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Critic and Harold
Critic Harold Bloom cites Myra Breckinridge as a canonical work in his book The Western Canon.
Critic Harold Hobson deemed it to be one of the best first plays of its generation.
Critic Harold Bloom praised Blood Meridian as one of the best 20th century American novels, describing it as " worthy of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick ," but admitted that he found the book's pervasive violence so distasteful that he had several false starts before reading the book entirely.
*" Social Critic, Essayist Harold Cruse Dies "-Washington Post obituary by Adam Bernstein, Tuesday, March 29, 2005.
Critic Harold Bloom, in his only attempt at fiction writing, wrote a sequel to this novel, entitled The Flight to Lucifer, but has since disowned the book and will not associate his name with the novel.

Critic and remarked
Critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that the film was the greatest adaptation of the novel and remarked on Dunst's performance, " The perfect contrast to take-charge Jo comes from Kirsten Dunst's scene-stealing Amy, whose vanity and twinkling mischief make so much more sense coming from an 11-year-old vixen than they did from grown-up Joan Bennett in 1933.
Critic Danél Griffin remarked, " Romero freely admits that his film was a direct rip-off of Matheson's novel ; I would be a little less harsh in my description and say that Romero merely expanded the author's ideas with deviations so completely original that of the Living Dead is expelled from being labeled a true ' rip-off '".
Critic Zack Handlen remarked, " This is still early Dick, which means that while interesting concepts are introduced, and there ’ s some play with identity -- Jennings develops an overwhelming faith in the prescience of his past self, a faith which most people can ’ t ever have in their present versions, and by the end he ’ s even referring to that past guy as a separate person -- the primary focus is nabbing you and keeping you entertained.
Critic John Simon remarked that it " must have arrived in garbage rather than in film cans ".
Critic Janet Maslin remarked that the director " uses his gift for eloquent abstraction to create sobering, obscenely beautiful images of a natural world that has run amok "; her colleague J. Hoberman called it " the culmination of Mr. Herzog's romantic doomsday worldview ".
Critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times remarked that " Here, using big movie stars and asking them to play each other, Woo and his writers find a terrific counterpoint to the action scenes: All through the movie, you find yourself reinterpreting every scene as you realize the ' other ' character is ' really ' playing it.
Critic James Fallows remarked that McCaughey's arguments against the stimulus legislation were similar to the false claims she advanced years ago against the Clinton healthcare bill.
" George Gilfillan remarked in the London Critic:
Critic Alexei Korotyukov remarked: " Paradjanov made films not about how things are, but how they would have been had he been God.

Critic and several
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes Talking Heads as being " one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the ' 80s, while managing to earn several pop hits.
Critic Pauline Kael warmly embraced Topol's performance, and he has appeared in several stage revivals of the show.
In addition to her work on The Simpsons, Cartwright has voiced many other characters on several animated series, including Chuckie Finster in Rugrats and All Grown Up !, Margo Sherman in The Critic, Mindy in Animaniacs and Rufus the naked mole rat in Kim Possible.
Critic Michael Heiser called Sitchin " arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades ".
Critic Leonard Maltin observed that Disney Studios made several attempts to recreate the appeal and success of Mary Poppins ( 1964 ), and that this was one of their least successful endeavors.
He hoped Brooks would pull the episode because " articles began to appear in several newspapers around the country saying that created The Critic ," and removed his names from the credits.
He has made several appearances on The Simpsons, including as Marge's prom date Artie Ziff in " The Way We Was ", the art teacher in " Brush with Greatness ", theater director Llewellyn Sinclair and his sister who owned a daycare center in " A Streetcar Named Marge ", Andre in " Homer's Triple Bypass ", and numerous other appearances ( including the character of Jay Sherman in the episode A Star Is Burns, which was a crossover with The Critic ).
After several years as the campus Kindergarten Critic, Ms. Drake became the Campus School Librarian until her retirement in 1959.
Adolphus wrote several chapters of Charles Rivington's Annual Register and papers for the British Critic.
He contributed several papers to the first series of the British Critic, and two to the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, in 1822.
He worked on several other animated television series, including The Critic and King of the Hill, before pitching Warner Brothers to write and direct the animated film The Iron Giant.
He soon left Bell Labs to write for David Letterman and subsequently for various sitcoms, including several episodes of Wings, The Simpsons, Futurama, and The Critic, as well as the short-lived Fox claymation show The PJs.

Critic and years
Critic Dana D. Nelson believes presidents over the past thirty years have worked towards " undivided presidential control of the executive branch and its agencies.
Several short-lived papers also appeared a few years laterthe St Helena Times ( 1889 ), the Monthly Critic and Flashman ( 1895 ) and the St Helena Observer.
Kardec's own introductory book on Spiritism, What is Spiritism ?, published only two years after The Spirits Book, includes a long dialogue between his persona and three idealized critics, " The Critic ", " The Skeptic ", and " The Priest ", which as a whole summed up most of the criticism Spiritism has received since then: of being charlatanism, pseudoscience, heresy, anti-Catholic, witchcraft, and / or a form of Satanism.
Critic John Leonard called Northern Exposure " the best of the best television in the past 10 years.
For over ten years, he was the Senior Opposition Critic for Natural Resources, and is a former Deputy Whip of the Official Opposition.
Critic Stephanie Zacharek wrote in her review " Rising star Samantha Morton shines in this charming, finely crafted film from Woody Allen " and that " Her performance is like nothing I ’ ve seen in recent years.
" Critic Danny Peary wrote that " it was great to see Sean Connery return as James Bond after a dozen years ".
Reportedly, after two years at CalArts, Tartakovsky got a job in Spain on Batman: The Animated Series and The Critic.
Critic Stephen Burn, in his book on Infinite Jest, argues that YDAU corresponds to 2009: the MIT Language Riots took place in 1997 ( n. 24 ) and those riots occurred 12 years before YDAU ( n. 60 ).
Returning to America in February 1881, he continued to study Sanskrit at Harvard University for a year and for two years contributed to various periodicals, mainly The Critic.
Pupatello remained a member of the opposition frontbench, serving over the next four years as Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Official Opposition Critic for Health and Long-Term Care.
During his years on the Opposition bench Ruprecht also served variously as Critic for Tourism, Disabilities and Associate Critic for Labour.
The Liberals increased their parliamentary strength from one to twenty in this election, and Kozak served as his party's Finance Critic and Deputy House Leader for the next two years.
" Critic Donald Bogle states in a New York Times interview that the film in some ways met the black audience's compensatory needs after years of asexual, Sidney Poitier-type characters and that they wanted a " viable, sexual, assertive, arrogant black male hero.
In opposition, he served as his party's Agriculture Critic for the next five years.
The Futon Critic named it the 50th best episode of 2003, saying " the final Buffy from Joss Whedon's pen was a reason to celebrate in 2003: back was the snappy dialogue we've come to expect from the show over the years.
Critic / novelist Jonathan Barnes writes of encountering the story as a child and finding it " one of the richest and most singular investigations of Holmes ’ s long career – an opinion which I have had no reason to change ... Revisited in adulthood, the story reveals itself as a sour parable about the endurance of lust, a lurid treatment of the question that is put to Falstaff as Doll Tearsheet fidgets on his knee: ' is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance ?'.
Philip had been his party's Transport Critic for the previous three years, and was appointed as Ontario's Minister of Transport on October 1, 1990.

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