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Cross and guest
In 2006 he started a new club at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross, London, and did a guest mix for BBC Radio 1's The Blue Room show.
Several future stars made guest appearances, including Jennifer Aniston, Josie Bissett, Michael Beach, Terry Farrell, Diedrich Bader, Robert Duncan McNeill, Jason Priestley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Carla Gugino, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Eriq La Salle, Patricia Richardson, Patrick Warburton, Anna Gunn, Claudia Christian, James Morrison, Gregory Itzin, Lauren Tom, Jane Sibbett, Amy Yasbeck, Michael Stoyanov, Tia Carrere, Beverley Mitchell, Michael Madsen, Jon Gries, Kurt Fuller, Donald Gibb, Neal McDonough, and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk.
The LP featured the hit title track and the Top 10 smash " Real Love " ( not to be confused with the John Lennon composition ) but did not dominate the charts and the radio as Minute by Minute had two years earlier, largely due to an oversaturation of the " McDonald sound " by many other artists ( such as Robbie Dupree's hit " Steal Away ", which copied the " McDonald sound " nearly note for note ) heard on the radio at that time — not to mention McDonald's numerous guest vocal appearances on hits by other artists at that time, such as Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, and Nicolette Larson.
Some of Tekken characters have been featured as guest characters in other video games, such as Digimon World Re: Digitize, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Pac-Man Fever, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2, Soulcalibur II, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Ridge Racer 6 and Urban Reign, as well as in some crossover role-playing video games, including Cross Edge, Namco × Capcom and the upcoming Project X Zone.
Notable guest stars during the run of the show include Oprah Winfrey, Jack Black, David Cross, Ming-Na, Vicki Lawrence, Quentin Tarantino, Tsai Chin, Mariska Hargitay, Billy Burke, Robert Clohessy and Garrett Wang.
Carrot Top has also been frequently parodied ; examples include Mr. Show ( in which David Cross appears as " Blueberry Head "), King of the Hill (" Celery Head "), Family Guy (" Carrot Scalp ;" he also made a guest appearance on the show as himself in " Petergeist "), South Park (" Carrot Ass "), MADtv, Phineas and Ferb (" Broccoli Top "), " The Suite Life on Deck " (" Parsnip Top "), and " Scrubs ".
Arrested Development features David Cross as regular character Tobias Fünke ; the series also had guest spots filled by Mr. Show alumni, such as Bob Odenkirk as a marriage counselor, Jerry Minor and Jay Johnston as gay cops, and John Ennis as a mall security guard.
Recently the organisation has been running a successful comedy night on the 2nd Thursday of each month in London's Cross Kings basement rooms, guest acts have included Mark Thomas, Josie Long, Rob Newman, Robin Ince and Simon Munnery as well as live podcasts from established acts such as Richard Herring and Andrew Collins and legendary punk filmmaker Don Letts.
Notable actors appearing in a recurring or guest star capacity include Rebecca Romijn ( as supermodel Adrienne Barker, Spade's TV wife ), Brian Dennehy ( as Dennis ' father who gets engaged to Nina in an episode ), David Cross ( as Elliot's younger brother who pretends to be mentally disabled ), Rhoda Gemignani, Brooke Shields as Nina's younger sister, Stephen Root, Steve Carell, Tom Kenny, Dana Carvey, Ana Gasteyer, Jim Wise, Tiffani Thiessen, Andy Dick, Gina Gershon, Dave Foley, Ali Larter, Penn Jillette, Kevin Sorbo, Kathy Lee Gifford, Mark Hamill, Valerie Perrine, George Lucas, Amy Sedaris, Kadeem Hardison, Willie Garson, Melissa Rivers, French Stewart, Carmen Electra, Ray Liotta, Snoop Dogg, Judy Greer, Cheri Oteri, and Paul Parducci as Deke " The Dekester " Williams.
Released as the album's lead single " Let Me Go Love " was only a peripheral hit reaching No. 35 in February 1980 — that year Larson would be heard more on the airwaves via guest appearances on " Say You'll Be Mine " by Christopher Cross and the Dirt Band's " Make a Little Magic ".
She worked at her father's Inn, " The White Cross ", where Đura Jakšić was regular guest.
The show featured guest stars such as David Cross, Andy Richter and Patton Oswalt, and was distributed via CBS's new internet channel, CBS Innertube.
It was popular enough to get a web sequel, in which David Cross guest stars.
Cross was cast in guest roles on such series as The X-Files, Sliders, Stargate SG-1, Highlander: The Series, Relic Hunter, The 4400, Higher Ground, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Chuck.
Incoming troops were provided with amenities such as service clubs, guest houses, library, post exchanges, post office, hospital, religious services, theaters, showers, Red Cross, and Army emergency relief.
Special guest panelists have included Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Paul F. Tompkins, Drevon Cooks (" Big Man ") and others.
After retiring from the Army, he served as president of American Red Cross from 1957 to 1964 and was a member of the Draper Committee, even appearing as a guest on February 10, 1957's successful TV quiz show What's My Line.
Among the guest stars were Anthony Caruso, Roberto Contreras, Dennis Cross, John Dehner, Paul Fix, Ron Foster, Ron Hagerthy, Ron Hayes, Myron Healey, Don Keefer, Dan Kemp, Robert Loggia, Tyler McVey, Ricardo Montalban, Ned Romero, Chief Dan George, Frank Silvera, Barry Sullivan, Dub Taylor, and Morgan Woodward.
