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Corte and was
There is a dispute concerning Napoleon's age because of this requirement ; the emperor is known to have altered the civic records at Ajaccio concerning himself and it is possible that he was born in Corte in 1768 when his father was there on business.
# Joseph Bonaparte ( Corte 1768 Florence 1844 ), King of Naples and Spain, married Julie Clary, sister of Napoleon's childhood sweetheart, Désirée, who was to become the wife of General Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, the later Charles XIV of Sweden.
During the early 1980s, Cossiga attacked several times the antimafia judges and spoke in favour of judge Corrado Carnevale, a member of the Corte di Cassazione ( Italy's supreme court ) who had annulled numerous sentences against mafia leaders and was later tried for these actions.
Corte was the capital of the Corsican independent state during the period of Pasquale Paoli.
Joseph was born Giuseppe Buonaparte in 1768 to Carlo Buonaparte and Maria Letizia Ramolino at Corte, the capital of the Corsican Republic.
Reed quickly took to the lumber industry, logging the area's immense supply of redwoods and shipping the lumber to San Francisco by way of Corte Madera Creek — some of this wood was used to build the Presidio in San Francisco.
) The Pixley family was credited with creating Corte Madera's first subdivision and with developing downtown.
The first business structure in Corte Madera was a hotel and tavern just south of the train station, built by Jerry Adams of Switzerland in 1898.
The square around the train station was the original center of Corte Madera, around which everything bloomed exponentially — and literally.
A week after the holiday's ended ; some of the people of Corte Madera would stack their used trees high in the center of town in an open lot in front of the Presbyterian church and shops, most of the town showed up with candles in hand for the burning of the trees ; with the aid of the local fire department gas was spread at the base of the pyramid of trees to start the festivities.
The racial makeup of Corte Madera was 7, 808 ( 84. 4 %) White, 87 ( 0. 9 %) African American, 15 ( 0. 2 %) Native American, 625 ( 6. 8 %) Asian, 29 ( 0. 3 %) Pacific Islander, 262 ( 2. 8 %) from other races, and 427 ( 4. 6 %) from two or more races.
On March 8, 1973, he was found dead of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage at his home in Corte Madera, California.
Following the 2002 closure by the Australian group Partridges of their SEPU ( Sociedad Española de Precios Unicos ) department store chain, which in fact was Spain's oldest, the market is now dominated by El Corte Inglés, founded in 1934 as a drapery store.
Madrid is the Villa y Corte, the villa considered to be separate from the formerly mobile royal court, but the much smaller Ciudad Real was declared ciudad by the Spanish crown.
When the commission expired in 1636 and the Connecticut Colony was established, the legislature was established as the " General Corte ", consisting of six magistrates along with three-member " committees " representing each of the three towns.
He was a prestigious lawyer who had never made any active forays into the country's politics, but he had distinguished himself as the Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice ( Corte Suprema de Justicia ).
The case was then once again appealed, to the Court of Cassation ( Corte di Cassazione ).
Following his disappearance, the Infanta D. Beatriz, in the name of her son the Infante D. Diogo ( who inherited the islands of Terceira and Graciosa following the death D. Fernando, the adopted son of the Infante D. Henrique ) divided the island of Terceira into two captaincies: Angra ( which was given to João Vaz Corte Real ) and Praia ( which was given to Álvaro Martins Homem ).
The statuary group at the high altar, depicting the queen of heaven expelling the Plague ( 1670 ) was a theatrical Baroque masterpiece by the Flemish sculptor Josse de Corte.
In separate incidents in the town of Corte, a General narrowly missed assassination when his car was riddled with bullets ; his driver lost an ear in the attack.
Corsica is one of the biggest islands in the Italian geography, and Pasquale Paoli wanted the Italian language to be the official language of his Corsican Republic ; even his Corsican Constitution of 1755 was in Italian and the short-lived university he founded in the city of Corte in 1765 used Italian.

Corte and Joseph
Image: Corte maison n ° 1 Place du Poilu. jpg | House of birth of Joseph Bonaparte ( 1768 )

