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Critic and author
Critic and author Eddie Muller wrote, " Joseph H. Lewis's direction is propulsive, possessed of a confident, vigorous simplicity that all the frantic editing and visual pyrotechnics of the filmmaking progeny never quite surpassed.
* Michael Billington – Critic, author and radio presenter.
" Critic Rufus Wilmot Griswold reviewed Leaves of Grass in the November 10, 1855, issue of The Criterion, calling it " a mass of stupid filth " and categorized its author as a filthy free lover.
He was the author of The Rehearsal, an amusing and clever satire on the heroic drama and especially on Dryden's The Conquest of Granada ( first performed on 7 December 1671, at the Theatre Royal, and first published in 1672 ), a deservedly popular play which was imitated by Henry Fielding in Tom Thumb the Great, and by Sheridan in The Critic.
* November 13, 1965 – Critic and author Kenneth Tynan became the first person to say the word " fuck " on British television on the live satirical programme BBC-3 while commenting on censorship during a TV debate.
) Critic and author John Clute writes that "… his early stories and novels display considerable intellectual complexity, and do not shirk the downbeat implications of their anthropological treatment of aliens and alienating milieux …" In his major essay on these early novels, author Ian Watson writes " Michael Bishop is both an exoticist and a moralist.
" Critic Richard Delap writes " There is an abundance of exploitable elements in Bishop's story, so it is astonishing to see how the author keeps them under strict rein, always with a highly keyed visual sense but also with a literary flair that says more by implication than by direct description.
At the August 2008 conference of the American Association of Wine Economists in Portland, Oregon, a hoax exposé submission of the fictitious restaurant Osteria L ’ Intrepido was revealed by the author and Fearless Critic founder Robin Goldstein: he had won an Award of Excellence for a restaurant that didn't exist and whose " reserve wine list " was full of the lowest-rated Italian wines in history.
Yale ’ s The New Englander while complimenting Emerson's abilities, criticized the book as depicting “ a universe bereft of its God ” and described its author as writing “ with the air of a man who is accustomed to be looked up to with admiring and unquestioning deference .” Littell's Living Age found the book to contain the “ weakest kind of commonplace elaborately thrown into unintelligible shapes ” and claimed it to read in parts like an “ emasculate passage of Walt Whitman .” Others were no less critical, proclaiming that Emerson “ has come to the end of what he had to say, and is repeating himself ” ( Athenaeum ) or even calling him a “ phrasemonger ” and “ second-hand writer ” ( Critic ).
Critic and author Vijay Nair described her performance as " a masterful interpretation of the modern Draupadi ".
) Critic and author Greg Kot wrote in Wilco: Learning How to Die that " Tweedy's voice and personality are as modest as the arrangements ; there's little sense of drama, and virtually no hint of risk.

Critic and Julian
Critic Joel Silverstein in Reviewny. com suggested Gauguin's style influenced painters such as Julian Hatton, Joan Miró and Ludwig von Hofmann.
In the New Democratic Party Shadow Cabinet, Julian is the Energy and Natural Resources Critic.
Julian previously served as the NDP critic for International Trade, Transportation, Persons with Disabilities, Treasury Board, Western Fisheries Critic, Industry, and the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympics.
During the 2011-12 NDP leadership race, Julian took over from candidate Peggy Nash to serve as the NDP's Finance Critic until the race was over, at which point Nash retook her spot and Julian was shifted to the lower-profile position of Energy Critic.
As NDP Transport Critic, Julian lead the successful fight in the House of Commons to stop the SMS transport safety bill, which he believed to be an attempt to turn safety over to air transport companies themselves, something Julian termed " self-serve safety ".

Critic and places
'" Critic Leslie Sanders argues that, in her ongoing exploration of the notions of " here " and " there ", Brand uses her own " statelessness " as a vehicle for entering "' other people's experience '" and "' other places.
Critic Pierre A. Walker places Angelou's autobiography in the African American literature tradition of political protest.

Critic and prominent
The election was won by the Progressive Conservatives ; despite her lack of experience, Dombrowsky soon emerged as a prominent voice in the opposition benches, serving as Official Opposition Critic for Community, Family and Children's Services and Deputy House Leader.
Samir Farid ( prominent Film Critic ) in his book “ New Realism in Egyptian Cinema ”, 1991.

