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Critic and William
Critic William Kuhn argued that much of his fiction can be read as " the memoirs he never wrote ", revealing the inner life of a politician for whom the norms of Victorian public life appeared to represent a social straitjacket – particularly with regard to his allegedly " ambiguous sexuality.
Critic William Baer notes that throughout his career " he constantly rose to the challenge of his own aspirations ", adding that " he was a pioneer and visionary who greatly affected the history of both stage and cinema ".
He gave assistance to William Beloe in one or two articles in the British Critic, and probably wrote also in the Analytical Review and the Critical Review.
* F. H. Armstrong, " William Lyon Mackenzie, First Mayor of Toronto: A Study of a Critic in Power ", Canadian Historical Review 48 ( 1967 )
Also that year, the Boston Critic dedicated a special issue to Lowell on his seventieth birthday to recollections and reminiscences by his friends, including former presidents Hayes and Benjamin Harrison and British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone as well as Alfred Tennyson and Francis Parkman.
Critic William Burrill dismissed the game's visuals as " Dim Boy graphics are nothing to write home about ".
Critic William Winter said, “ He was followed as a marvel.
Critic Stephen Burt at the Boston Review commented: " William Carlos Williams and Emily Dickinson together taught Armantrout how to dismantle and reassemble the forms of stanzaic lyric — how to turn it inside out and backwards, how to embody large questions and apprehensions in the conjunctions of individual words, how to generate productive clashes from arrangements of small groups of phrases.
Critic Harold Bloom remarked several years later that Fields ', " croaking his ghastly dirge to the uncertain sound of his dulcimer, is a parodic version of the Bard of Sensibility, a figure out of the primitivism of Thomas Gray or William Blake.
Critic William Lawrence Schroeder described Holmes's prose style as " attractive " in that it " made no great demand on the attention of the reader.
" William Graham Sumner: Critic of Progressive Liberalism.
" William Graham Sumner as a Critic of the Spanish American War.
Critic William Ruhlman agreed though did not consider the album as strong.
Critic William Ruhlman agreed, writing that the album " is a highly referential work from an artist who started where most end and has been earnestly seeking the right direction ever since.
* 1985 – William Dudley for The Mysteries, The Real Inspector Hound, The Critic, The Merry Wives of Windsor and Mutiny
Critic William Fulwiler argues that Edgar Rice Burroughs ' At the Earth's Core was one of Lovecraft's primary inspirations for " The Nameless City ", citing " the reptile race, the tunnel to the interior of the earth, and the ' hidden world of eternal day '" as elements common to both tales.
* William Grimes, Hayden Carruth, Poet and Critic, Dies at 87, New York Times, 30 September 2008

Critic and Michael
" — Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune Film Critic ( June 18, 2001 )
* Michael Billington – Critic, author and radio presenter.
Critic Michael Heiser called Sitchin " arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades ".
Critic Michael Billington recalled: " In Redgrave's Vanya you saw both a tremulous victim of a lifetime's emotional repression and the wasted potential of a Chekhovian might-have-been: as Redgrave and Olivier took their joint curtain call, linked hands held triumphantly aloft, we were not to know that this was to symbolise the end of their artistic amity.
Critic Michael Billington believes this version is more suggestive of Middleton than Shakespeare.
In January, 2009, Irwin Cotler was named Special Counsel on Human Rights and International Justice for the Liberal Party, under Michael Ignatieff, and subsequently Critic for Human Rights.
Critic Michael Corcoran likened the band's musical style to " Bob Mould fronting Soul Asylum on a speeded-up version of a Gram Parsons song.
Under Michael Ignatieff, Regan served as Liberal Critic for Natural Resources, and later, Public Works and Government Services.
' Wilder's bitter brew has been diluted ,' wrote AP Drama Critic Michael Kuchwara.
) Critic and author John Clute writes that "… his early stories and novels display considerable intellectual complexity, and do not shirk the downbeat implications of their anthropological treatment of aliens and alienating milieux …" In his major essay on these early novels, author Ian Watson writes " Michael Bishop is both an exoticist and a moralist.
Critic Michael Billington, for example, wrote, " the time for this kind of faux-naïf, sub Commedia dell ' Arte diversion has passed ".
Critic Michael Azerrad describes Cain's drumming as " a brutal but brainy style that was positively electrifying.
In 2009, Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff appointed Coady as the Liberal Critic for the Treasury Board.
Critic Jennifer M. Wood points to the Palace Theater in San Francisco's North Beach district where, in 1968, San Francisco Art Institute graduates Michael Wiese and Steven Arnold, after a sellout screening of their Dalí-esque thesis film Messages, Messages, were invited to program offbeat films at midnight.
Critic Michael Billington, writing in The Guardian commented that the production " proves the prolific Morton is unjustly neglected ", praising Bell's productions.

Critic and Leaves
" Critic Rufus Wilmot Griswold reviewed Leaves of Grass in the November 10, 1855, issue of The Criterion, calling it " a mass of stupid filth " and categorized its author as a filthy free lover.

Critic and classic
Critic Rex Reed wrote, " If you want to see what turns a B movie into a classic [...] don't miss Night of the Living Dead.
Critic Dennis Schwartz wrote, " A remarkable indy classic, made on a shoestring budget by a group of still photographers.
Critic Glenn Erickson recently echoed the New York Times review, writing, " Although biographies on both Ib Melchior and Sid Pink would have you believe that The Angry Red Planet is an outer-space classic, it simply isn't so.
Critic Don Heckman commented of the unedited " Original Faubus Fables " in a 1962 review that it was " a classic Negro put-down in which satire becomes a deadly rapier-thrust.
Critic Fernando F. Croce wrote of the film, " Fallen Angel, the director's follow-up to his 1944 classic, is often predictably looked down as a lesser genre venture, yet its subtle analysis of shadowy tropes proves both a continuation and a deepening of Preminger's use of moral ambiguity as a tool of human insight ... Preminger's refusal to draw easy conclusions — his pragmatic curiosity for people — is reflected in his remarkable visual fluidity, the surveying camera constantly moving, shifting dueling points-of-view in order to give them equal weight.
Critic Karl Williams called the film, " well-plotted and executed film noir suffered from its lack of star power, but has become something of a cult classic.

Critic and along
In 1995, Ebert, along with colleague Gene Siskel, guest starred on an episode of the animated TV series The Critic.
He first entered the public eye as one of the Brunching Shuttlecocks in 1997 along with David Neilsen ( the Self-Made Critic ) and a number of other, minor contributors.
In 2010, Sherri, along with Paul Rugg, Tom Ruegger, Nathan Ruegger & John P. McCann appeared in The Nostalgia Critic's Animaniacs Tribute and was interviewed by The Critic.
Critic and Beefheart biographer Mike Barnes has offered that the album was " ponderous ... it really just lumbers along.
Critic Richard Scheib said, " The film was part of a brief revival of the old caveman vs dinosaurs genre, along with Quest for Fire and Clan of the Cave Bear, in which earlier action-fantasy films were redressed with a much stricter regard to anthropological realism.
Critic Bosley Crowther gave the drama a mixed review, and wrote, " Therefore, The Sniper develops, as it casually gets along, into nothing more forceful or impressive than a moderately fascinating " chase.

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