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Critic and Harold
Critic Harold Bloom cites Myra Breckinridge as a canonical work in his book The Western Canon.
Critic Harold Bloom remarked several years later that Fields ', " croaking his ghastly dirge to the uncertain sound of his dulcimer, is a parodic version of the Bard of Sensibility, a figure out of the primitivism of Thomas Gray or William Blake.
Critic Harold Hobson deemed it to be one of the best first plays of its generation.
Critic Harold Bloom praised Blood Meridian as one of the best 20th century American novels, describing it as " worthy of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick ," but admitted that he found the book's pervasive violence so distasteful that he had several false starts before reading the book entirely.
*" Social Critic, Essayist Harold Cruse Dies "-Washington Post obituary by Adam Bernstein, Tuesday, March 29, 2005.

Critic and only
Critic Bosley Crowther, film critic for The New York Times, liked the screenplay, the message of the film, and John Ford's direction, and wrote, " John Ford has truly fashioned a modern Odyssey — a stark and tough-fibered motion picture which tells with lean economy the never-ending story of man's wanderings over the waters of the world in search of peace for his soul ... it is harsh and relentless and only briefly compassionate in its revelation of man's pathetic shortcomings.
Critic John Krewson lauded the work of Ida Lupino, and wrote, " As a screenwriter and director, Lupino had an eye for the emotional truth hidden within the taboo or mundane, making a series of B-styled pictures which featured sympathetic, honest portrayals of such controversial subjects as unmarried mothers, bigamy, and rape ... in The Hitch-Hiker, arguably Lupino's best film and the only true noir directed by a woman, two utterly average middle-class American men are held at gunpoint and slowly psychologically broken by a serial killer.
Kardec's own introductory book on Spiritism, What is Spiritism ?, published only two years after The Spirits Book, includes a long dialogue between his persona and three idealized critics, " The Critic ", " The Skeptic ", and " The Priest ", which as a whole summed up most of the criticism Spiritism has received since then: of being charlatanism, pseudoscience, heresy, anti-Catholic, witchcraft, and / or a form of Satanism.
Critic Dennis Schwartz called the film, " A fresh smelling film noir directed with great skill by George Marshall from the screenplay of Raymond Chandler ( the only one he ever wrote for the screen, his other films were adapted from novels of others and, ironically, film adaptations of his novels were all written by other screenwriters ).
The film was given a negative review in The Times newspaper in the United Kingdom, in a piece published on 21 July 1966 and credited only to " Our Film Critic ".
* A Critic Looks at Jazz ( 1946 ; collected criticism from his column in the jazz periodical The Record Changer, " An Anthropologist Looks at Jazz "; the only jazz book ever published by Borneman )
During a legislative debate in June 1999, Toews accused NDP Justice Critic Gord Mackintosh of mischief for repeatedly calling the province's Street Peace gang hotline only to hang up before leaving a message.
Critic Roger Ebert commented on his website that " Not only is the rumor untrue, it is unfair to Marisa Tomei, and Rex Reed owes her an apology.
Critic Dave Kehr wrote of the film, " Gloria Grahame, at her brassiest, pleads with Glenn Ford to do away with her slob of a husband, Broderick Crawford ... A gripping melodrama, marred only by Ford's inability to register an appropriate sense of doom.

Critic and attempt
As NDP Transport Critic, Julian lead the successful fight in the House of Commons to stop the SMS transport safety bill, which he believed to be an attempt to turn safety over to air transport companies themselves, something Julian termed " self-serve safety ".

