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Currie and Cup
In a notable event of the tour, the touring side presented the Currie Cup to Griqualand West, the province they thought produced the best performance on the tour.
In the following season, he was a regular appearing in all eight Currie Cup matches plus being part of the Benson and Hedges Series winning team, scoring 73 as an opener in the final.
In 1989-90, despite playing all the Currie Cup matches, he failed to make a century, and averaged only 19. 76 ; however, in one-day games he averaged 60. 12.
In 1995-96, he finished the season top of the batting averages in the Currie Cup, his top score of 158 helped Free State chase down 389 to beat Northern Transvaal.
Major domestic competitions include the Top 14 in France, the English Premiership in England, the Currie Cup in South Africa, and the ITM Cup in New Zealand.
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – Western Province
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – not contested
* Currie Cup – undecided
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
The match also marks the beginning of first-class cricket in South Africa where the Currie Cup is inaugurated as the premier domestic competition.
* In South Africa, the inaugural Currie Cup is won by Transvaal
* Currie Cup – Transvaal
* Currie Cup – Kimberley
* Currie Cup – not contested

Currie and like
Currie later remarked that Lenihan was his personal friend, and that he felt personally sick at being asked to endorse somebody he did not like, for the sake of beating Lenihan.
Currie, like many of the cities in the area, is struggling to maintain its center population, but unlike most other regions, is able to supplement its population with tourists and travelers.
Although one of the few areas of mainland Scotland where the Gaelic language did not achieve dominance — the presence of the language is attributed to the " temporary occupation … the presence of a landowning Gaelic-speaking aristocracy and their followers for something like 150-200 years " — there are some placenames from the language, e. g. Dalry, Currie, Balerno and Cockenzie.
He was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association, and was a contemporary of figures like John Redwood, Robert Jackson, William Waldegrave, Edwina Currie, Stephen Milligan and Gyles Brandreth.

Currie and wing
In a match of March 1871 against Wanderers their victory was due to " irreproachable organisation " and in particular that both their attacks and their backing up were both " so well organised " In November 1871 similar passing tactics are described in a contemporary account of a game against the Wanderers in which two goals were scored through tactical passing: " Betts, however, soon seized his opportunity, and by a brilliant run down the left wing turned the ball judiciously to Currie, who as judiciously sent it flying through the strangers ' goal in first rate style " Later in the match it is reported that " Lieut G Barker, turning the ball to Lieut Renny-Tailyour who planted it between the posts " " Turning " the ball clearly points to the short pass.

Currie and Neil
In 1872 Archibald and Neil Currie walked into what was to become the village of Currie.
At this time Archibald Currie and his son Neil built a flour mill on the bank of the Des Moines River.
Founded in 1872 by Neil and Archibald Currie, this place was thought to be the most beautiful country with the Des Moines River moving across the prairie and Lake Shetek in the west.
The Pioneer General Store was built and operated by Neil and Archibald Currie in 1872.
The current members of the Board of Directors of Loblaw Companies Limited are: Galen G. Weston ( Executive Chairman ), Stephen E. Bachand, Paul M. Beeston, Gordon A. M. Currie, Anthony S. Fell, Christiane Germain, Anthony R. Graham, John S. Lacey, Nancy H. O. Lockhart, Thomas C. O ' Neil, and John D. Wetmore.
In October 1994, along with Alan Clark and Edwina Currie, he immediately told Neil Hamilton to stand down when the Cash for questions scandal broke.
It features interviews with: Tori Amos, Beck, David Bowie, Clem Burke, Belinda Carlisle, Chris Carter, Dramarama, Exene Cervenka, Cher, Alice Cooper, Elvis Costello, Cherie Currie, Michael Des Barres, Pamela Des Barres, Henry Diltz, John Doe, Corey Feldman, Kim Fowley, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Godsmack, Green Day, Debbie Harry, George Hickenlooper, Mick Jagger, Jed the Fish, Joan Jett, Davy Jones, Kato Kaelin, Lance Loud, Courtney Love, Annabella Lwin, Ray Manzarek, Johnny Marr, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, Mackenzie Phillips, Poe, Monique Powell, Keanu Reeves, Paul Reubens, Brooke Shields, Nancy Sinatra, Phil Spector, Gwen Stefani, Danny Sugerman, Pete Townshend, Ronald Vaughan, George Wendt, Louise Wener, Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Neil Young, Rob Zombie.
Margaret MacNeil ( Helena Bonham Carter ) has already lost her father and an older brother and for her, life alone would be preferable to marrying a mine worker — that is until the charming Neil Currie ( Clive Russell ) shows up.
* Clive Russell: Neil Currie

Currie and ensured
During this period his contributions ensured that they dominated South African rugby and won the Currie Cup nine times ( sharing it twice with Western Province in 1979 and 1989 ).

Currie and trophy
The gold trophy was donated by Sir Donald Currie in 1891 before the arrival of the touring British Isles team.
Sir Donald was clear with his instructions — hand this trophy over to the team in South Africa that gives you the best game and after a spirited display, Griqualand West became the first ever holders of the Currie Cup.
They then donated the trophy to the rugby board, and it became the prize for the Currie Cup competition.
Eight teams are in the Premier Division, and contest for the Currie Cup trophy.
The winner of the Premier Division final wins the Currie Cup trophy.
After winning the Currie Cup in 1972 for the sixth time, supporters had to wait a further 21 years for the trophy to return to Johannesburg.
Currie had accompanied the team and presented the South African Rugby Board with a gold trophy to be used for internal competition.

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