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County and judges
Political corruption in Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County became a major regional news story following nationwide publication of stories about the Kids for Cash scandal, a kickback scheme involving two local judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, charged with enriching themselves by investing in juvenile detention facilities to which they subsequently sentenced children under their judicial power.
Luzerne County senior judges are Hugh F. Mundy, and former President judges Joseph Augello, Chester Muroski, and Patrick Toole.
Summit County currently has 14 Common Pleas judges.
Three elected judges sit in Auglaize County, presiding over four courts.
At that time the first Governor of Missouri, Alexander McNair, appointed James Austin as Presiding Judge and George McGahan and James W Smith as judges for the first St. Francois County Court.
* Circuit Court ( 3rd Circuit encompasses Wayne County ): 61 judges ( non-partisan )
The commission discovered during its investigation that indigent defendants in Greene County were routinely pled guilty by judges without the presence of counsel and sometimes without even being present in court to make their pleas, violations of the Sixth Amendment.
The players built a set for The Allegan County Fair Idol Contest where they were also competition judges.
Black, Taylor and Dean were named for three Blair County judges born in Williamsburg.
* His / Her Honour ( oral address Your Honour ) — judges ( in state District / County courts ) and magistrates.
Article V, Section 25 ( a ) of the Missouri Constitution specifies a process, known as the Missouri Plan, to appoint judges to the state Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and circuit and probate courts in the independent City of St. Louis, Jackson County ( Kansas City ), and any other circuit court where a majority of voters choose to adopt nonpartisan appointment ( currently St. Louis County, Clay County, and Platte County ).
" Bill Delmore, the Harris County prosecutor who argued the case, called the judges " big chickens " and said: " They have a history of avoiding the hot potato cases if they can.
The dispute was between members of the O ' Connor clan ( i. e., sept ) in King's county ( modern County Offaly ), who were persuaded by two judges ( referred to in the account below ) to bring the matter before the Irish privy council for resolution.
While the evidence focused especially on problems in King County, adjacent Chelan was chosen as the venue because it was more solidly Republican and the GOP questioned the ability of King County judges to rule impartially in such a case.
Circuit judges ( in the County Courts or the Crown Court ) wear a violet robe with lilac facings.
Since autumn 2008, circuit judges in the County Court have not worn wigs, wing collars or bands ; however, circuit judges in the Crown Court retain the wig, wing collars and bands.
Judges of the District or County Courts of the States of Australia wear court dress similar to that worn by judges of the County Court of England and Wales.

County and commissioners
The next step awaits approval today by the Metro commissioners as the members of the Dade County Port Authority.
* January 6 – The North Carolina General Assembly authorizes nine commissioners to purchase of land for the county seat of Chatham County.
Beginning in 1874, he served as a member of the board of commissioners of Cook County.
Frederick County is governed by county commissioners, the traditional form of county government in the state of Maryland.
Cecil County is governed by county commissioners, the traditional form of county government in Maryland.
" Montgomery County was surveyed and organized in 1869 ; the governor appointed commissioners June 3.
Carroll County is governed by five county commissioners, a " commission " being the traditional form of county government in Maryland.
In 1642, the governor and council appointed commissioners for the Isle and County of Kent.
The commissioners of Kent County are -
In November 2010, Potter County commissioners awarded the bid for the 2011 use of the stadium to Scott Berry, owner of Southern Independent Baseball and franchisee with the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.
Daggett County is governed by three commissioners, an auditor / recorder, a clerk / treasurer, an assessor and a sheriff, all elected for four-year terms in partisan elections.
St. Mary's County is governed by county commissioners, the traditional form of county government in Maryland.
Somerset County is governed by county commissioners, the traditional form of county government in Maryland.
All the commissioners compose the Board of Commissioners that appoint a County Manager.
The current Skagit County commissioners include Sharon Dillon, a Democrat from District 3, which encompasses Burlington east of Interstate 5, Sedro-Woolley, and the rest of eastern Skagit County ; Ken Dahlstedt, a Democrat from District 2, which covers Mount Vernon, Conway, and south county ; and Ron Wesen, a Republican from District 1, which includes Anacortes, La Conner, and that area of the county west of Interstate 5 and north of McLean Road.
County Judge Henry Harrison " Hank " Campbell ( 1840 – 1911 ) and the four county commissioners at the time awarded a construction contract to local builders J. F.
Like all Texas counties, Dawson County has four commissioners chosen by single-member district and a countywide elected county judge, the chief administrator of the county.
* Dalam County commissioners ’ website
The governing body of Lincoln County is the Lincoln County Commission, which is divided into eight districts and 24 commissioners, three from each district.
Bradley County has a 14-member county commission, with two commissioners from each of seven districts.
Beadle County, named in honor of Brigadier General William Henry Harrison Beadle, was created by the Dakota Territory Legislature in 1879 and formally organized in 1880 with the appointment of three county commissioners by Governor Nehemiah G. Ordway.
The first town within Beadle County was Cavour, but Huron was named the county seat when the county commissioners first met there in July 1880.

County and engineers
Many of the projects were set in motion by Johnson, Depp & Quisenberry, a firm of consulting engineers then engaged in a runway redesign at the County Airport ; the ' Depp ' in question was a member of an old and prodigious Kentucky family which includes the town's most famous son, actor Johnny Depp.
As local legend goes, one of the construction engineers who built the railroad through Cabool also worked on railroad construction in Afghanistan and thought this area of southern Texas County looked similar to the region of Kabul, Afghanistan.
The World Series between the Giants and Oakland Athletics was subsequently delayed for 10 days, in part to give engineers time to check the stadium's ( and that of nearby Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum ) overall structural soundness.
Seventy-three engineers from his unit worked in hard-hit Hancock County, Mississippi.
As early as the 1970s Santa Cruz County began to create a hydrology transport model of the San Lorenzo River, retaining a group of scientists and engineers from Earth Metrics Inc., who were to create the first mathematical model of the river, with the objective of analyzing bedload transport and downstream sedimentation.
This was covered by a £ 3 million out-of-court settlement between the County Council and the consulting engineers and a £ 4 million interest-free loan from the Government that was repayable over 40 years.
He had not done so by January 1960 when the Evening Standard reported that Marples Ridgeway had won the tender to build the Hammersmith Flyover and that the Ministry of Transport's engineers had endorsed the London County Council's rejection of a lower tender.
After finding a way through Hampshire County via Mechanicsburg Gap in Mill Creek Mountain, and pushing on into Preston County, the engineers encountered insurmountable obstacles to the Kingwood route, causing the stock to languish.
County engineers successfully maneuvered around federally-mandated clearances, aesthetic and financial considerations raised by local agencies and the lack of adequate anchorage points along the river banks.
Steinman ’ s notoriety and the fact that his book was reviewed in the engineering press make it likely that Allegheny County ’ s engineers could have examined the first edition of this book.
Named after Milton Latham, one of the railroad construction engineers, this town was the first in Calaveras County to have a railroad.

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