Critic and at
In 1988 the British artist and friend of Weizenbaum Brian Reffin Smith created and showed at the exhibition ' Salamandre ', in the Musée du Berry, Bourges, France, two art-oriented ELIZA-style programs written in BASIC, one called ' Critic ' and the other ' Artist ', running on two separate Amiga 1000 computers.
*" Dining Out: The Food Critic at Table " A review of food writing and writers by Adam Gopnick that examines the genre.
Critic W. S. Di Piero noted " Whatever the occasion, childhood, farm life, politics and culture in Northern Ireland, other poets past and present, Heaney strikes time and again at the taproot of language, examining its genetic structures, trying to discover how it has served, in all its changes, as a culture bearer, a world to contain imaginations, at once a rhetorical weapon and nutriment of spirit.
In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Stone's role as Chief Design Critic and Associate Professor of Architecture at the Yale University School of Architecture gave him the opportunity to recruit many skilled young staff members for his office.
* Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said reviewed at The Open Critic
Critic Johnny Loftus writes, " Rock critics usually reserve a special place for Deftones above or at least away from the rest of the turn-of-the-century metal movement Deftones have always seemed more curious, more willing to incorporate traditionally revered sounds like D. C. hardcore and dream pop into their Northern California alt-metal.
Critic Dave Marsh suggests it is this moment that gives the recording greatness: " went for it so avidly you'd have thought he'd spotted the jugular of a lifelong enemy, so crudely that, at that instant, Ely sounds like Donald Duck on helium.
It was followed by The Critic ( 1779 ), an updating of the satirical Restoration play The Rehearsal, which received a memorable revival ( performed with Oedipus Rex in a single evening ) starring Laurence Olivier as Mr Puff, opening at the New Theatre on 18 October 1945 as part of an Old Vic Theatre Company season.
Pattison was at this time a Puseyite, and greatly under the influence of John Henry Newman, for whom he worked, helping in the translation of Thomas Aquinas's Catena Aurea, and writing in the British Critic and Christian Remembrancer.
*" Critic At Large ", where Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me ( Abbott ), an entertainment critic, gives negative reviews, and takes regular potshots at the Women's Television Network, describing them as ' a bunch of scrotally-deprived, estrogen-sodden non-males ', and ' not just because three of ( his ) ex-wives work there.
He was the author of The Rehearsal, an amusing and clever satire on the heroic drama and especially on Dryden's The Conquest of Granada ( first performed on 7 December 1671, at the Theatre Royal, and first published in 1672 ), a deservedly popular play which was imitated by Henry Fielding in Tom Thumb the Great, and by Sheridan in The Critic.
* Seven Years in Tibet Book Review at The Open Critic ( 1956 )
Critic, Stephen Erlewine of AllMusic wrote that Dion's vocals " are back at top of their game " and that she was " getting back to pop basics and performing at a level unheard in a while.
* Ben Bagdikian — ( b. 1920, Ottoman Empire ) Ethnic Armenian editor and journalist including at the Washington Post and other papers, major American Media Critic.
According to Kevin C. Johnson, Post-Dispatch Pop Music Critic ," What stood out about Mecca's two-hour, 50-song set was her song choices, full of selections music fans don't necessarily hear every weekend at the clubs ( unlike, say, DJ Solange, who totally pandered to the crowd at the gig at Exo earlier this year ).
" Critic Giovanni Grazzini, reviewing for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, described Fellini as " an artist at his peak " and the film as the work of a mature, more refined director whose “ autobiographical content shows greater insight into historical fact and the reality of a generation.
He was given further responsibilities as Transport Critic, and spoke against proposed job cuts at Canadian National.
Critic Peter Craven writes that " Two Friends is arguably the most accomplished piece of screenwriting the country has seen and it is characterised by a total lack of condescension towards the teenage girls at its centre ".
Critic Ned Chaillett has described Sink the Belgrano !, a critical take on the Falklands War, which premiered at the Half Moon Theatre, in Stepney, on 2 September 1986, as " a diatribe in punk-Shakespearean verse "; and Berkoff himself described it as " even by my modest standards ... one of the best things I have done ".
Critic Roger Ebert's review was four out of four stars ; at the end of the year, he named it the best film of 1999.

Critic and fiction
Critic William Kuhn argued that much of his fiction can be read as " the memoirs he never wrote ", revealing the inner life of a politician for whom the norms of Victorian public life appeared to represent a social straitjacket – particularly with regard to his allegedly " ambiguous sexuality.
Critic and author Julian Symons places this author as a prominent member of the " Humdrum " school of detective fiction.

Critic and writing
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine has described Francis's writing as containing " bizarre, fragmented lyrics about space, religion, sex, mutilation, and pop culture ".
Critic John Clute wrote of M. John Harrison's early writing that it "... reveals its New-Wave provenance in narrative discontinuities and subheads after the fashion of J. G. Ballard ".
Critic Lawrence van Gelder, writing for The New York Times, did not like the film.
Critic Luis Leal attests that Carpentier was an originating pillar of the magical realist style by implicitly referring to the latter's critical works, writing that " The existence of the marvelous real is what started magical realist literature, which some critics claim is the truly American literature.
Critic James Steffen appreciated the direction of the film and the cinematography of Lee Garmes, writing " While Detective Story remains essentially a filmed play, Wyler manages to use the inherent constraints of such an approach as an artistic advantage.
Critic Robert Christgau was the " originator of the ' consumer guide ' approach to pop music reviews ", an approach to writing pop recording reviews that was designed to help consumers to decide whether to buy a new album.
Critic Ion Simuţ suggests that Iorga is at his best in travel writing, combining historical fresco and picturesque detail.
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic speculated that the alternate persona and elaborate marketing scheme backfired, writing, " When Brooks ' new persona and his album were revealed to the public, they were unforgiving-they didn't think he was playing a role, they simply thought he'd lost his mind.
Critic Roger Ebert reviewed Deep Throat in an early 1973 column, giving it a no-stars rating and writing, " It is all very well and good for Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie, to advocate sexual freedom ; but the energy she brings to her role is less awesome than discouraging.
Critic Ed Naha, writing in Crawdaddy !, gave the album a negative review, saying, " Much of the Wonderlandish magic found on Eno ’ s first LP is lost on this rocky terrain, being replaced by a dull,
Critic James Dafforne, writing in 1871 in The Art Journal said of Leader's style:
In 1917, she began writing for the Fort Worth Critic, critiquing dramas, and writing society gossip.
Critic Roger Ebert lauded the film in his film review, writing, " The Official Story is part polemic, part thriller, part tragedy.
Gael Greene, writing under the rubric " The Insatiable Critic ," reviewed restaurants, cultivating a baroque writing style that leaned heavily on sexual metaphor.
Critic Glenn Erickson recently echoed the New York Times review, writing, " Although biographies on both Ib Melchior and Sid Pink would have you believe that The Angry Red Planet is an outer-space classic, it simply isn't so.
Critic William Ruhlman agreed, writing that the album " is a highly referential work from an artist who started where most end and has been earnestly seeking the right direction ever since.
Critic Robert Koehler, writing in Variety magazine, also gave the gave the film a mixed review, writing, " The latest fashion, The Salton Sea strains past the breaking point to provide the old genre with new couture.
Critic Roger Ebert, on the other hand, liked the film writing, " And yet the film works.
Critic Janet Maslin spoke well of the actors, writing,
" Critic Philip Kemp, writing in his essay for the Criterion Collection release of the trilogy, argues that, while " the film suffers from its sheer magnitude from the almost unrelieved somberness of its prevailing mood ...

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