious condition.
On 7 May 1867 at the island of Little Andaman, eastern India, in the Bay of Bengal, Private Cooper was one of a party of five ( David Bell, Campbell Mellis Douglas, William Griffiths, Thomas Murphy ) of 2 / 24th Regiment.
On 7 May 1867 at the island of Little Andaman, eastern India, in the Bay of Bengal, Private Murphy was one of a party of five ( David Bell, James Cooper, Campbell Mellis Douglas and William Griffiths ) of the 2 / 24th Regiment, who risked their lives in manning a boat and proceeding through dangerous surf to rescue some of their comrades who had been sent to the island to find out the fate of the commander and seven of the crew, who had landed from the ship Assam Valley and were feared murdered by the cannibalistic islanders.
Named after its former inhabitant, the colonial governor of the Carolinas, Robert Daniel, the island is located in Berkeley County and situated between the Cooper and Wando Rivers.

Cooper and July
In July 2010 The Yacht Club held its first regatta since 1976 and its first on Lake Killamperpunna, a freshwater lake on Cooper Creek.
* July 9 – Chris Cooper, American actor
" The remaining members of the band — Smith, Gallup and Cooper — made several appearances as a trio before it was announced in June that Porl Thompson would be returning for the band's 2005 Festival summer shows, as well as their set at Live 8 in Paris on 2 July.
Little Port Cooper was used as an anchorage by most of the French ships working from Port Cooper in 1838 and in subsequent years, and it was apparently there that Langlois anchored when the Cachalot came into harbour in July 1838.
( He was promoted on July 21 to be one of the eventual seven full generals in the Confederate Army ; his date of rank made him the fifth most senior general, behind Samuel Cooper, Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee, and Joseph E.
Marvin's parents, Marvin Gay, Sr. and Alberta Cooper, married on July 2, 1935.
In July 2011, Mark Cooper said that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is " on the defensive to prove it is doing its job of ensuring safety ".
They had two sons: Carter Vanderbilt Cooper ( January 27, 1965 – July 22, 1988 ) and CNN news anchor Anderson Hays Cooper ( born June 3, 1967 ).
* July 15-Thomas Cooper, Chartist poet ( born 1805 )
It starred Robert Duvall as Augustus McCrae, Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow F. Call, Rick Schroder as Newt, Diane Lane as Lorena Wood, Danny Glover as Joshua Deets, Robert Urich as Jake Spoon, Anjelica Huston as Clara Allen, Frederic Forrest as Blue Duck, Chris Cooper as July Johnson, and Barry Corbin as Roscoe Brown.
However, on July 11, 1991, Ken Scherer, CEO of Lynch / Frost productions, announced that the film was not going to be made because series star Kyle MacLachlan did not want to reprise his role of Special Agent Dale Cooper.
After he was widowed, Cronyn married author Susan Cooper in July 1996.
* William John Wills, the official date of death adopted by the Exploration Committee was Wednesday, 28 June 1861, but Wills probably died around Friday, 30 June or Saturday, 1 July 1861 at Breerily Waterhole, Cooper Creek.
* Robert O ' Hara Burke, the official date of death adopted by the Exploration Committee was Wednesday, 28 June 1861, but Burke probably died on Saturday, 1 July 1861 at Burke's Waterhole, Cooper Creek.
Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury PC ( 22 July 1621 – 21 January 1683 ), known as Anthony Ashley Cooper from 1621 to 1631, as Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, 2nd Baronet from 1631 to 1661, and as The Lord Ashley from 1661 to 1672, was a prominent English politician during the Interregnum and during the reign of King Charles II.
Following the Royalist victory at the Battle of Roundway Down on 13 July 1643, Cooper was one of three commissioners appointed to negotiate the surrender of Dorchester when he negotiated a deal whereby the town agreed to surrender in exchange for being spared plunder and punishment.
In July 1644, the House of Commons gave Cooper permission to leave London, and he soon joined parliamentary forces in Dorset.
On 14 July, Cromwell appointed Cooper to the English Council of State, where he was a member of the Committee for the Business of the Law, which was intended to continue the reform work of the Hale Commission.
On 16 July, Helene Cooper of the Wall Street Journal warned of an impending " massive mobilization against globalization " being planned for the end-of-year Seattle WTO conference.
On July 7, 2011, firefighter Lt. Shannon Stone from Brownwood, Texas was attending the Rangers game against the Oakland Athletics with his six year old son, Cooper Stone, when outfielder Josh Hamilton threw him a ball, as the father had asked.

Cooper and 1913
* 1913 – Mort Cooper, American baseball player ( d. 1958 )
* 1958 – Mort Cooper, American baseball player ( b. 1913 )
In 1913 Cooper appeared in her first film, The Eleventh Commandment, going on to make several more silent films during the First World War and shortly afterwards.
Michael Field was a pseudonym used for the poetry and verse drama of Katherine Harris Bradley ( 27 October 1846 – 26 September 1914 ) and her niece and ward Edith Emma Cooper ( 12 January 1862 – 13 December 1913 ).
* Henry C. Cooper ( born 1913 ), Australian boxer and Olympic competitor in 1936
Bernie Naylor Medalists: ( 11 total ) 1913: Alf Halliday ( 46 ), 1914: Alf Halliday ( 38 ), 1916: Alf Halliday ( 38 ), 1921: Allan Evans ( 64 ), 1931: Doug Oliphant ( 84 ), 1939: Albert Gook ( 102 ), 1950: Ron Tucker ( 115 ), 1975: Murray Couper ( 63 ), 1985: Mick Rea ( 100 ), 1986: Mick Rea ( 90 ), 1994: Brenton Cooper ( 90 )
Other notable performances included those in 1906 at the Zimin Opera, Moscow, conducted by Ippolitov-Ivanov ; 1913 at the Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow, conducted by Emil Cooper, with scenic design by Konstantin Korovin ; and 1915 at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, conducted by Albert Coates, with scenic design by Korovin and Aleksandr Golovin.
The genus Baluchitherium was first described by Forster Cooper in 1913.

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