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Currently and Port
Currently, France has an embassy in Port of Spain.
Currently, the Cruise Capital of the World is the Port of Miami, Florida, closely followed behind by Port Everglades, Florida and the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Currently, the only ferry from Edmonds is a run to Kingston, Washington ; in the past, there have been much longer routes from Edmonds to Port Townsend, Washington.
Currently, sightseeing boat trips around the island are provided by two operators ; Yamasa-Kaiun from Nagasaki Port, Kyodo Co. from Nomo Island.
Currently it is served by two lines of the Port Authority Trans Hudson, being the terminus of the Journal Square – 33rd Street route.
Currently stretching from Adelaide's mortgage belt suburbs in the centre-east to the wealthy south-eastern suburbs, boundaries at the seat's creation saw it take in suburbs as far west as Port Adelaide and as far north as Virginia until 1955, after which it began to occupy solely the eastern area of Adelaide.
Currently two passenger services also use the line, the Indian Pacific for its entire length and The Ghan between Port Augusta and Tarcoola.

Currently and Alexander
Currently, there are two imperial palaces: the baroque Catherine Palace with the adjacent Catherine Park and the neoclassical Alexander Palace with the adjacent Alexander Park.
Currently, the title is a subsidiary title of the Duke of Gloucester, and is used as a courtesy title by the Duke's son, Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster.
Currently its feeder schools are Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School, Henry Kelsey Senior Public School, and Ecole Sir Ernest MacMillan Senior Public School.

Currently and Historical
Currently, a Kentucky Historical Marker sits beside the old county court house lawn commemorating this achievement and is headlined, " Breathitt Volunteers ".
Currently there is an active Historical Society, gathering for many annual events including a " Burns Night ", which celebrates the life's works of the Scottish poet Robert Burns.
Currently owned by the Alabama Historical Commission, the house is undergoing major restoration and preservation to take it back to the 1920s condition.
Currently the building houses the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, a not-for profit art organization founded by artist Yuko Nii in October 1996.
Ashraf Castle ( Named after Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's twin sister, Currently the Museum of Historical Plates )
Currently the Peruvian congress congregates at the Palacio Legislativo, which is located in the Historical Center of Lima, across the road from Plaza Simón Bolívar and a few blocks away from Casa de Pizarro.
Currently, the Guest House serves as the site of the Los Alamos Historical Museum.

Currently and Society
Currently, the bulk of Springfield's history lies recorded in the archives of the Heritage Society of Springfield, and the Springfield Township Public Library ( a member of the Delaware County Library System ).
Currently an owner-occupier in North Great George's Street in Dublin, he is a member of the Irish Georgian Society and is an active campaigner for the preservation of Georgian buildings in the Republic of Ireland.
Currently, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the American College of Radiology encourage mammograms every two years for women ages 40 to 49.
Currently functioning as an educational organization associated with the Ecclesia Gnostica, the Gnostic Society provides resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic studies such as lectures, as well as, historic and source materials at The Gnosis Archive web site.
Currently, she is vice-president of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( RSPCA ) and the Stop the War Coalition and has been on the National Council of CND since 2004.
Currently the AMS represents over 14, 000 students, each of whom becomes a member of the Society upon paying the mandatory student activity fee along with their tuition.
Currently serving as an aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, he is the Senior Special Assistant on Civil Society and International Media.
Currently, the President of the Society is Dr Gordon Johnson, CBE, MC, TD, and the Patron is His Royal Highness The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.
Currently, the two series are called Proceedings of the Royal Society A — Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences and Proceedings of the Royal Society B — Biological Sciences.
Currently Brahm is the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery, in Serpentine, Western Australia, the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of Victoria, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of South Australia, Spiritual Patron of the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore, and Spiritual Patron of the Bodhikusuma Centre in Sydney.
Currently, he is Professor of Law and Society at Middlesex University.
Currently, they also serve distributor for television and / or movie product released by Lifetime, HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, Turner Entertainment Co., truTV ( known as Court TV until 2008 ), TCM, TNT, American Girl, King Features, Peanuts, Sesame Workshop, National Geographic Society in the U. S., and product from the NBA, NFL, and NHL.
Currently out of semi-retirement and a member of the Justice Society of America.
Currently, Krinsky is Chairman of Merkos L ' Inyonei Chinuch and Machne Israel, the movement's educational and social services arms, secretary of the umbrella organization Agudas Chasidei Chabad, and director of the Kehot Publication Society.
* Castles & Crusades Society Currently active C & C Society, publishes the quarterly " Domesday Book "
Currently the Society has approximately 300 members.
Currently, Dr. Li is Professor of Clinical Cancer Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, and the Harry and Elsa Jiler American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor.
Currently there are two religious orders in the church, including the Apostolic Society of St. Brigid of Kildare ( SSB ), and the Order of St. John the Apostle ( OSJA ).
Currently, members of the public who wish to visit the island are advised to contact TASOS, Starfish Learning Journey, Nature Society, Sport Fishing Association, or the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research which conducts guided walks on the shores of Semakau for the public.