Corte and
* June 17 Saint Theophilus of Corte, Corsican preacher and missionary ( b. 1676 )
The core shareholders are: Caja Madrid 23. 45 %, British Airways 13. 2 %, SEPI 5. 20 %, El Corte Inglés 2. 90 %.
** Corte sconta detta Arcana-Corto Maltese en Sibérie ( 1974 1975 )
# By Genoa and the Italian Riviera, you climb up along the Val Bisagno to leave the city, across the road from Val Trebbia: Strada Statale 45 di Val Trebbia SS45 towards Piacenza, which touches the towns of Liguria Bargagli, Torriglia, Montebruno, Rovegno, Gorreto and those of Emilia Ottone and Corte Brugnatella ( km 68 );
# By Chiavari and the Italian Riviera, both for the former State Route 586 Valley dell ' Aveto SP 586 through Rezzoaglio and Val Aveto to Marsaglia ( Corte Brugnatella ) ( not recommended in winter ) ( km 90 ) or head for the Val Fontanabuona by the route Provincial 225 Val Fontanabuona SP 225 to Bargagli and incorporated in the State Road 45 Val Trebbia SS45 towards Piacenza ( km 100 );
Jean François Paschal Grousset ( 7 April 1844, Corte 9 April 1909, Paris ) was a French politician, journalist, translator and science fiction writer.
* Manuel de Moura y Corte Real, 2nd Marquis of Castel Rodrigo ( 1590 1651 ), Portuguese Governor of the Spanish Netherlands ( 1644 1647 )
# Tertiary Industries Mercantile, Fishing and Military Ports, Restaurants, News Media ( Ferrol TV / Diario de Ferrol ), Hotels ( Barceló Almirante / Pazo Libunca ), Leisure and Tourism ( World Surf Competitions, Popular Transatlantic Steamships Stop ), Consulting, Health Care / Hospitals ( Arquitecto Marcide Hospital Complex ), Education ( Schools, Colleges / ESENGRA and Universities / UNED / PERITOS ) and Public Utilities, Franchises ( main brand names and designer label's shops ), Wholesale ( Navy Suppliers / Anton-Martin ) and Retail Industries ( El Corte Inglés / Alcampo ).
* Markam, Clements R. Journal of Christopher Columbus ( During His First Voyage, 1492 93 ) and Documents Relating to the Voyages of John Cabot and Gaspar Corte Real Ayer Publishing, 1972 ISBN 0-8337-2230-1
# Magistrado de la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la República de Honduras ( 1949 1954 ).
Another reserve the Riserva di Piano della Corte has been created in the Erei Mountains, and the Mediterranean forest of the Vallone di Piano della Corte is scheduled to become another reserve.

Corte and ),
An example of convergence from the other direction is shown in Srl CILFIT and Lanificio di Gavardo SpA v Ministry of Health ( Corte suprema di Cassazione, Italy, 1982 ), in which Italy's Supreme Court held that questions it has already answered need not be resubmitted.
The two most widely spoken forms of the Corsican language are Supranacciu, spoken in the Bastia and Corte area ( generally throughout the northern half of the island ), and Suttanacciu, spoken around Sartene and Porto-Vecchio ( generally throughout the southern half of the island ).
Corte is also linked to Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi by the Chemin de fer de la Corse ( Corsican Railway ), and is served by trains running between Ajaccio and Calvi, and Ajaccio and Bastia.
On November 23, 1995, the Court of Cassation ( Corte di Cassazione ) convicted Licio Gelli ( grand master of P2 ), Francesco Pazienza and SISMI officers Pietro Musumeci and Giuseppe Belmonte of diverting investigations in relation to the Bologna Massacre.
San Salvador is home to all heads of state, to the Concejo de Minisitro de El Salvador ( Council of Ministries of El Salvador ), La Asamblea Legislativa ( The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador ), Corte Suprema de Justicia ( The Supreme Court ), and other institutions, as well as the official residence of the president of the republic.
Following Italian law, the results were checked by the Corte di Cassazione ( the highest judicial Court at that time ), as expected.
* Jean Curtius, also known as Jean De Corte and Juan Curcio ( 1551-1628 ), a industrialist from Liége
In 1974 he returned to full-length stories, sending Corto to 1918 Siberia in the story Corte sconta detta arcana ( Corto Maltese in Siberia ), first serialised in Linus.
It is divided into the Corte dei Lanzi ( with foundings of a high tower demolished in the 16th century ), the Palazzetto dei Conti ( 13th century ) and the Palazzetto Veneto.
In Mexico a Magistrado ( magistrate ), is a superior judge ( and the highest-ranking State judge ) hierarchically beneath the Supreme Court Justices ( Ministros de la Corte Suprema ) in the Federal Law System.
As early as 1904, Paoli was awarded The Cross of St. Mauricio medal by the Czar of Russia Nicholas II, and Maria Cristina de Habsburgo, Queen of Spain, declared Paoli Cantante de Camara de la Corte ( Chamber Singer of the Court ) and gave him La Gran Cruz de Isabel la Catolica ( The Cross of Isabella the Catholic ), while Carlos de Braganza, Prince of Portugal, named him Caballero Comendador del Cristo de Portugal y Cantante de Camara.
* " Corte tubo " ( M. Molinet ), guaracha, 1945
NRP Corte Real ( F332 ), a modern Vasco da Gama class frigate | Vasco da Gama class multi-purpose frigate.
The Parliament in joint session of both Houses elects the President of the Republic ( in this case, 58 regional delegates are added ), five ( one third ) members of the Corte Costituzionale and one third of the Superior Council of Judiciary.
* The annual ' Disfida degli Arceri di terra e di Corte ' ( Challenge of the Ground Archers and the Court Archers ), a historical archery contest which takes place in July in the Piazza Medicea.

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