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Currently and team
Currently, the team wears home uniforms with " Athletics " spelled out in script writing and road uniforms with " Oakland " spelled out in script writing, with the cap logo consisting of the traditional " A " with " apostrophe-s ." The home cap is green with a gold bill and white lettering, while the road cap, debuting in 1994, is all green with gold lettering.
Currently played as a double round-robin ( home and away ) with team 1 gaining direct entry to the final and teams 2 and 3 contesting a semi-final.
Currently, the bottom team is relegated to the First Division of the Scottish Football League, and the top team from there is promoted.
Currently the architectural team of Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell ( BNIM ) of Kansas City, Mo., which is partnering with landscape design firm Andropogon Associates of Philadelphia to lead the master planning process.
Currently led by Head Coach Tommy Minton, the team has been more dominant recently.
Currently, in Olympic or World Championships competition, the meet is divided into several sessions which occur on different days: team qualifying, team finals, all-around finals and event finals.
Currently, he is team president of the Miami Heat.
Currently, the record holders are team Hope and team Cure from Sherwood Park near Edmonton, Alberta.
Currently ranked World / European number 1, Ashman has 16 gold, 10 silver and 2 bronze medals from the British, European and World Championships, he has been capped 10 times for the England team, with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses.
Currently, games against England and Wales are in abeyance and the team contest the biannual Quadrangular Tournament with friendly and testimonial matches arranged intermittently in the intervening seasons.
Currently there is a men's team competing in the NIVA division 1 league, in which the first team won in the 2005 / 06 season.
Currently the team also carries the name of Biwater's, a locally based company who sponsor the team.
Also in 2006, Liberty became the only school in the state of Virginia to host a men ’ s Division I American Collegiate Hockey Association ( ACHA ) club hockey team Currently, Liberty University has Division I, II and III men ’ s teams and Division I and II women ’ s teams, making it the only school in the ACHA to host 5 club hockey teams.
Currently, the supporters club is actively engaged in the raising of funds for the team, and has run a number of events designed to do as such.
Currently, however, the team is still troubleshooting a problem discovered on Saturday night with a troublesome " Seebeck measurement.
Currently, the award is given to the British team that " has achieved the most notable performance in British sport ".
Currently, the park is home to the London Majors of the Intercounty League and the London Badgers junior team, as well as several other youth and adult baseball teams.
Currently, the South East Today on-air team includes the following:
Currently the team plays in the top Polish league, the Ekstraklasa.

Currently and has
Currently scoring blows in amateur boxing are subjectively counted by ringside judges, but the Australian Institute for Sport has demonstrated a prototype of an Automated Boxing Scoring System, which introduces scoring objectivity, improves safety, and arguably makes the sport more interesting to spectators.
Currently, the International Organization for Standardization has introduced a three-letter system of codes ( ISO 4217 ) to define currency ( as opposed to simple names or currency signs ), in order to remove the confusion that there are dozens of currencies called the dollar and many called the franc.
Currently Cessna has the following models in production:
Currently, no other potential site for the tomb has received much attention or academic support.
Currently, diplomatic relations, including diplomatic immunity, are governed internationally by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which has been ratified by almost every country in the world.
Currently, names of nation states are often formed with the suffix-io traditionally reserved for deriving country names from geographic features, so now Francio, and recently the form Esperantio has been used i. a.
Currently, it is a rigid document and no subsequent amendment has been made to it since its adoption.
Currently there are no accounts of twin births, although an instance of twins in utero has been reported.
Currently, the Authority has 159 members and the European Community, composed of all parties to the Law of the Sea Convention.
Currently, the Krakatoa volcano has re-emerged from the ocean, and is the principal force in the on-going formation of a new island, Anakrakatoa, or " Child of Krakatoa ".
Currently, the most widely used extractant for the purification of lanthanum and the other lanthanides is the 2-ethylhexyl ester of 2-ethylhexylphosphonic acid ; this has better handling characteristics than the previously used bis-2-ethylhexyl phosphate.
Currently, no party has majority control of the legislature.
Currently all stations in the country are digital and the number of installed lines has reached 1, 179, 000 with around 33 telephones per 100 inh.
Currently, several extracts have widespread use in Japan, Korea and China, as adjuncts to radiation treatments and chemotherapy, even though clinical evidence of efficacy in humans has not been confirmed.
Currently, people all over the country are holding peaceful rallies within the bounds of the law to welcome the successful conclusion of the national convention, which has laid down the fundamental principles for a new constitution, and to demonstrate their aversion to recent provocative demonstrations.
Currently, the LDS Church has a Jerusalem Center in Israel, where students focus their study on Near Eastern history, culture, language, and the Bible.
* Currently the Barbadian Government does not have foreign accreditation for Nigeria, however the Nigerian Government has said that it was highly desirous of Barbados establishing an embassy directly to Nigeria.
Currently a Free Trade agreement has been sent to the EU, and is in the process of being approved.
Currently, much of the Middle East has condemned Syria's handling of the civil uprising, with only a few countries in the Middle East supporting Syria, most notably Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.
Currently, Hong Kong has three branches of government as codified in the Basic Law, which preserves the political setup of the British colonial era under the doctrine of one country, two systems:
Currently, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has limited support for SMIL features.
Currently, France has an embassy in Port of Spain.
Currently, Tunisia has a maritime dispute with Libya.
Currently, the island is inhabited by only a handful of families, and has a small cemetery and summer restaurant.

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