Currently and is
Currently, marina is used to indicate a municipal or commercially operated facility where a pleasure boat may dock and find some or all of the following available: gasoline, fresh water, electricity, telephone service, ice, repair facilities, restaurants, sleeping accommodations, a general store, and a grocery store.
Currently Algerian cinema is in a phase of restructuring ; the French-wing is taking the lead over the Algerian one, and many film production are written in French rather than Algerian arabic.
Currently, a part of Algerian writers tends to be defined in a literature of shocking expression, due to the terrorism that occurred during the 1990s, the other party is defined in a different style of literature who staged an individualistic conception of the human adventure.
Currently, hunting is the more serious factor in most areas.
Currently, the senior Associate Justice is Antonin Scalia.
Currently the Black Sea water level is relatively high, thus water is being exchanged with the Mediterranean.
Currently, Brazil is divided politically and administratively into 27 federative units, being 26 states and one federal district.
Currently as of 2012, TelBru is deploying its high speed FTTH network capable of 100Mbit / s through a contract awarded to HuaWei.
Currently headed by Chief of Staff general Simeon Simeonov, the General Staff is responsible for operational command of the Bulgarian Army and its 3 major branches.
Currently, Federko is a television color commentator for Fox Sports Midwest during Blues broadcasts.
Currently there is interest in hybrid electric buses, fuel cell buses, electric buses and ones powered by compressed natural gas or bio-diesel.
Currently the Priory is home to a community of Benedictine nuns.
Currently, manic depressive illness is usually referred to as bipolar disorder or simply bipolar.
Currently this is the best known runtime for this problem.
Currently, the word " Bohemians " is sometimes used when speaking about persons from Bohemia of non-Czech or mixed ethnic origin, especially before the year 1918, when the Kingdom of Bohemia ceased to exist ; also when there is need to distinguish between inhabitants of the western part ( Bohemia proper ) of Czechia, and the eastern ( Moravia ) or the north-eastern part ( Silesia ).
Currently there is only one borough in Australia, the Borough of Queenscliffe in Victoria, although there have been more in the past.
Currently the main task of the Chadian military is to combat the various rebel forces inside the country.
Currently, the domestic dog is listed as a subspecies of Canis lupus, C. l. familiaris, and the dingo ( also considered a domestic dog ) as C. l. dingo, provisionally a separate subspecies from C. l. familiaris ; the red wolf, eastern Canadian wolf, and Indian wolf are recognized as subspecies.
Currently, there is no system in place that awards only one state or national title.
Currently, the census is the responsibility of the Federal State Statistics Service.
Currently on the Comedy Central program The Daily Show, the phrase " a global cabal of Jews " is referenced from time to time, as a spoof on antisemitic conspiracy theories.
Currently incurable, this disease is one of the most common inherited neurological disorders affecting approximately 1 in 2, 500 people equating to approximately 23, 000 people in the United Kingdom and 125, 000 people in the USA.

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