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Critic and has
Critic Billy Altman, whose work has appeared in many publications including Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times, wrote the following for Amazon. com: " One of rock's most overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the L. A. folk-rock outfit led by inscrutable singer-songwriter Arthur Lee sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did upon its original release in 1968.
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine has described Francis's writing as containing " bizarre, fragmented lyrics about space, religion, sex, mutilation, and pop culture ".
Critic Christopher Sharrett argues that since Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho ( 1960 ) and The Birds ( 1963 ), the American horror film has been defined by the questions it poses " about the fundamental validity of the American civilizing process ", concerns amplified during the 1970s by the " delegitimation of authority in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate ".
Critic Roger Ebert has included the film in his series of " Great Movies " reviews.
" Critic Stuart Byron calls his early Pink Panther films " two of the best comedies an American has ever made.
Critic Stephen Farber has described the film as " One of the most skillful and entertaining summaries of Marilyn's endlessly fascinating rise and fall.
Critic Henry Prunières wrote, “ From the opening measures, we are plunged into a world in which Ravel has but rarely introduced us .”
Critic W. S. Di Piero noted " Whatever the occasion, childhood, farm life, politics and culture in Northern Ireland, other poets past and present, Heaney strikes time and again at the taproot of language, examining its genetic structures, trying to discover how it has served, in all its changes, as a culture bearer, a world to contain imaginations, at once a rhetorical weapon and nutriment of spirit.
Critic Bosley Crowther, film critic for The New York Times, liked the screenplay, the message of the film, and John Ford's direction, and wrote, " John Ford has truly fashioned a modern Odyssey — a stark and tough-fibered motion picture which tells with lean economy the never-ending story of man's wanderings over the waters of the world in search of peace for his soul ... it is harsh and relentless and only briefly compassionate in its revelation of man's pathetic shortcomings.
NDP Finance Critic Bob Rae attached a rider to a budget bill declaring that " this House has lost confidence in the government.
Critic Pauline Kael warmly embraced Topol's performance, and he has appeared in several stage revivals of the show.
Critic Roger Ebert wrote an article entitled, " Attacks on ' Roger & Me ' completely miss point of film " that defends Moore's manipulation of his film's timeline as an artistic and stylistic choice that has less to do with his credibility as a filmmaker and more to do with the flexibility of film as a medium to express a viewpoint using the same methods that satirists have used.
Cartwright has voiced dozens of animated characters, including Chuckie Finster in Rugrats and All Grown Up !, Rufus in Kim Possible, Mindy in Animaniacs, Margo Sherman in The Critic and Chip in The Kellys.
In addition to her work on The Simpsons, Cartwright has voiced many other characters on several animated series, including Chuckie Finster in Rugrats and All Grown Up !, Margo Sherman in The Critic, Mindy in Animaniacs and Rufus the naked mole rat in Kim Possible.
He has also written for The Independent, and was Restaurant Critic for Harpers & Queen magazine from 1995 to 1998.
" As an exegete and biblical Critic no less than as a grammarian he has left his abiding mark.
Kardec's own introductory book on Spiritism, What is Spiritism ?, published only two years after The Spirits Book, includes a long dialogue between his persona and three idealized critics, " The Critic ", " The Skeptic ", and " The Priest ", which as a whole summed up most of the criticism Spiritism has received since then: of being charlatanism, pseudoscience, heresy, anti-Catholic, witchcraft, and / or a form of Satanism.
M. M. Bakhtin, a Russian philosopher and Literary Critic has been credited with introducing the Dialogical process in Philosophy.
Critic Jack Sullivan has kinder words for Tiomkin's score for Strangers than does biographer Spoto: " o seamlessly and inevitably does it fit the picture's design that it seems like an element of Hitchcock's storyboards ", he writes It is a score that " goes largely uncelebrated.
Critic Bosley Crowther noted that its " striking and authentic documentary quality has been imported to the whole film in every detail, attitude and word.
Critic Peter Craven writes that " Two Friends is arguably the most accomplished piece of screenwriting the country has seen and it is characterised by a total lack of condescension towards the teenage girls at its centre ".
Critic Ned Chaillett has described Sink the Belgrano !, a critical take on the Falklands War, which premiered at the Half Moon Theatre, in Stepney, on 2 September 1986, as " a diatribe in punk-Shakespearean verse "; and Berkoff himself described it as " even by my modest standards ... one of the best things I have done ".
Sublett has also documented the Austin music scene in his music-themed crime novels, " Rock Critic Murders ," " Tough Baby ," and " Boiled in Concrete.
Brison has served as the Liberal Party's Finance Critic since September 2010.
Art Critic Guillaume Apollinaire praised those works of the exhibition and proclaimed Delaunay as “ an artist who has a monumental vision of the world .”