The governor general, a lieutenant governor, a Member of the Order of Canada, a Member of the Order of Military Merit with the rank of colonel or captain and above, members of the Royal Victorian Order, and holders of the Victoria Cross may be guest presidants at a ceremony.
In January 1898, as part of a Red Cross mission to southwestern Ethiopia, Bulatovich visited Jimma, and was the guest of Abba Jifar.
Grady was announced unable to perform at the Will Haven dates in Glasgow and Newport, due to problems with his wife in Paris, so Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, Craig B of Aereogramme, Mikey Dee of Skindred, Crowbar frontman, Kirk Windstein and XSheepX of The Seventh Cross were asked to do guest vocals for both nights.

Cross and starred
Sex, Lies, and Videotape was followed by a series of low-budget box-office disappointments: Kafka, a biopic mixing fact and Kafka's own fiction ( notably The Castle and The Trial ), written by Lem Dobbs and starring Jeremy Irons as Franz Kafka ; King of the Hill ( 1993 ), a critically acclaimed Depression-era drama ; The Underneath ( 1995 ), a remake of Robert Siodmak's 1949 film noir Criss Cross ; and Schizopolis ( 1996 ), a comedy which he starred in, wrote, composed, and shot as well as directed.
* Dennis Cross, an actor, who starred in The Blue Angels
Later, as " Tony Curtis ", he cemented his reputation with breakthrough performances such as in the role of the scheming press agent Sidney Falco in Sweet Smell of Success ( 1957 ) with Burt Lancaster ( who also starred in Criss Cross ) and an Oscar-nominated performance as a bigoted white escaped convict chained to the black Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones.
They also starred in an early 1965 film called Ferry Cross the Mersey ( sometimes referred to as " Gerry and the Pacemakers ' version of A Hard Day's Night "), for which Marsden wrote much of the soundtrack.
Green starred as superhero Callan in the Patrick Durham-directed movie Cross, which was released to DVD and download in May 2011.
More spy films spawned ; Richard Burton was British undercover agent Alec Leamas ( code-named Expendable ) in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold ( 1965 ) and Sidney Lumet's The Deadly Affair ( 1967 ), Terence Young's The Triple Cross ( 1967 ), based on a true story, starred Christopher Plummer as Eddie Chapman, a safe-cracker who joined with the Germans during the war, and then became a British double-agent.
The story was later adapted for radio by John Kier Cross ; it was broadcast on 17 April 1955 and starred John Gielgud as Holmes, Ralph Richardson as Dr. Watson, and Orson Welles as Professor Moriarty.
Riding high on her success, she starred in the 1968 comedy series Never a Cross Word, and five years later alongside actor Robert Vaughn in puppet master Gerry Anderson's live-action series The Protectors.
In 2009 the theatre presented On the Waterfront ; Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Simon Callow and Ronald Pickup starred in Waiting for Godot ; followed by Breakfast at Tiffany's, starring Anna Friel, Joseph Cross, James Dreyfus and Suzanne Bertish.
It starred Jason O ' Mara as Daryl, Marcia Cross as Jane, Kelly Rutherford as Alexandra, and Lori Loughlin as Sukie.
In 1988, Kensit's band Eighth Wonder had two Top 40 singles (" I'm Not Scared ", written and produced by the Pet Shop Boys, which reached Number 7 in the British charts, and " Cross My Heart ", which went up to Number 13, Eighth Wonder appeared on Top of the Pops, while Kensit also starred as Eppie in an adaptation of Silas Marner, with Ben Kingsley.
In the game, Maylay starred alongside celebrities such as actors Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Peter Fonda, Clifton Powell, Faizon Love, Big Boy, David Cross, Andy Dick, Chris Penn, Danny Dyer, Frank Vincent, Sara Tanaka, Charlie Murphy and William Fichtner, rappers Ice-T, MC Eiht, Chuck D, The Game, Frost and Yo-Yo and musicians George Clinton, Axl Rose and Shaun Ryder.
It was directed by Ryan Murphy, produced by Brad Pitt, and starred Joseph Cross, Brian Cox, Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin and Evan Rachel Wood.
He also starred in several B-movies such as the TV film The Gun and the Pulpit ( 1974 ; also released on home video as The Gun and the Cross ), The Food Of The Gods ( 1976 ), Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw ( 1976 ) and Starcrash ( 1978 ).
The film starred Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, Monica Potter as Jezzie Flannagan, and Michael Wincott as Gary Soneji.
Strong starred, mostly off-screen, on Desperate Housewives, opposite Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, and Teri Hatcher from 2004 to 2012, during the show's run.
In 1983 she starred with Rip Torn and Mary Steenburgen in the film Cross Creek, a semi-biographical story about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of The Yearling ; in real life, her character was a young boy.
In 1970, she starred in Me he de comer esa tuna ( I Shall Eat That Prickly Pear ), La Cruz de Mariza Cruzes ( Mariza Cruzes ' Cross ) and in El Mariachi, the only telenovela she did that year.
Both Joseph Cross and Mika Boorem starred together in the Touched by an Angel episode " Psalm 151.
Additionally Cross created, wrote, executive produced, and starred in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, had a prominent role in the Comedy Central animated sitcom Freak Show, and has a recurring role in the ABC sitcom Modern Family.
Based on the memoir by Augusten Burroughs, the movie version starred Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin and Brian Cox, and, as the young Burroughs, Joseph Cross.
Randall's first recognizable role was in the supporting cast for the 1949 film noir classic Criss Cross which starred Burt Lancaster and Yvonne De Carlo.

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