Critic and member
Critic Gill Gregory suggests that Procter may have been a lesbian and in love with Matilda Hays, a fellow member of the Society for the Promotion of the Employment of Women ; other critics have called Procter's relationship with Hays " emotionally intense.
In 1988 he was elected to the House of Commons as a member of the opposition and served as Critic for Urban Affairs and Housing.
Klees increased his profile during the campaign, and is currently the Progressive Conservative Critic for Education and Citizenship & Immigration in the Legislature as well as a member of the Justice Committee.
He has served as Vice-Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Vice Chair of the Public Safety and National Security Committee, Critic for Natural Resources, Critic for Public Works and Procurement, Critic for the Canadian Border Services Agency, Associate Critic for Treasury Board, as a member of the Finance Committee, Industry Committee, Public Accounts Committee, Government Operations Committee and on the Cities and Communities Caucus.
Brown rose to prominence as a well-spoken and moderate member of the Reform Party, becoming Canadian Heritage Critic in its shadow cabinet.
Neville was the Official Opposition Critic for the Status of Women, and was a member of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women and the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.
The general election was won by the Progressive Conservatives and Gerretsen entered parliament as a member of the opposition, serving as Opposition Critic on Municipal Affairs and Housing and Chief Opposition Whip.
Pupatello remained a member of the opposition frontbench, serving over the next four years as Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Official Opposition Critic for Health and Long-Term Care.
She is the chair of the Public Accounts Committee, a member of the Assembly Matters Committee and the Liberal Critic for Health and Health Promotion & Protection.
MacKinley has served as Opposition Critic for Transportation and Public Works, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Aquaculture ; he was the Chairman of the important Public Accounts Committee of the legislature, which must always be chaired by a member of the Opposition.
Schneider has published his film reviews in a number of online publications, and is a member of the Internet Film Critic Society.

Critic and school
Nevertheless, in his essay, " The New Criticism ," Cleanth Brooks notes that " The New Critic, like the Snark, is a very elusive beast ," meaning that there was no clearly defined " New Critical " school or critical stance.
British Art Critic Adrian Searle wrote that “ Downtown 81 captures that New York moment when punk, emerging rap, art school cool and the East Village art and music scenes were at their creative best .”

Critic and fiction
Critic William Kuhn argued that much of his fiction can be read as " the memoirs he never wrote ", revealing the inner life of a politician for whom the norms of Victorian public life appeared to represent a social straitjacket – particularly with regard to his allegedly " ambiguous sexuality.
Critic Harold Bloom, in his only attempt at fiction writing, wrote a sequel to this novel, entitled The Flight to Lucifer, but has since disowned the book and will not associate his name with the novel.

Critic and .
As Critic Walter Kerr points out: `` Adaptations, so long as they are good, still qualify as creative ''.
The point is already made by Hume, but see Mary Mothersill, " Beauty and the Critic ’ s Judgment ", in The Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics, 2004.
Critic Rex Reed noted that " The score of ' Night Music ' ... contains patter songs, contrapuntal duets and trios, a quartet, and even a dramatic double quintet to puzzle through.
DirkJan was first published in Critic, the magazine for the local union of psychology students.
Critic Roger Ebert was and remains today a champion of the film, including it on his all-time top ten best films list.
The Athenaeum reviewer praised Ellis Bell's work for its music and power, and the Critic reviewer recognized " the presence of more genius than it was supposed this utilitarian age had devoted to the loftier exercises of the intellect.
In 1988 the British artist and friend of Weizenbaum Brian Reffin Smith created and showed at the exhibition ' Salamandre ', in the Musée du Berry, Bourges, France, two art-oriented ELIZA-style programs written in BASIC, one called ' Critic ' and the other ' Artist ', running on two separate Amiga 1000 computers.
The visitor was supposed to help them converse by typing in to ' Artist ' what ' Critic ' said, and vice versa.
Critic Alistair Cooke observed that Capra was " starting to make movies about themes instead of people.
*" Dining Out: The Food Critic at Table " A review of food writing and writers by Adam Gopnick that examines the genre.
* How to Become a Musical Critic.
Critic Leonard Maltin labeled Hawks " the greatest American director who is not a household name ," noting that, while his work may not be as well known as Ford, Welles, or DeMille, he is no less a talented filmmaker.
Critic Roger Ebert, in a review dated January 1, 1972, did not care for the film.
Critic Alexander Woollcott wrote of Bogart's early work that he " is what is usually and mercifully described as inadequate.
Critic Georg Lukács points to middling main characters like Ivanhoe in Sir Walter Scott's other novels as one of the primary reasons Scott's historical novels depart from previous historical works and better explore social and cultural history.
Critic and humorist Louis Leroy wrote a scathing review in the newspaper Le Charivari in which, making wordplay with the title of Claude Monet's Impression, Sunrise ( Impression, soleil levant ), he gave the artists the name by which they became known.
Critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that the film was the greatest adaptation of the novel and remarked on Dunst's performance, " The perfect contrast to take-charge Jo comes from Kirsten Dunst's scene-stealing Amy, whose vanity and twinkling mischief make so much more sense coming from an 11-year-old vixen than they did from grown-up Joan Bennett in 1933.
Critic Billy Altman, whose work has appeared in many publications including Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times, wrote the following for Amazon. com: " One of rock's most overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the L. A. folk-rock outfit led by inscrutable singer-songwriter Arthur Lee sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did upon its original release in 1968.
The Nostalgia Critic, in his review of The Room, performed a more over-the-top parody of the sketch near the end of the video.
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine declared that PE " brought in elements of free jazz, hard funk, even musique concrète, via producing team the Bomb Squad, creating a dense, ferocious sound unlike anything that came before.
* Propaganda Critic: A website devoted to propaganda analysis.

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