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Crux and Ansata
uk: Crux Ansata
Like all the other Derlethian earth elementals, Cyäegha is adversely affected by the Ankh or Crux Ansata, the Vach-Viraj ritual, and the Tikkoun Elixir.

Crux and by
Crux is bordered by the constellations Centaurus ( which surrounds it on three sides ) and Musca.
Crux is sometimes confused with the nearby False Cross by stargazers.
Depiction of the Crux ( labelled ' Las Guardas ') by physician-astronomer Mestre João Faras in his letter of May 1, 1500, to King Manuel I of Portugal from the newly discovered land of Brazil
However, Crux was later published by Jakob Bartsch in 1624.
Beginning in the colonial age, Crux became used as a national symbol by several southern nations.
The rhea's body is marked by the four main stars of Crux, while its head is Gamma Centauri and its feet are the bright stars of Musca.
To retain the Web-Service functionality without technology and standards now considered obsolete, a new project called Globus Crux has been started, which expects to release an alpha version by the end of 2009.
After she is attacked by Crux, it's revealed she was experimented on to some measure by The Citadel, which allowed her to retain her power through unconventional means after being hit with technology designed to drain her powers.
Manuscript of Missa O Crux Lignum, a mass by Busnois.
This is often referred to as Old School or " The Crux ", the names used by The Undertaker who popularized it.
In 2010 a selection of his poetry was translated into English by Francesco Lavato, executive director of the Poetry Center in Chicago, and published in the volume Creaturing presented in New York ( Columbia University, Bowery Poetry Club ), Minneapolis ( Open Book ), St Paul ( Macalester College ), Chicago ( University of Illinois, Istituto Italiano di Cultura ), Grosse Pointe / Detroit ( Ewald Library ), San Diego ( San Diego State University ) and Santa Crux ( Felik Kulpa Art Gallery ).
Among these is the 11th-12th century's reliquary Crux Veliterna gold filigree and enamel works by Gentile da Fabriano, Lorenzo di Bicci, Antoniazzo Romano, Giovan Battista Rositi, Francesco da Siena, Giuliano Finelli, Sebastiano Conca.
Their ruthless leader Crux Dogatie maintains a façade of partnership with the Earth Federation, so as to avoid suspicion by the Federal government.
Tracing the tape to Crux, who is planning to invade a secret city beneath Arcadia and recover a key which will give him immense power, Elisa and her companions aid the " Goblins " who live in the secret city by defeating Crux.
From the tape, she learns that she was a killer for Crux, that Trouvaille, aided by Scythe, tried ripping Elisa's soul from her body, but in the middle of the procedure, Cameron Nemo briefly appeared.
Royer is often named as the creator of the constellation Columba ( the Dove ) by splitting off part of the constellation Canis Major, and the constellation Crux ( the Southern Cross ) with stars from Centaurus but these were in fact already formed ( and depicted ) in 1589 and in 1592 by Petrus Plancius.
* Human Resource-" Dominator " ( Leko Remix ) out now on Crux Records and receiving support by Santiago & Bushido, Miles Dyson, DJ Fame, Charles Feelgood, and Reid Speed.
The Hardy Boys meet up with a professional diver by the name of Roland Perry, who is employed by the Crux Brothers diving company.

Crux and .
An IAU interpretation would recognise Crux ( the Southern Cross ) above the emu's head and Scorpius on the left.
Crux () is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations, but is one of the most distinctive.
The five brightest stars in Crux are clearly visible in the top right.
A CTX ( camera ) | CTX image of Crux.
Deep exposure of Crux, Coalsack Nebula, and IC 2944.
Stacked image of six identical frames of Crux.
Crux is easily visible from the southern hemisphere at practically any time of year.
Contrary to popular belief, Crux is not opposite to Ursa Major.
In fact, in tropical regions both Crux ( low in the south ) and Ursa Major ( low in the north ) can be seen in the sky from April to June.
Crux is exactly opposite to Cassiopeia on the celestial sphere, and therefore it cannot appear in the sky with the latter at the same time.
For locations south of 34 ° S, Crux is circumpolar and thus always visible in the night sky.
Three of the five main Crux stars — Acrux, Mimosa, and Delta Crucis — are co-moving B-type members of the Scorpius-Centaurus Association, the nearest OB association to the Sun.
The two stars of Alpha and Beta Centauri are often referred to as the " Southern Pointers " or just " The Pointers ", allowing people to easily find the asterism of the Southern Cross or the constellation of Crux.
There are several dimmer stars within the borders of Crux.
Not all of the nebula is in the borders of Crux ; some of it is technically in Musca and Centaurus.
Crux was visible to the Ancient Greeks ; Ptolemy regarded it as part of the constellation Centaurus.
Émerie Mollineux has also been cited as the first uranographer to distinguish Crux ; his illustration dates to 1592.
Royer is also sometimes cited as initially distinguishing Crux.
The separation of Crux from Centaurus is generally attributed to the French astronomer Augustin Royer in 1679, but other historians attribute the invention of Crux to Petrus Plancius in 1613.
The most prominent feature of Crux is the distinctive asterism known as the Southern Cross.

Crux and G
( eds ) ( 1985 ) Crux: Essays Presented to G. E. M.
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