Critic and argued
Critic William Kuhn argued that much of his fiction can be read as " the memoirs he never wrote ", revealing the inner life of a politician for whom the norms of Victorian public life appeared to represent a social straitjacket – particularly with regard to his allegedly " ambiguous sexuality.
Critic E. J. Chiasson argued in 1954 that Ulysses is without faith in an afterlife, and that Tennyson uses a " method of indirection " to affirm the need for religious faith by showing how Ulysses ' lack of faith leads to his neglect of kingdom and family.
Critic Amelia Jones argued that the body poster was a statement about hyper-masculinity and the stereotypical idea that masculinity equated to homophobia.
" Opposition parliamentarians dismissed the report as a scare tactic, while Liberal Environment Critic David McGuinty argued that the study was misleading, saying that it did not properly examine international emission trading and ignored jobs to be created through the " green economy ".
Critic Luke Y. Thompson of The New Times stated that " defenders of the film have argued that it's actually pro-woman, due to the fact that the female lead wins in the end, which is sort of like saying that cockfights are pro-rooster because there's always one left standing ".
NDP Justice Critic Joe Comartin argued that this change addressed the legitimate concerns of Canadians, while removing what he described as " the radical, extreme over-reaction " of the Conservatives.
Critic David Frum has argued that the influence of conservative talk radio and Fox News has harmed American conservatism, turning it from " a political philosophy into a market segment " for extremism and conflict making " for bad politics but great TV.
Critic Kyle Smith has argued that White " simply has a different aesthetic from that of the herd ", while critic David Chen suggested that he "( perhaps too ) vehemently believes in the integrity of his art and longs for the golden era when the mainstream still cared what film critics thought ".

Critic and these
Critic F. O. Matthiessen called this " trilogy " James's major phase, and these novels have certainly received intense critical study.
Short films such as The Critic, Bambi Meets Godzilla, Lupo the Butcher, and many others were almost unknown to mainstream audiences ; however, these independent animated films continued to keep the yearly category of the Academy Award for Animated Short Film alive, as well as introducing a number of new names into the field of animation — names that would begin to bring change to the industry in the 1980s.
" Critic Robert Christgau commented that " Anybody who thinks rock and roll is alive and well in the infinite variety of its garage-boy permutations had better figure out how these Hitler Youth rejects could crush the competition and quit simultaneously.
Critic Mike Beek suggests these time constraints enabled Williams " to create themes based on ideas and suggestions, rather than a locked down print.
) Critic and author John Clute writes that "… his early stories and novels display considerable intellectual complexity, and do not shirk the downbeat implications of their anthropological treatment of aliens and alienating milieux …" In his major essay on these early novels, author Ian Watson writes " Michael Bishop is both an exoticist and a moralist.
" Critic Scott Mendelson said, " To say that these two are the most astonishingly racist caricatures that I've ever seen in a mainstream motion picture would be an understatement.

Critic and way
Critic Scott Yanow wrote, " Tatum's quick reflexes and boundless imagination kept his improvisations filled with fresh ( and sometimes futuristic ) ideas that put him way ahead of his contemporaries ... Art Tatum's recordings still have the ability to scare modern pianists.
Critic Roger Ebert gave the movie three stars out of four, saying " Gibson gives an interesting performance, showing a man trying to think his way out of a crisis, and Sinise makes a good foil: Here are two smart men playing a game with deadly stakes.
Critic Taran Adarsh wrote, " Shahid gives his all to this role, submitting himself to his director-father to mould him the way he chooses to.
Critic Taran Adarsh described the subject matter as a delicate one which could have easily been disastrous and praised the way in which director Karan's boldly constructed the film, citing it has his finest work to date.
Critic and director Jean-Luc Godard regarded the film negatively in comparison to other French crime films of the era, noting in 1986 that " today it can't hold a candle to Touchez pas au grisbi which paved the way for it, let alone Bob le flambeur which it paved the way for.
Critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times commented: " The animation [...] has an unfortunate way of endowing the male characters with doggy-looking muzzles.
Critic Robert Christgau called " What a Girl Wants " " clever " adding " but in a far less ingratiating way ", comparing the track to a " two hour promotional video " of Aguilera.

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